Hitting your Yearly Goal in 6 Months with Megan Giese

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so what I wanted to talk with you guys about today is a huge thing that my
team is doing and that we have done so far and also like give you tangible
things about how your team can do this too so a little bit of backstory before
I jump into the topic I’ve been coaching for a little over two and a half years
now and I am actually a full-time middle school high school math teacher I’m also
a volleyball and softball coach I am married to my husband actually three
years today it’s our anniversary and I’m doing a call weird I’m doing what I love
so we’ve been married for three years and we have a dog named Carver and
coaching kind of fell into my lap you guys like I I really do feel like it
found me and it changed my life ever since
and so obviously communication with my husband has helped so much in my
business but then also like finding my team and it’s really working with the
people who want to work this business and so I’m hoping that you guys can take
some things from me and from what our team does and kind of apply it to your
own teams so basically at the beginning of the year I was just a one star
diamond coach and so I pushed as hard as I possibly could and I really wanted to
go to National Leadership Conference like I had heard so much about it from
my upline I was really excited I wanted to go so
bad I was only like pushing I was pushing so hard and then they had
changed the ranking and so I actually got to go so it’s kind of a blessing in
disguise and so I went into national leadership as a one-star and I felt like I cheated the system I felt like I should have been a two star I
should have done all of these things but you guys going to national leadership
conference just blew me away and it blew my business away and it’s helped our
coaches like rank advanced like crazy to where we are now so if you have newer
coaches and they’re pushing like get them to National Leadership Conference
and I promise you like lightbulbs go off everywhere like it’s so insane how
awesome it is but so I went to national Leadership Conference as a one-star
coach in February and so I got to network with lots of other coaches I got
to you know mingle with girls who were one two you know three four star and I
just I had this vision I had this you know passion about coaching I knew I
could make it work but at the same time like I always held myself I always
held myself down like I didn’t think that I was ever going to be like this
amazing leader amazing coach you know I was just a one star and it was my
husband so you know technically it was me but just coming back from national
leadership conference and like lighting that fire with my team and really just
like loving on them and sharing with them what I’ve been learning and what’s
working and and together we just kind of clicked and we linked arms and we’ve
just been pushing ever since and so at the beginning of the year we are one
star and we ended up you know being 5 star diamond and six star qual so that’s a
huge honor as a coach to know that we’ve done that and in a few months and
knowing that it took me forever to get to two star in a couple of years so we’ve
done it in a couple of months and I want to give you some tangible items to take
away to give back to you into your teams to help you get to where you want to be
and reach your goals so the first thing is that when I got back from National
Leadership Conference I heard somebody tell me that have you ever you know went
live in your team page and shared your vision for your team and I looked at
myself and I said you know no I haven’t like I’ve never done that because I
always felt so icky about talking to my team about rank talking my team about
elite talking to my team about hitting’s
five-star ten star 15 star because in all reality like my name is on the
leaderboard my name is on you know the rankings and things like that and so I
felt so icky for it at first but I think the the blessing in disguise was going
live in my team page and really casting that vision to my team really talking to
them about like the vision I had for us and the fact that it wasn’t just me like
getting to 10 star 15 star you know superstar diamond like that’s not just
you like that’s definitely you and your team and so um going live with them and
just talking to them about our goals I had a goal five star elite by the end of
the year and I was on the call I was explaining to them you know what it
meant what elite meant how we got to elite success club points customer
volume um you know all the things to get there and it was so crazy because when I
was going live with my team and sharing with them that I wanted to be five star
elite by the end of the year it was like why not fifteen star like my team itself
was like I’m in I’m in I’m in I had all these girls that were like I’m in I’m
ready to do this I want to do this as a team you know why don’t we do this as a
team and so just going live and casting that vision on my team you guys has done
so much for us and you know obviously for like my business and for their
businesses as well so if you haven’t done that yet that’s my first thing that
I would really want you to do is go live in your team page it’s never too late I
don’t care that it’s July 18th like it’s never too late to go and pass that
vision on your team so maybe you had a vision of you know five star maybe go
live again in your team and see if you have girls who want to recommit or jump
all in or a dive all in there just explain it with them the same way you
share your your fitness journey story on your social media constantly over time
like do the same thing to your team about the vision and where you want to
go with them and so monthly you know we talk about our elite ranking we talk
about how many diamonds we’ve advanced we talk about where we want to go you
