hello everyone you are now watching feminist logic fail number six now the topic of fat acceptance is nothing new tons of people have talked about it and I think any rational person knows why being obese is bad for you however I don’t think most people are aware of just how harmful fat acceptances because the movement hurts everyone and that’ll become very clear as this video goes on Hey ladies the sun is shining the pina coladas are flowing and everybody’s headed to the beach you know that means it’s time for some fun in the Sun no it’s time to work on your bikini body and there it is there’s the warning people there is the red flag that everything beyond this point is toxic garbage before you slip into your swimsuit you could start a grueling workout routine and manipulate your natural shape and skin tone to reach for an unattainable and oppressive idea of perfection wow that was a mouthful of excuses it’s called exercise humans have been doing it for a while now because you know it works also you don’t have to do a grueling workout routine to lose weight just do basic stuff like eat healthy consume fewer calories on a regular basis through some simple cardio god forbid you sweat or have to use your lungs oh the oppression absolutely pathetic or you could follow a few quick and easy tips for self accepting journey to the beach contrary to popular belief acceptance is not always a good thing by accepting your body the way it is right now you are slowly killing yourself the health risks of being fat include type-2 diabetes high blood pressure heart disease stroke cancer obesity hyperventilation syndrome sleep apnea asthma erectile disfunction arthritis and fertility non-alcoholic fatty liver disease this lip edenia gallbladder disease depression chronic kidney disease and of course death so when you tell people to accept being fat you’re telling them to accept all of these things too great message want to turn your flab into abs in just two weeks well that’s too bad because that’s not how exercise works what’s that losing weight takes time and effort might as well give up then over 37 percent of adults 20 years and older are obese in this country and if you include adults who are overweight it’s over 70% it’s also estimated that by the year 2030 44 percent of adults in the US will be obese your video isn’t helping and you might ask why do you care Nate it’s not your problem yes it is my problem your behavior is damaging our country the medical cost of obesity range anywhere from 147 to over a hundred and ninety billion dollars per year and do you know who has to pay for that the taxpayers yay also because obese people tend to skip work more often they cost us three point thirty eight to six point 38 billion dollars annually and even when they are at work they’re less productive and cost employers 506 dollars annually per worker are you starting to get the point and finally due to the increase of obesity over the years we are now using over 1 billion additional gallons of gasoline annually you are wasting our time our money and our fossil fuels and you think we should accept that how about no and even if it did no one else gets to tell you what your body should look like well actually science tells you what your body should look like you see we have this thing called the body mass index it’s used to help measure a person’s body fat and some of you in this video are quite clearly in the obese category and no that’s obviously not muscle here’s an easy guilt-free recipe for your summer BBQ go to a barbecue and don’t feel guilty about it contrary to popular belief your body needs food to provide energy for basic functions wow you actually got one thing right your body does in fact need energy however after you take in the energy you have to burn it off otherwise it will be stored as fat now it’s time for the ultimate bikini body challenge read some literature that challenges the culture ideas of what constitutes a bikini body don’t forget your brain is a beautiful part of your body – oh what a shock none of those are health books nor are any of them written by a health expert so while you’re relaxing on the beach casually reflecting the male gaze just remember that everybody is a Keeney back who the fuck do you think you’re fooling here look at your videos ratings if this were a video game that would be a fat person’s health bar everyone can see through your bullshit and aspirational tropes of beauty are 100% BS I welcome this opportunity to speak to the people of America about a subject which I believe to be most important and that is the subject of physical fitness this should be a matter of concern to us all a country is as strong really as its citizens and I think that mental and physical health mental and physical vigor go hand in hand


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