Home Strength Training Exercises : Bench Press Exercise

Hi, this is Rod Zervakos, Phoenix, Arizona.
I am an ISSA, certified personal trainer. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to
do a little segment on home training. Not everybody has the same equipment at home,
but we’re going to use what I have here which is pretty basic stuff. We’ve got a bench setup
here, we’ve got a curl bar, some free weights; nothing too elaborate. What we’re going to
work on are the major body parts. We’re going to do chest, back, arms, and shoulders, and
first thing we’re going to work is the chest, so I’m going to come in here, and sit down
on the bench. A couple things you want to keep in mind. You always want to make sure
you’re working with a weight that you can certainly do without a spotter, if you don’t
have one. A spotter is generally somebody who stands behind you, and will catch you
if there’s an issue, but if you do not have a spotter use a weight that you can manage.
You’re going to want to lay down flat on your back. Always make sure that your back is nice
and flat, arms are about shoulder width apart. Line them up, you’re going to want to exhale
on the lift, and then bring down, control. Take up explosively, bring down, control.
Take up explosively, bring down, control. You’re never going to want to bring it down,
and bounce off the chest. It’s done frequently, but it’s not correct; it’s not necessary.
Bring it down here, straight up, back on the bench, lift up, and you’re fine. Again, always
make sure that you’re using a weight you can do by yourself if you do not have a spotter.


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