Homemade Juice Recipes for Weight Loss in Tamil

Homemade Juice Recipes for Weight Loss in Tamil Obesity has become a common problem and you can see people asking for weight loss tips. But most of us don’t follow the diet properly. Improper diet is a main reason for weight gain and in this video we are going to share a juice for weight loss. Carrot and orange juice and it you take it increases the immunity problem and helps for weight loss. Let us see about this in this video. Carrot is rich in dietary fiber which is necessary for weight loss. This fiber helps in digestion and flushes out toxins through urine. Orange juice keeps our body clean and keeps us active. When we take these two juices together it control appetite. Beta carotene present in carrot is good for your eyes and it has vitamins and minerals. It has more water contents which helps us to reduce our weight. It has vitamin B1 ,Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6. It reduces fat in muscles and increases metabolism and helps for weight loss. You may wonder how orange helps for weight loss. Antioxidants and fiber present in it flushes out toxins and helps for weight loss. Orange also has potassium and phosphorous. Orange carrot juice keeps our bones, eyes, skin and brain healthy. Grind 2 carrot, 1 orange in a mixie, add 1/4 cup water, few drops of lemon and your weight loss juice is ready. If you take more juice at a time it may cause heart burn, acidity and kidney problems.


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