How Do Websites REALLY Make Money? ($104,000 per month)

so how do the websites make money? In
this video we’re going to break down exactly how various websites make money
and I’m going to show you how five different websites make different
amounts of money depending on the life stage of a website anywhere from $500 a
month all the way to over a hundred thousand every single month in some of
my previous videos I’ve shown you my personal earnings from my website so you
can see that from jvzoo for example I’ve made over a hundred and fifty one
thousand dollars in affiliate commissions whether the lifetime of
promoting products on jvzoo I’ve also made over twenty seven thousand dollars
on zaxxar and hundreds of thousands of dollars on other affiliate networks but
what I really wanted to focus on in this particular video is give you real-life
examples from five other websites that are going to take you from four various
levels you know for a start a website how much is it possible to earn and
exactly how medium-size website and then of course the very established websites
what is their actual potential once you’ve been blogging for a period of
time so what’s up guys my name is Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the
caffeinated blogger on this YouTube channel I published regular videos
regarding affiliate marketing free traffic and blogging and my goal is to
help you make a full time income online so that you can have a better future for
yourself and your family if you are new to my channel make sure to click this
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icon so that you never miss my future tutorials okay so this first website
that we’re going to be looking at made five hundred and thirty dollars profit
in August 2000 and 19 the way that I found this information is there are some
blogs a very small percentage of them that publish their income reports for
various reasons and they don’t publish income reports every single month but
from time to time different bloggers decide to share publicly how much they
made from their blog how much traffic they got etc so I managed to find this
website lifestyle Queensland comdata you and their most recent income report was
from August 2019 they haven’t published anything since and this website is run
by this lady her name is Sophie and she has published some information
about how much she actually made so first of all her website is reasonably
small website I looked at the XML sitemap of the website and the blog has
only got 49 posts on it so 49 posts is not very much this is a relatively small
relatively new website and that is of course one reason why the blog is
currently making the amount of money that it’s making as the blog is mature
one is they get more content their authority grows so this is sort of very
much a start a blog but it gives you a good idea that even with 49 posts you
can actually make really decent money I mean 500 dollars in a lot of countries
for example where I’m from in Russia 500 dollars per month is amazing because in
most places you can actually have a good life just in 500 dollars a month so how
does this website actually work let’s take a look at it this is basically
personal opinion style blog where Sophie publishes various articles and reviews
on various products so this is the home page and the way that she tries to
target the visitors and get the visitors to her website from Google is writing
reviews for various products such as best portable air conditioner Australia
so for example if I enter this search query into Google best portable air
conditioner Australia Here I am on Google and you can see as I’m typing
best portable air conditioner so there is an auto suggest that comes up here
best portable air conditioned Australia so this is a commonly searched term if I
search for this lifestyle Queensland will be there somewhere on page one and
a lot of people will actually be choosing to click on to these result and
then land on Sophie’s blog and after they read the reviews so they will look
at the information and read about this portable air conditioner now you’ll
notice that there are actually ads on here and if somebody clicks on one of
these ads that are automatically inserted so if you will make a certain
amount of money maybe a few cents or you know maybe a dollar or something like
and then also you will notice that as she’s putting information about these
portable air conditioners there are also links to various places so this one for
example if I click on it this will take me to an dollar store and if
I buy now then so theives the owner of this website
will actually get paid a percentage commission for a referral so this is an
affiliate link and sophie is an affiliate for amazon and essentially
she’ll she’ll probably earn somewhere you know from 2 to 8 percent of the
price of the item that I end up buying as a commission so you can see for
example these DeLonghi Pinguino if I open that up the price is six hundred
and two dollars so even a five percent commission sorry five percent well the a
five percent commission will result in a thirty dollar commission to Sophie to
the owner of this blog so that’s why when we look at the actual breakdown of
the income for Sophie’s blog we can see that affiliate sales were five hundred
and forty eight dollars so vast majority of her income was actually in it sales
so pretty awesome results given that sophie has just published forty nine
articles and this income report is actually from August 2019 it’s very
possible that Sophie is now doing even better with her blog which is really
really good for a small blog all right so site number two that we’re
going to have a look at is this one here two wandering Souls calm and they made
seventeen thousand eight hundred dollars in June 2019 they have not published any
more income reports since June 2019 I guess they’ve probably been having too
much fun traveling and making money with their blog these guys are doing a pretty
awesome job and I mean you can’t really complain about this they’re traveling
the world and they’re making excellent money documenting all of their travels
so that’s pretty pretty viral you know this topic that they’ve got and I’m sure
that their followers love following them as well if we go to their blog just to
explore a little bit what they’re doing you will see that they’ve got the most
recent update so for example on February 12th so too
years ago they published this article here they’re currently in Tokyo and so
they’re taking photos and they’re documenting everything and then they’re
