Home Chest Workout (NO WEIGHTS ALLOWED!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Any Home Chest Workout, we all know, is going
to be made up primarily of Push Up-based exercises, right. It’s the go-to exercise when you’re trying
to build a bigger chest and you don’t want to use any equipment. Matter of fact, our ATHLEAN XERO Program has
over 50 variations of Push Ups that you can do to push you no matter what level of ability
you’re at right now. However, it’s more than just the exercises,
guys because when it comes down to it, if all you’re doing is a Push Up variation, it’s
how you do it that matters. So today I wanted to show you a technique
that you can use, and it’s one that we employ with our ATHLEAN XERO Program that allows
you to push yourself not just to failure, right? If you want to build muscle, it’s about pushing
yourself through failure, ok. Get to failure, push yourself through failure. That’s when you start to unlock a lot of new
size gains, and that’s what we’re going to do right here. So this is our grinder technique. What you
have to do, guys, is calculate your max number of Push Ups. When I say calculate your max, I’m talking
about go to the most that you can do and give it an honest effort knowing that you’re going
to base that number for the rest of the workout. You want to make sure you’re doing it right.
So, again, good solid Push Ups all the way down, all the way up. Down and up in a good
steady cadence. All the way until you reach failure that it
looks like this. You’re fighting. You might squeeze out that last one. You come down and
then you kind of basically collapse. Whatever that number is, let’s just call it
70 in this case, you rest 2 minutes. At that point, you want to now then attack the actual
workout. And that’s performing one and a half times
the number of reps that you did to failure without ever touching your knees. This is where we grind it out. So, if that
number was 70, now we have 50 percent more, that’s 35. Add to the original 70, for you
math majors, it’s 105 that you want to do. You’ve got to get through 105. Grinding them
out without ever touching your knees to the ground. So, what does that look like? So let’s say I’m back now 2 minutes later,
and I’m doing my Push Ups, ok. And I get myself up to, let’s say, 40 or 42, and I’m getting
tired and I want to rest. I could rest like this, ok. Then get myself in a few more reps that I
feel like I’m not going to be able to get through here, I can rest. I don’t care the
position you rest in. I’ve had guys rest down in a Side Plank here
just to try to take the tension off the left arm. Shake it out and get back up again. Do
a couple more reps. Come up. again, shake out the arms here. As
long as your knees don’t touch, then you’re still alive, and you’ve got to get through
105 and grind yourself through. Again, we’ve hit failure. We know that failure
number was 70. We’re going to go through it, and we’re going to go beyond it and get you
to 105. That’s a different technique that ensures
that we’re pushing ourselves as hard as we possibly can. And that’s what you have to do if you really
want to take bodyweight exercises and allow them to help you to build muscle. So, the next time you’re going to do your
chest workout at home, utilize this technique. I’m telling you. You’re going to feel pushed
in a way that you never felt pushed before. And if you want a complete program, no bars,
no bench, no bands, no bull, that’s what we like to say here. ATHLEAN XERO literally is
100 percent bodyweight only training, all your back exercises. Yes, we’ve even found
creative ways to do your biceps too, 100 percent bodyweight only, head to ATHLEANX.COM and
grab our XERO Program. In the meantime, if you like this video, guys,
and you’re going to try this technique, make sure you leave a thumb’s up below and let
me know how you did. Could you grind it out all the way to that
max, 1 and a half times Push Up number? Alright guys, we’ll be back here again in
just a few days.


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