know we talk about our hairy scary goal of being super star diamond
by the end of the year and those kinds of things so just really explain it to
your team break it down to them don’t just explain like what elite is and bore
them to that like explain it to them how they can help you and your team get
there and so one thing that has changed our
team for sure is just explaining to new coaches how they can help our team like
get to where we want to get to as a team you know newer coaches when they hit
success club obviously that helps with elite points obviously if they’re rank
advancing that helps and so on and so forth so just really letting new coaches
know that just because their baby coaches like they really can change this
business for you they can really turn things around for you you know they can
really make or break things for you and so just letting them know that they have
the power and that when they help three to five people every single month it’s
helping your team rank advance and just reach so many goals and just letting
them know that they’re super important on your team because I remember being a
baby coach and thinking like oh it doesn’t matter if I hit success club
it’s fine or oh it doesn’t really matter you know if I do X Y and Z this month
so I’m just a new coach like it’s fine but letting my coaches know that they
have that responsibility and that they’re leaders on our team I think has
really helped you know grow our team as well my coaches that have been
coaching for a couple months to eighteen months like those are my grinding
coaches those are my coaches who post on social media who hit success Club who
kick ass excuse me but like they just really show up and they do their thing
and just letting them know that them consistently hitting success club over
and over and over again signing up customers getting that volume piece you
know talking about more than just Shakeology talking about the performance
line talking about other products through Beachbody letting those coaches
know that just because they’re not new coaches and just because they’re not
veteran coaches doesn’t mean that their grind doesn’t pay off like their grind
helps our team so much and actually like the coaches who have been hitting
diamond are my new coaches and my grinding coaches so it’s just been so
incredible just to see everybody kind of come together and understand like their
hat that they’re wearing and their leadership and how important that they
are to our team and lastly like your veteran coaches just because they may
not be like a 2017-2018 coach or whatever they’re still super important
to your team they still have really good qualities that they can give back to
your team obviously they’re gonna have newer coaches who are working who are
building volume and just helping you overall they’re going to help you with
the tasks and things that you want to do with your team you’re able to lean on
them you’re able to talk with them you’re able to you know schedule things
and really push together with them so don’t discount anybody from your team
new coaches you know those grinding coaches or even your veteran coaches
like just understanding coming together as a team and that this is a team effort
they can’t get there by just you but they can get there together as a team
and so if you have not done so you know really cast that vision on them and let
them know you know their role let them know how important they are I reached
out to all of my working coaches and I told them I said here’s the deal if you
rank advanced to Diamond that means X Y & Z for our team that means X Y & Z for
you and your business and I went through every single one of my working coaches
it took a little bit of time but they all know where they are they all have
their little note cards they all know exactly how far they have to go or how
far they have yet to go and just like kind of keeping them on task and you
know checking things off as we go and so that kind of leads me into my next
point so we all are worried are all really want to discuss and just talk
about like success club how do we get coaches just hit success Club that’s one
category that our team right now is just like flying off the handle doing an
amazing job with and I think it’s because me as a leader I don’t ask my
coaches to do something that I’m not willing to do myself and so if I want my
coaches hitting success Club five I better be hitting success Club 20 if I
want my coaches hitting success Club ten I better be hitting success Club forty
and so every single month I really focus on helping 50 people every single month
like I really push as hard as I possibly can to help 50 people so hitting success
Club 100 because I want my coaches to know that it’s okay to hit more than
five more than ten you know and have that long-term vision and really change
those so please if you’re asking your coaches to hit success Club five or ten
make sure you’re not just like hitting the bar at five or just at ten make sure
you’re upping your game as well because they see what you’re doing and they do
what you do and so my coaches know I’m in the trenches with them every single
day I might be a five-star Diamond like I am a brand-new coach I always
stay in phase one and so I’m really encouraging that you do that same thing
too so that’s kind of like my second point
it’s just always staying in phase one and so I average you know 50 success
Club points a month in my account alone but my coaches know that every single
week I’m signing new people every single week I’m looking for new recruits I’m
looking for new challengers I push my coaches I I had literally just tell them
success Club is non-negotiable I set that bar really high for my coaches we
do leaderboards every single week I shout out people who have hit success
club I’m the girl that would do anything for a t-shirt and so I have prizes every
