HIIT Kickboxing and Muay Thai Cardio Workout

Hey guys, whats up? Lee Price here with Mixed
Martial Help.Today’s video is a real cardio killer! It’s really going to help you improve
your kicks, get you fighting fit. This is my friend Ste, he’s doing private lessons
with me, it’s only his 5th lesson so don’t be too harsh on his technique. Just take away
the drill. Now he’s actually doing quite well. He’s a footballer, not done martial arts before.
The whole idea behind the drill here is that you start with a single kick, move round,
and you pyramid it up, two, three, four, five kicks. Then break it back down, four, three,
two, one, then you change legs. Here we go, he’s just finished the left leg. A few seconds
to breath, one or two breaths in, get lots of air. One two. Three. Losing you balance
a bit there buddy, but you’ll get it, don’t worry, it’s your first time. He’s never done
this drill before. Good power actually, in your right leg. You can tell that’s the one
you use for football, haha! You will get used to the positioning we will work on that each
time.The whole idea guys as you can see, I’m putting pressure on him, I’m not letting him
rest. Now Ste will tell you himself this was a tough, tough workout, very hard.The whole
point, is keep the work rate up. Now the most important thing I told Ste at the start was:
You’ve got to pivot! So look at his kicks here, even if he might not be twisting between
the multiple kicks, he’s still pointing his toes out at least 90 degrees. You have got
to do that, otherwise you’re twisting, you’re going to twist your knee out, it’s going to
lead to injury. Over each round then that allows Ste to just focus on getting that foot
out, getting the pivot out, and piece by piece we add the guard, we add the positioning.
It all comes step by step, it never goes all at once. Just focus on one thing at a time,
make sure you’re getting good technique so you’re not going to become injured. And then
tweak things on top of that. Here we go, back into the right leg again. One two. OK, end
of the second round, one more round after this guys. Leave your comments below. Give
it a try. If you’re fitter add more sets on, sixes, sevens, eights. We did fives on each
leg. And I made him do five rounds, it was killer! Let me know what you can do below
guys! Peace.


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