Home Strength Training Exercises : Upright Row Exercise

Hi. This is Rod Zervakos. ISSA Certified Personal
Trainer. And we’re working on home training today. We’ve already gone over some chest
exercises. We’re working on back right now. We’ve already done the lat pull downs. So
what we’re working on right now is basically doing an upright row. You can take a dumbbell
which is what I’m going to use right now. These weights are a little bit light but for
illustrated purposes they will be just fine. With this exercise what you want to do, grab
your weight, have it in front of you. Very, very important on this exercise, if you start
arching your back you’re going to destroy it. So what you want to do is have a firm
plant with your opposite arm. Make sure that your knee is locked in place and your back
is rigid and straight. Little bend to your left leg or your opposite leg. You’re going
to reach down to the weight and all you’re going to do is bring it straight up to the
back and straight down. Straight up and straight down. Always keeping your back straight. Nice
and firm. Up and down. Now what this is going to do is it’s going to isolate, one at a time,
the lat muscle on each side of of your back. An exercise like this, a pull down on a straight
bar is going to do both at the same time. An exercise like this which isolates the left
and right is going to basically reveal any weaknesses you have one side to another. So
again, a very good exercise for the back.


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