single month I don’t care if it’s 5 or 10 bucks here or there if it helps my
coaches push for success club like hello why would do not do that plus who doesn’t
love like a cool tank or whatever but so we do weekly leaderboards we do
prizes every single month you guys like and we send those out to them we shout
our coaches out we shout out new coaches when they’ve hit success club when they
have one person on the board like we’re shouting people out you guys have seen
the post where it has like the bell and you ring the bell every time you hit
success Club we’ve done all of that stuff we have like a half of the month
push so right now it’s July 18th which means we’re over half of the way through
the month our coaches are grinding in and pushing right now if they have not
hit success club that is their sole focus right now my coaches do not hit
except on the last like three days of the week they better be hitting it like
the three days the first three days of the month like just really setting that
bar high for your coaches and so they know that I hit success Club by the
fifth of every month like I’m always at SC ten by the fifth and so they better
be at SC ten by the 10th and that’s just something that they push for okay do
every single one of them meet that no you’d have way more points for success
Club but I have so many coaches on the board so many coaches who have hit
success Club so many coaches who have coaches who are hitting success Club
because of that mentality so if you set the bar high as a coach they’re gonna
follow you but please make sure that you’re doing what you ask your coaches
to do some tangible items that has helped me and my coaches hit success
Club is just sharing a posting calendar with them sometimes it’s easier for
coaches if you give them a monthly calendar for me I work week by week and
so I just map out my week what I’m going to post about what
I’m going to talk about pictures I’m going to use ideas I’m going to do
and I just share that with my team I say you know July you know 16 through
whatever I let them know Monday here’s some examples of what I’m gonna post
about and talk about Tuesday here’s an example of some things
I’m gonna talk about I just give them ideas to get their brains thinking
because you guys if it takes me five minutes to craft that up and I’m gonna
do it for myself anyways I’m gonna go and share that with my team too I’m gonna
let them know that they have the tools and the strategies to be successful they
just have to post they just have to get it out there and if I can take out the
guesswork for them because I’m doing it anyways like why not be sharing that
with your team so if you haven’t been doing this share something with your
team help them with what to post about what to talk about give them an idea
I don’t handhold any of my coaches but I do help them with ideas of what to
talk about because I feel like you know if they’re not sitting there behind
their phone like wondering what to post about they just go and post and they’re
done you know so just really taking that out for them
I share what’s working with my coaches a lot you guys like if I have a
conversation I screenshot the whole conversation and I share it with my team
I say here’s an easy conversation I talked with a girl I asked her what her
goals in what she was struggling with we got her set up with this challenge pack
because it fit her needs and this is how she got signed up I share the whole
thing with them I think as coaches we we try to overcomplicate too many things
and I’ve noticed that just keeping things super simple for my coaches and
just letting them know it’s just a process of talking to people you know
so many of my coaches and myself included when I first started
sat behind my phone and didn’t do anything because we you know had so many
things to do or just didn’t know where to start or didn’t know like what to say
or those kinds of things so giving my coaches icebreakers giving my coaches
examples of what to send out to people a follow-up is working I share it with my
team and guess what when I do that they do the exact same thing yesterday and
our pod one of our coaches just said hey this is really working for me it’s not
necessarily an invite but it’s planting the seeds and now all of my coaches are
doing it and guess what all of those seeds are gonna be planted for the fall
and for the winter months and our coaches are gonna build that momentum
and continue going okay so I’m posting calendar share what’s working with your
team don’t be afraid to tell them what’s working like if it’s working for you
don’t you want it to for them like I feel like when we have
something that’s working for us we like hide in a little like hole and don’t
want to tell anybody share that with people like share with other people let
it work for other people like especially your team and then also you know the
goals for success Club every month I kind of ripped the band-aid off for my
coaches and I kind of have like a puke goal for them like something that’s
super out there and like a push goal and so I tell my coaches whatever you
hit last month so SC 6 su 10 you’re gonna hit it this week and then like
their minds like blow up but seriously like that’s the mentality your
coaches should be having so if you hit SC 5 last month congratulations you’re
hitting SC 5 this week so go out there and help people and that right there has
helped my coaches so much because like their mentality is off of hitting
success club 5 hitting success club 6 they’re surpassing that because my
mentality is if I’m trying to push for success club 5 I barely hit 5 if I’m
pushing for a 10 I barely hit 10 but if I’m like dude I’m gonna hit SC 40 I’m
like nonstop messaging people and I like surpass 40 and don’t even know it so
just really opening up that mentality and that’s actually something I learned
