High Protein Muscle Building Waffle Recipe

all right so we’re getting straight into
the good bit the recipes and their tasty recipes so this is something that you
can have like a breakfast but sometimes if you’re having a craving I find this
is the perfect meal now sunshine here this is how she really attracted me to
her it wasn’t like electric when we first
met however when she made waffles for me at her place that’s where the electric
start we’re gonna make enough for one waffle I’m gonna do 1/2 a cup of oat
flour you can get me a fourth of a cup cottage cheese do 1/2 a cup of egg
whites voila all right we do 1 tablespoon of chia seeds should be like
a little bit under a tablespoon of chia seeds all right just a small little
sprinkle of cashews sprinkle cinnamon half a scoop of kasein berries give that a good mix you want
the consistency to be a little bit runny but not too runny not too thick so the
casein is definitely going to thicken it up if you need to make it a little bit
more runny that’s when you’re gonna add just a little bit of water or some low
low calorie almond milk or nonfat milk and good to go all right
waffle number one is done voila you can top it however you’d like with a little
more fruit some bee pollen syrup you name it yes so in here what we’ve got is
a good slow digesting form of carbohydrates in there from the
whole-wheat flour and we’ve also got many forms of different types of protein
so we get a full spectrum of amino acid profiles from the low-fat cottage cheese
or fat free cheese from the egg whites and from the kasein then we have
something fantastic for the free radical damage that we encounter having the
fruits in there and obviously great for the hormonal production getting a good
healthy fats in there from the chia seeds and the crunch from the cashews
now you can top it as well with some fruits blueberries strawberries
pineapple however you want we just put a little bit of Kiwi on here and some bee
pollen bee pollen really does it give it a nice sort of flavor and again a bit of
a crunch and obviously the bodybuilder favorites gotta put some sugar-free
syrup on there right took no time to mix and you know bodybuilders want it simple
and easy so that simply and easy


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