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Before After hello my name is Chi and my name is
Edward and you’re watching Zygostatics and today we’re going to talk
about how to get wider hips. So first of all we’re going to talk about the different types of hips and how are you going to get your hips wider. So on the left side here we’ve got wide hips this is just general wide hips, If you have a pear-shaped or hourglass physique naturally because of your bone structure, this just means your hips are naturally wider, and in that situation you’re going to appear to have wide hips just because the bone and the structure is already there.Then you have Insta-hips now the hips, here you can tell the gradients a little
bit sharper almost like a 45 to 90 degree angle. The fat is very visible around the waist and thighs there’s no real structure. And the hip starts so high it is almost like you’re seeing a 3D image from the front. The hips start from almost behind them and when they turn to the side, you realise it is actually the fact that you are seeing part of their butt even though they are facing you. It’s impossible it’s like literally impossible. You shouldn’t be able to see this. The widest part should be the hips or just a little bit lower than the hips itself, this black line is actually showing you guys where the hip bone starts, and the end of the hip bone will be somewhere here. So if you are seeing anything up
there like looking really weird that’s the result of Lipo and Fat Transfer yes
that is the Insta-hips. Then you have the normal hips, so these are usually on people with a Mesomorphic type of physiques. You have apple physiques or rectangular physiques. So mesomorphic physiques will have wider shoulders and narrower legs and hips. Yeah so now we have explained the different types of hips we can explain how you can get them wider. So number one, obviously if you have normal hips you could always gain tons of weight, and then go and Lipo everything and send it down below. But the reason why you don’t want to do this… I’m a pharmacist If you were to transfer all the fat up top down below… naturally science shows that if you have more fat down below you have got metabolic benefits, which means that you have less of a risk of having a heart attack, stroke, less of the risk of having cancer. you are not really considered as being
that obese for a female because naturally the fat distribution is always
going to favour downstairs, unless you are post-menopause. So if you do transfer all
of the fat downstairs you’re still liable to have a heart
attack, the visceral fat is going to be there and scientific studies, which we’re
going to pair the bottom or in the description of this video it’s going to
show you exactly why I do not recommend going through that procedure. okay so now let’s get into the point. How do you build wider hips? First of all you need a caloric surplus diet; this means that you need to make sure that you’re eating more or eating food with more calories than usual. For example, you can add an avocado to your meal in order to increase the calories, Note: If you are overweight don’t increase calories! Substitute junks for cleaner foods. or you can use extra virgin olive oil on top of your salads. So eating a caloric surplus diet is going to help you increase your overall mass. So number two, you want to check that your hormones are obviously in check. I said check that your hormones are in check. How do you check if your hormones are in check? Let me explain to you how to check if your hormones are in check. What you need to do, is to work out, are you taking anything that’s going to affect your hormones? And females, I’m talking about Contraceptive pills. That can affect your hormones, anything that affects your hormones can obviously change the distribution of fat. I’m not sure if there’s any studies that have looked into it and found that there’s a link, but there is lots of studies that show that contraceptive pills can actually cause weight gain among females, and lot of it is weight they don’t want
upstairs. So if your hormones are fine and everything’s good and you’re
living a healthy life you generally shouldn’t put too much fat up top unless
your diet is full of lots of unclean foods such as doughnuts, lots of sugary foods because that is going to stimulate more fat distribution
above. Studies that have used low GI foods have shown that the fat distribution goes downstairs preferentially. Also last thing you want to check as well is that your thyroid glands are in check, some women have issues with their thyroids and if your thyroid gland activity is low that is going to obviously preferentially cause fat to get stored up top. You could have an apple-shaped physique and if you don’t sort that out, no amount of exercise is really going to help you. Number three. Okay so let us talk about low GI food, he has already brushed up on this. Try and to stay away from things like sugary donuts, sweets, Chocolates and coffee with a lot of sugar in it. You need to really consider cutting it
down because what happens to sugar is, it becomes fat when it’s stored in the body.
Yes, so if you have an excess of sugar, you are going to end up with fat storage. It normally gets stored as glycogen in your muscles (and liver), but if there is too much sugar in your blood your body’s going to try and get rid of it. So you can only store so much in your muscles the rest of it is going to get converted into fat, and it’s not going to be stored in the best places, but wherever it wants to be stored. And lastly we are going to show you the workout. I know it’s been like ten years since we started this video. The workout is going to help to train the muscles that surround the hips. So just to conclude, if you are in the category that already has wide hips, all you need to do is literally have a caloric surplus; you want to maintain your training, you want to train once a week on the same day for the same muscle groups. So do not train the muscle group more than once (a week). And if you have a normal physique, what do you do Chi? So if you have a normal physique you need to make sure that you are very strict on your calories, you need to keep on increasing them in a healthy way. I’m not saying eating loads of greasy
food but healthy calories is like avocados. Extra-virgin olive oil, one tablespoon is about 115 calories. Don’t cut your carbs, if you cut your carbs you will lose your gains. Especially your bum, it is the easiest way to flatten your bum so quickly . And you are going to screw up your metabolism, what you will find is that when you reintroduce the carbs and you start eating normally again a lot of the fat is going to come up top. So just to summarise everything, if you have the normal type physique you are not going to end up with Insta-hips or end up with an hour glass or pear-shape either. But you are going to increase the amount of sweep, so you are gonna have some type of
hip there or some type of hips there you are never going to match someone who has got the genetics as well, but the whole point of this video is also to let you know that you should not try and be someone else. Rock your physique, because someone who’s got the pear-shaped physique, can’t look like someone who is mesomorphic or can’t look like someone who is aesthetic. They have got the hip bone there which will distort the physique they can’t get as lean. Someone who’s a pear-shaped can’t get as lean. Without hip dips. Yeah , huge hip dips! And if you wanted to get lean down below, you’re going to end up being a skeleton up top, you’re going to look skinny and you’re gonna look bony. Everyone each to his own, everyone’s got their own physique, but this is gonna help you out, if you want to get wider hips. So the first exercise we’re
going to do is 20 lateral leg raises. Before I demonstrate how to do these
I’m gonna give you some essential advice about the form. First what not to do. Do
not raise your leg laterally using your knees or ankles, we do not want to engage
any other muscles in this motion aside from the ones surrounding the hips.
