HIIT at Home – Four Basic Exercises that You can Turn into a HIIT Workout

Hi, I’m Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness
Advisor. These are four basic exercises that you can turn into a HIIT work out. High intensity interval training, what is
it? It’s short bursts of intense exercise,
followed by short periods of recovery. So we’re going to take four basic
exercises, we’re going to turn them into a HIIT work out by making them more
difficult, basically adding a plyometric element.
Lisa is going to demonstrate. She’s going to show you how to turn a push up into
plyo- push up high intensity interval training. So she’s going to drop into a push-up
and she’s going to add a little air. There she goes. So not easy, but high
intensity interval training (let’s do a couple more) has to be difficult. Awesome, great job. From here she’s going to take a squat, she’s going to add a plyometric element –
jump squats. We all know squats. By jumping we are
really elevating that intensity, making it high intensity interval training. Another
great exercise – a lunge. Lisa is going to take the
traditional lunge turning it into a jump lunge. Again she can control the
intensity, go a little faster now, a little faster, there you go she is upping
the intensity by upping the cadence of her feet. Finally we’re going to take just jumping,
we’re going to make it a box jump. She’s gonna show you a couple different
ways to do that. Ready and begin. First way she’s going to jump up and step back off. For you at home, you want to jump on something it can be a curb, it can be a step, it can be a bench, just make sure it is
not going to move on you. That is very important, safety first. Now
she’s going to take it up a notch by jumping up and down – not stepping down – jumping down. And finally watch her pick up our pace, little faster Lisa. There she goes and awesome. And there you have it, four basic exercises that you can turn into a HIIT work out. For more quick workouts and fitness
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