Home Strength Training Exercises : Fly Press Exercise

Hi this is Rod Zervakos of Phoenix Arizona
ISSA certified personal trainer, on behalf of expert village today we’re discussing home
training. Doing what you can do with what you’ve got at the house. What we’re working
on today are the major muscles, chest, back, arms, shoulders. We just got through doing
a bench press, illustrating how that works. What we’re going to work on right now is the
center chest. And we’re going to do what’s called a fly. So I’m going to lay back with
some dumb bells, motions to go out to the side, come straight up in the center, contract
when you’re up top, nice controlled movement. So this is what it should look like. Again,
you always want to lay with your back flat, arms straight up, elbows out, bring it down,
and then squeeze when you come up top. You really want to squeeze that chest when you
come up top, nice and controlled. Blast it up, then controlled movement down. We don’t
want to be going way too far, and you don’t want to be wobbling all over the place. So
make sure again it’s a nice controlled movement. Straight back, bring it up top. So again with
this motion, we’re going out to the sides, bringing it back center, you want to concentrate
on squeezing the muscle. Let this muscle do the work, you don’t want to push with your
arms or anything like that. Squeezing the center, nice contraction, going to get you
a good build in the center.


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