targeting various keywords so for example top things to do in Tokyo Japan
is an actual keyword that they probably will eventually rank for in Google if
not for this one and for a lot of their other keywords that they are writing
about they will be ranking in Google so if somebody searches in Google for top
things to do in Tokyo Japan they’ll come to their blog and as they’re reading
this blog here they will be clicking on various things for example on this ad so
this is a media vine ad and if somebody clicks on this ad then this website
these two guys that run this website will make money from somebody clicking
this ad the big advantage of course that they’ve got is that they’re able to take
their own photos and then post about their own experience so that’s that adds
a lot of authenticity to their content however you can if you do decide to
start a travel blog at some stage you can totally do it without actually
having to go into the place because you can find a lot of these photos online
for free and you can use them so if you search Tokyo Japan in Google and then
you go to images and then you go to settings and then you go to advanced
search you will be able to filter by usage rights here and choose this one
feel free to use share or modify even commercially advanced search and that’s
going to give you a ton of photos that you’re able to use any way you want you
can actually stick them on your blog and you can write about the same topics that
these guys are writing of course the sort of downside will be that you won’t
be able to have you in those photos but you can still totally write about the
same topics that these guys are writing and get traffic and make money from a
travel website now let’s take a look how they’ve actually made the money because
they’ve posted some information here about their earnings and you can see
that their pageviews are almost 300,000 per month so the traffic is not actually
that huge they’re getting about 10,000 pageviews per day this is not a crazy
amount of traffic you know it’s totally doable for somebody to achieve within
sort of 12 to 15 months that kind of pageviews
you can see that vast majority of their traffic is actually coming from organic
Google search now this is their income so you can see that most of their
incomes eleven thousand out of about seventeen thousand came from affiliate
marketing now I feel it marketing we talked about that in the first website
is basically where you decide to promote some other product or service for a
percentage Commission you get a special referral link and you stick it onto your
website you can see that they are promoting some goods from Amazon some
from I go to so all of the travel booking sort of websites which
totally makes sense then they also made almost six thousand dollars from media
vine ads so those ads that you can see here for example in the top right a lot
of websites use them and I’m actually thinking of trying out media vine for
our fitness blog as well so I’ll keep you guys updated on that in about a
month’s time once I’ve actually had a good run with media vine what kind of
results I’m getting there and then they’ve also made one hundred and fifty
bucks from sponsored posts so basically their income is totally passive they’re
just out there traveling the world and their website is actually making them
the money which is pretty cool their blogging expenses are only two hundred
bucks so pretty much all of that money that they’re making is their profit
website number three that we’re going to take a look at is this website here show
me the yummy calm and their income was forty six thousand just over forty six
thousand and this is an income report from December 2016 now I know that this
is very old it’s three months old however show me the yummy have not
published any more income report since then I guess once again as people get
busy and they switch focus you know producing any kind of content actually
takes up time so they’ve probably chosen to focus on their business rather than
produce this income report nevertheless it’s very interesting to
take a look at this because this is in a different niche it’s in the recipe niche
and yummy food niche and a lot of people of course that are watching this are
probably interested whether you can actually even make money significant
money with the recipe type blog and you absolutely can so let’s take a look
first of all at how show me the yummy structure and what kind of content they
post so this is their home page and you can see that
so about recipes they also have workshops which we’ll talk about a
little bit later the interesting section on their blog is if we go here into
income and we open that up we can see their growth so they started the website
in November 2014 and they made around $28 and then you can see the growth of
the blocks that have been growing by 10 20 30 % per month pretty consistently
and over the course of between November 2014 and December 2016 so in just two
years they managed to grow from earning less than a hundred dollars per month to
earning almost fifty thousand dollars per month and it’s very very possible
that they actually ended up making even more money per month you know in the
last three years because they would have continued growing they just haven’t
actually published any income reports the type of content that I’ve got here
is mostly recipes and various dishes it’s pretty standard looking sort of
recipes here if we’re going to one pot fettuccine alfredo pasta
whenever someone Google’s forward there is a high chance that they’ll be seeing
show me the yummy in the Google search results then I’ll get onto this page and
then they will of course click ads they’ll buy different things that are
linked to from this page so if we look at the breakdown of actually how they
made money in December 2016 you’ll see that ad thrive brought them fourteen
thousand and AD thrive provides these ads that you can see on on these various
pages so for example this is a net thrive ad so this is it’s similar to
Google Adsense if you are familiar with this you insert a little a little line
of code into your website and it starts showing these ads automatically you
don’t actually need to manually insert these ads anywhere now interestingly
show me the yummy com actually showed us the number of pageviews for December
2016 so if we do a very quick calculation here they made
14,311 on air thrive if we divide that by the number of pageviews we get this
