Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 5 – Get 6 Pack Abs

Hey, guys! Here we are again for Washboard Wednesday,
week number 5. We have one more week to go until we reach
our mid-point, our halfway mark of six weeks. So by now, if you’ve been following along
with all the workouts and you’ve been doing all the things I’ve been telling you to do
in terms of cleaning up your diet and watching what you’re eating and what you’re working
out, you should probably start to see some of your abdominals, probably in your upper
part first. Your clothes should start fitting better and
you should have more energy. That’s gonna be enough to keep you going,
keep you excited and have an incentive to continue on for the next half of this program. What we’re gonna do this week is cover five
new exercises. Some of them are a bit difficult, but I know
that once you start to do them a little bit, you’re gonna really start to get cranking
up and you’re gonna have better results from it. The more difficult these abdominal exercises
have gotten, the more results you should expect to see. Alright, so let’s get right into these exercises
here for week number 5. [pause]
Alright guys, that’s gonna wrap it up for week number 5 here of Washboard
Wednesday. One thing I wanted to cover before we wrap
up for this week is one common question that I get. People say “Your diet is very strict, you’re
very regimented, you have everything in order. Do you ever eat things that you wanna eat? Sweets or snacks?” If you ask me guys, if you stay away from
this stuff long enough, you’ll start to lose the craving for it and I’m not asking you
to stay from it for a year. I’m saying stay away from it for 3-4 weeks,
you’ll start to make that transition to not wanting it. Plus, the fact that you’ve already gained
some strength, you should have some abdominals popping through by now… you may not want
to do it. You may increase your willpower by staying
away from those things, because you see the results. But one quick little tip on how to figure
out. If you’re eating five times a day, like I’m
recommending, that’s seven days a week, five times a day, that’s 35 meals. Let’s take 5 of those meals and count them
as once where you can be a little free with what you eat. But for the other 30, really try to stay in
tune, locked in and not eating anything bad, alright? Eat good, clean foods. So five meals a week guys, you can play around
with them a little bit. If you’re eating better than that, cut it
down. Our goal is six pack abs, so you really wanna
be tight on your diet. Alright guys, what I want you to do is head
over here to athleanx.com and if you haven’t already picked up the program, don’t wait
any longer. It’s the entire program for your entire body. Not just the abs, we’ve been focusing on the
abs for the Washboard Wednesday, but this will get your entire body ripped… and now
that you’re starting to drop pounds, you’re gonna want to do that. Also subscribe to the ATHLEAN-X channel here
on youtube and continue getting all these videos. Remember, next week is our halfway mark. We’ve got six more after that. So keep up the good work and I’ll see you
back here next Wednesday.


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