Home Fitness Tips : How to Exercise Safely While Pregnant

Congratulations. If you’re watching this clip,
you’ve either decide to get pregnant or you already are. So this is going to be a great
time in your life, and exercise is going to play a key role. I’m Jani Roberts, and I’m
a nationally certified personal trainer and also a graduate of the Academy of Nutrition.
I want to share today with you some ways to safely exercise during pregnancy. First of
all, if you were already exercising prior to conception, you certainly want to continue
forward. Now, you may need to make some changes. Maybe go from that high aerobic activity to
more of a modified level of activity where you’re not really allowing your feet to leave
the ground not so much impact keeping that safe. If you’ve never exercised before, and
this is a big motivation for you to start exercising. Good for you. You’re smart. It’s
going to make your delivery so much easier and your whole pregnancy experience so much
more enjoyable. But you need to start slowly and take it easy. Don’t try to do things you’ve
never tried before you were pregnant. Take it one step at a time, and in this situation
be sure to converse a little bit with a a professional and get their advice on exactly
what is safe and what is not safe to do. And of course stay in touch with your physician
and let him know what you’re trying. I’m Jani Roberts. Congratulations.

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