Focus on getting the mind to muscle connection right, so you can raise your
legs in isolation with your hips. Now you understand the general form I’m going to
show you how to do these. So first lie on one side of your body, it helps to
have your hands in front of your torso. So again only using the muscles
surrounding your hips raise your leg laterally up and down SLOWLY. You should
raise the leg up and down at the SAME pace and focus I’m not kicking it up. We are going to do 20 reps on each leg; this exercise focuses on hip abduction which
is when the leg has moved away from the mid line of the body. This will train our
Tensor Fasciae Latae and Gluteus Medius muscle which will increase the roundness
and width of our hips. We are going to do a minimum of 12 reps all in one go before you can take any breaks (which would be up to 10
seconds within the exercise). You want to take your time making sure to keep your
body straight; yes it’s supposed to burn but no, that doesn’t mean that you should
speed up the reps. Don’t speed up the reps. Be aware that your
brain will automatically try to reduce the stress of the workout by tempting
you to take unnecessary rest and using bad form just, remember that fatigue
itself has been correlated to muscle hypertrophy which is growth. After this
exercise or take 1 to 2 minutes of rest and move on to the second exercise. The
second exercise is going to be 20 regular squats. Just taking a little bit
of a stretch rest. So we want to assume a reverse hollow body modality which
simply means we want to push out our chest when doing this exercise.
Next we’ll stand with our feet apart and keep our hands out in front to ensure we
don’t bend our torso. Then we’ll squat, which resembles the motion of sitting
down on the toilet; that is as low as we need to go. So our legs will form a 90 degree
angle, then we’ll push back up using our quads and finish the motion off by
gently thrusting our hips forward while squeezing our glutes. We’re going to
go up and down at the same pace making sure we keep our chest out throughout without bending our torso. Music.. After this again we’ll take. 1-2 minute rest then proceed to the third exercise which is
going to be 10 sprint squats on each leg. We’re going to get into a sprinting
position and ensuring our fingertips are lightly placed on the ground. So the first
thing to do is remember the forward most leg is going to be placed flat whilst our
rear leg will be on its tip toes. Then we’re going to push down using our
forward most leg and get into a ‘get set’ position before slowly descending. Make sure that
all the weight is on your forward leg, do not raise your hips in the exercise. Focus on only pushing down with your forward most leg. You want to get a good stretch
in this exercise as opposed to short bounces; again you’ll go up and down at
the same pace or do at least six consecutively, before any break. This
exercise has been created by the Zygostatics team and is amazing at
engaging the Vastus lateralis muscle which will increase the thigh sweep. So we’re gonna take one to two minutes rest and then move on to our 20 standing lateral
leg raises. So first we’re going to take approximately two steps away from a wall
or any surface that is sturdy, then we’re going to bend our torso and rest on it.
In this fixed position we’re going to laterally raise our leg with our knees
bent only utilising the muscles surrounding the hips. We are going to raise
the leg up SLOWLY and HOLD our legs in the uttermost position for 3 seconds
before slowly descending. We want to keep our upper body in this position as we
don’t want our abs and obliques to engage in this workout at all. We are
going to do at least 12 reps all in one go, before we pause for a quick rest of
up to 10 seconds if necessary. We will repeat for the other leg and that will
conclude the first set of the workout. So at the end of each workout you can take
a 1 to 2 minute rest but after the first set, you can take a 2 to 4 minute
rest before you start your second set. So we’re going to do three sets of
all four exercises and remember after each set, you can qualify for a two to
four minute rest. Now each set will reduce the amount of reps we do by 2,
so if we do 20 reps in the first set we’ll do 18 in the second and 16 in the
third. Now we’re just gonna give you some quick tips. Do this workout once a week, on
the same day. Do not do this workout every day to get the most out of the
workout we need to give the muscles enough time to heal and grow also make
sure you’re getting in enough protein and carbs. If you are overweight don’t
increase your calories just substitute junk foods for clean foods. Hopefully
this workout helps, let us know how you get on with it and don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe. Bye !


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