from Amy Silverman when I was listening to one of her calls so you know coming
from another amazing leader who hits really high success Club points like
take that from them and then the last thing for success Club is something that
our team does is we talk about helping a certain amount of people instead of
hitting a certain success Club point so I don’t know if that would help your
team or not but I always talk about helping 50 people a month so success
Club 100 obviously but my goal really is to help 50 people every single month so
I have an Excel spreadsheet of 50 like slots and I want to fill up every single
one of those slots by the end of the month and last month I only got till 40
but this month I’m gonna push so hard to get to 50 and I know that my team is
gonna be there behind me pushing the exact same way so if you have to change
your mentality around for like instead of pushing for 5 and 10 like pushing
beyond that but then also thinking about it as people every single person you
sign up is a life you’re helping as a person you’re serving so why not think
of it as people anyways instead of success Club points so that’s kind of
some things that have been helping my coaches and so like
the last thing is kind of like okay so we hit success club we hit elite you
know we hit five-star diamond so like now what now what are we gonna be doing
and this is kind of where I like stopped for a couple of days and I was like oh
my gosh I don’t know where to go from here but in all reality you guys like
our momentum has been building so much that we can just ride the momentum but
we can also ride it and then like push beyond it and so our team is so ready so
I went to my team and I said here’s the deal we hit five Star Elite already and that
was our end-of-the-year goal and we hit it in six months so what do you guys
think that we can do in the next six months and so they said let’s advance
ten more diamonds and so I said okay let’s do it like as a team we’re gonna
be pushing to advance ten more diamonds on our team and so we already have that
goal for the end of the year whatever that might look like success you know
you know ten star leader fifteen star just depending on where the diamonds are
but we are focusing on diamonds on our team so ten diamonds by the end of the
year that’s a puke goal that we have for our team you know everything that we
do from here on out you guys is extra credit for my team and so it feels so
good to just know that we hit our goal and now we’re surpassing it and it feels
incredible it’s like when you want to hit success club ten but you hit success
club forty like it’s the same feeling and so we’re protecting our momentum and
I know that there was another speaker the other day and she talked about
moments I’m in protecting it at all costs and really that’s what our team is
doing so we’re continually pushing we’re not stopping we celebrated for a couple
days and now we’re continued to push because I think every moment you’re not
pushing forward you’re actually moving backwards so keep that in mind for
you always look for your next diamonds always look for your next workers always
look for your next leaders on your team call them up show them some love share
with them you know what’s working for you talk to them about the vision let
them know that they’re your leaders on your team let them know how much they
can help you and your team and just really you know I said this before but
like call up on them like let them know that this responsibility or this
leadership is is them like they’re helping your team get to where you want
them to be and just really kind of create that friendship with them and
like push together like I always talk about my team how we link arms and we
push together forward it’s a team goal you guys hitting elite is a
team goal hitting five star elite is a team goal and we did it together and now
we’re gonna be continually pushing together and so you know that’s kind
of I guess my three tips that I have to like the first one just to recap is just
really go into your group and cast that vision with your team if you have not
done so just go and do it okay like it doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of
July or even the end of September like cast your vision for your team talk to
them about where you want to go talk to them about you know how each and every
one of them can support not only you but your team and all these goals that you
have that you’re pushing together create that momentum you know if you have to
make a leaderboard or whatever it is just continually to create that momentum
I mean like really focus on the vision ahead and the second thing you
know is always making sure that you’re asking your coaches to do what you are
doing yourself so always staying in phase one I know that’s a lot more
simple and we have already heard it thousands of times but you guys like
that’s really what’s helped our business grow and what’s helped our team advance
to where we are and then always have like another goal another step another
push happening in your guys’s team page in your guys’s you know end-of-the-year
goals or things like that so always be checking off where you are but then
always understanding that there’s always going to be a next step so don’t ever
like settle don’t ever feel content okay so I hope this helps I have no idea I
see some comments but if you guys have questions or anything for me just feel
free to drop them below I can come back and answer them but I hope you’re able
to take some things away you know to help your team in to hit goals and just
understand that if my little team can do it if us like you know few girls can link
arms and make things happen and reach five star elite in six months you
guys can freakin do this too all right I’ll talk to you guys later bye guys

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