Herbalife Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion.

Hello. My name is Ethan and I want to talk to you guys about opportunity. I want to talk about success and the way that you can become rich, but i’m talking about Herbalife today and that’s not really an option for the majority of people with Herbalife. So
let’s talk about Herbalife. They sell it to you as Are you ready to lead the life the you deserve? Live the good life. It’s a business opportunity for everyone. It’s fun, simple, magical. It sounds like you just can’t lose, but the reality is if you look at the
real business opportunity is that ninety to ninety five percent of
people fail with Herbalife. And once you go to an event, your going to be asking yourself What did you get yourself into? They talk about Herbalife as being a distributorship. It is something like a gym membership. Can you remember making any money from your gym membership? Yeah, probably not. If you actually read their paperwork you are going to find that they write in there that. On a separate document course from when
they’re trying to get you to become a distributor, is that anyone considering a
distribution needs to understand the realities of
direct selling. It’s hard work and there is no shortcuts to
success. It’s not going to be a guarantee of success. But don’t they tell you that they have a proven business model? Impressive training and a generous
compensation plan? How can you lose? Well the reality is that almost
everybody loses. let’s look at the numbers and you can decide for yourself. Ninety to ninety five percent of people
fail. Just right off the bat. Only the top one percent of people are going to make over six thousand
dollars. Only one percent of the people or even gonna make six
thousand dollars. The amount of money you make at
Mcdonald’s part time is more than that. And i’ll put that number up here so you
can see how much you would make at Mcdonald’s. You must recruit to be able to join that one percent. That’s going to be making six thousand dollars. You do get a twenty five percent
discount when you get your ah… “gym membership”. uh… but the reality is as you can
purchase the same products for about a thirty five percent discount from ebay. So it is really is no benefit. There are hundreds of thousands of
people that are buying into this dream and they are spending that little bit of
money in the hopes that they are going to be
able to make money in this and business opportunity or even
save some money. uh… by buying the products and they are
not gonna get either one of those. It’s a giant scam. Herbalife is a huge scam. And you are wasting your time investing even a moment in this supposed business opportunity. But let’s take a look at uh… the real opportunity. If you really
go big and you become a seals leader, which by the way you
have to pay approximately three thousand dollars to
become. Their average compensation is four thousand four hundred and eighty five dollars. Four thousand four hundred eighty five dollars. That is ridiculously low for a business opportunity. There are over eighty two thousand people
that have paid that three thousand dollars to make four thousand four
hundred eighty five dollars per year. And of course that is before expenses. So you may end up with next to nothing uh… working for these folks. But what
about the millionaires? What about all these people that are making all this
money that they show you? There is approximately two thousand three hundred and twenty one people that are
making over twenty five thousand dollars. Only two thousand three hundred and twenty five people making twenty five thousand dollars.
Think of how many hundreds of thousands of people are out there that are involved with Herbalife. There has been a lot of research on Herbalife recently and some folks that have been calling it a pyramid scheme. And without a doubt Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. They try some
different rules like the seventy percent rule to keep people from uh… just buying the products and
participating in the pyramid. But the reality is they do not enforce
that rule at all. The majority of people are paying to play in the pyramid scheme, and it is a disaster for ninety five percent of the people to
participate in the scheme. If you want a good business opportunity, do not participate in Herbalife. It is a pyramid scheme. It is a scam. In my opinion. Do not waste your money and your time. Do not hurt your friends, your family, the people around you for this scam. Mark Hughes the founder of this company
who has passed away is someone who has taken advantage of hundreds if not millions of people to make himself wealthy at their expense. Don’t participate in this
scam. Please! I am going to provide information below this
video. You can take a look at it. I have detailed information on how this is a pyramid scheme and on how you are not going to make just compensation for your time. Check out the facts I will provide links to all the information I talked. about. Do not participating in this scam Herbalife.


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