Home Strength Training Exercises : Pull Down Triceps Exercise

Hi, this is Rod Zervakos, ISSA Certified Personal
Trainer on behalf of Expert Village. Today we’re talking about home workout. We’re using
some equipment that I have here. We’ve already done the chest. We’ve already done our back.
We’ve already done our biceps. Now we need to work on the back of the arm, and that’s
the tricep. First exercise we’re going to do is a basic pull down or push down bar.
So what we’re going to do right here take the bar about shoulder length apart. You can
either go a little bit in or a little bit out. If you go out, you might get your back
involved. So let’s just go shoulder width apart. Get a nice bend at the knees and hips,
back straight. And then all you’re going to do is do a push, push straight down and control
up. Straight down and control up. Straight down and control up. You want to keep tension
at all times. You don’t want to go down to the bottom. Always keep a little tension on
there. Straight down and up. You want to keep the elbow as stationary as possible because
again we’re trying to work the tricep. You don’t want to get the back involved by doing
this motion. You want to keep it a nice isolated movement. And again that’s going to work the
tricep area.


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