Horizon Fitness Elite E4000

The Horizon Elite E4000 elliptical has it all a strong, stable frame, feature-packed console and advanced functionality. It provides a low-impact, total-body workout that matches your body’s natural movement very closely. The E4000 features a long, 50.8 cm stride length and virtually no distance between the elliptical’s footpads. When you run on a flat surface, the distance between your feet is almost zero, too, so the E4000 allows you to replicate running with less impact on your joints. The elliptical’s SixStar Certified™ frame acts as a solid foundation and combines with its ultimate ergonomic body positioning to keep you properly aligned. That way, you get the smoothest stride possible, and you reduce the stress on your back and shoulders. The console is loaded with features and 14 programs to improve your workouts. With proFILE performance tracking and Made for iPod speakers, you will be entertained and motivated. It is also compatible with the Nike Plus iPod system and our exciting Passport Media Player, which is sold separately. It connects to your television and gives you access to a variety of entertainment options to take a vacation from your everyday workout. Plus, the elliptical includes an Energy Saver mode to conserve electricity.

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