amount so they made just over two cents us I assuming this is US per visitor so
four multiply these by 1000 then for every thousand visitors that
they have on their website they’re making $20 for every thousand visitors
and that is on a recipe blog guys this is not a weight loss blog or hair loss
blog or money blog this is a niche that everyone says it’s very hard to make
money in if you’re running display ads as you can see here this is a twenty
dollar RPM revenue per thousand visitors that they’re getting with AD thrive just
in this niche alone now other things that they are doing is sponsored content
and freelancing so they are publishing some sponsored sponsored posts on their
blog potentially promoting other people’s products etc and getting paid
per post I assume and another significant boost was show me the yummy
digital food video workshop so they created their own product where they’re
teaching other food bloggers on how to create videos in this niche and that
made them twenty thousand dollars that also gives you an idea that once you
have got a year or two of experience in your field in your blog you can actually
start teaching others how to do the same and as you can see selling your own
product actually can result in a very significant boost in revenue as well
there were a few other items here in the income report but they are much smaller
Amazon Associates etc and their expenses as you can see are very low relevant to
their income it’s just two thousand dollars that they spend per month on
running their blog so these last two blogs that we talked about fall into the
medium-sized category the travel blog and the food blog now this blog that I
want to talk to you about made one hundred and four thousand dollars in a
single month so this blogger makes over a million dollars per year which is a
massive amount of money if you consider that to make this kind of money in a
corporate world or in a job is very very difficult you’d have to be a fairly
high-level executive in a big company to actually be making this sort of money we
have to be you know a very expensive neurosurgeon or something along those
lines with stressful hours etc this a blog is making sense of sense calm and
it is run by this lady here you can see her photo her name
name is Michelle Schroeder gardener and she publishes very detailed income
reports her blog is I think approximately 80 years old from memory
something around that maybe seven eight nine years old and her knee she is kind
of finance and how to make money online her blog does get a lot of traffic but
that’s because she has been publishing content consistently high volume of
content for the past eight years a lot of her content is actually out sourced
I’ve been following her for a period of time she travels the world with her
husband you can see the photo here and they a lot of the time they actually
leave on a yacht they used to travel around in an RV and I think now they’re
traveling around the world in a yacht so the way that they make the money is
through a variety of sources so you can see the breakdown of the income here by
the way I’m looking at September 2018 income report with the most recent
income reports for 2019 and 2020 that she’s been publishing there are no
breakdowns there so her income has actually gone up a little bit but I just
wanted to show you this one even though it is like a year and a bit old so that
you can see the breakdown of her actual income so she made sixty-five thousand
dollars from affiliate marketing and vast majority of it through the Bluehost
affiliate program so because in a lot of her pages she actually recommends for
people to start a blog and then she links them to this tutorial on how to
start a blog and then in this tutorial for how to start a blog she recommends
for people to sign up to Bluehost which is the hosting that she also uses so
similar to how for example my videos I recommended people to use side ground
she recommended for others to use Bluehost and clearly she is sending
hundreds of sales to Bluehost every single month and that’s why her
affiliate payouts are so huge for Bluehost affiliate program then there
are also survey companies and various other things that she has mentioned in
various pages on her blog post and she’s getting commissions from all of that as
well now she also has her own course which you can buy and I’ve bought an
action and it’s a really good course making sense of affiliate marketing
this is a course on blogging so she teaches everything that she does herself
on her own website and she sold $24,000 worth of her course in that particular
month so you know selling twenty thousand dollars worth of your own
product per month is amazing it means that she has sold over 100 units of it
because her course price is around $200 once again if you look at it you can see
that her first income report was six hundred and seventy two dollars in May
2012 so she stuck with it she didn’t quit and she managed to grow her blog
consistently year after year as you can see here 6000 and 2013 11 in in 2013 12
in 2014 23 in 2015 and so forth you can actually
kind of follow her journey which is really cool she’s been very open about
all of those numbers well we’ve looked at a ton of profitable websites so you
now should have a pretty good idea how websites actually make money so what out
of all of these well I want to leave you with a few things one is making ten
thousand dollars a month is absolutely possible in a variety of different
issues you don’t have to be in a finance niche or credit card or fitness niche
you can do this in a variety of different issues it does take time
though don’t expect to be successful with the website in the first month that
you start blogging for example having a niche website but the good thing is that
after you’ve done this consistently for a period of time and you’ve got the
traffic coming in it is actually absolutely passive you can take off and
not do anything for two months and the traffic that comes onto your website
they’ll click ads they’ll buy products that you recommend and you really can
have that passive income once all the traffic is set up if you guys do want to
check out my course that teaches you how to set up a successful profitable niche
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take that bell notification icon as well to make sure you never miss my future
videos thank you so much for watching Greg Conn an anchor here the caffeinated
blogger signing off I’ll see in the next video


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