Herb Cepeda Vision Casting

– I gotta be honest with you. For the last month, I
thought about addressing you, probably hundreds of hours, with thousands of thousands of thoughts
going through my brain. Some of you know who I am. (crowd cheers) And a lot of you don’t
know who I am, (laughs) which is fine. So, do you mind if I just go through some of these thoughts by
kinda sharing our story. And I say, “ours,” because I’m up here representing myself and my wife, Patty. I did not build this business by myself. Wouldn’t have happened. She does and contributes to this more than I do, in most cases, and she really is the driving force in our family. She’s got a pure heart. I’ve never met anybody with
a heart like you, Patty. I love you and hopefully, I can represent you as well, here. So, when I speak in the first person, and I say words like, “I,” it means, us. I’m not taking all of the blame,
’cause she has some blame. Let me tell you our story. 30 years ago, we were introduced to the industry of network marketing. And young age, in our mid-20s, and we bit, hook, line, and sinker. Anybody else do that? You hear about it, and you just bit, hook, line, and sinker? It’s not the norm. It normally takes you to
think about it a little bit. And let me think about it, kind of moment, happens for most people. For us, it was hook, line, and sinker. Why? Because we met people like you. We met successful people. We saw them, we met ’em. We had an opportunity
to hear their stories. We saw that they were
down to earth people, real people, good character, good morals. And we said, “These are
people we can align with, “and they’re telling us if
they can do it, we can do it. “Let’s get busy.” We’re all or nothing people. I gotta tell you, at that time, I was a New York State Trooper. I, thank you. (laughs) You like police officers? (laughs) I competed with 70,000
people to get that job. I thought it was a good job that I was gonna have for
30 years, at least 20. But when we entered into this industry, like I said, we’re all or nothing people, after a short time of
participating in this industry, I resigned from my job
to pursue this full time. I had that level of belief
in what I was hearing. The thought of residual
income just really excited us. I mean, it really got us excited, and for all of you, I will tell you, you are ruined because of your exposure to network marketing in Isagenix, because life is never
going to be the same. You are never going to go
back for working for somebody. It won’t be the same. Exchanging time for money is a drag. Becoming enslaved to your own business that you start, it’s even more of a drag. So, what are the alternatives? What are the alternatives? The alternatives are
something that’s progressive, that provides for a
legacy for your family. I’ve listened to Jim
and Kathy this morning, and I was so inspired by what they said. And you know, I can never get tired of it. It doesn’t get old for me. I just love it. I feed on it. And I’m a different type of learner. Patty will tell you that. Some people learn by writing. I learn by listening and watching, and by being inspired. Understanding that it’s not the words that I use that are gonna make success. Normally, it’s gonna be the spirit that comes out of me,
that’s gonna move people. I’m so old school, I look at the people doing this business today,
and I’m almost intimidated. I really am. I see them using social
media, and I’m like, “Wow, I wish I can do that.” And so, I start doing
posts only for my team to make fun of me, that
I don’t do posts right. (laughs) It’s true, but I still do it, ’cause I’m not gonna let
anybody steal my dream. And I would encourage you not to let anybody steal your dream as well. And so 30 years ago, we had some success. But I’m here to tell you, it was more of a disappointing experience. We were let down. It was devastating. The amount of energy and emotion that we put into this business. It was taxing. Without children, we had
no children in our lives. It was just so much of a drain, and it was going backwards on us, and we couldn’t figure out why it was going backwards so quickly. I mean, it went up, and all of a sudden, it started crashing, and
it started crashing fast. We couldn’t control it. And it was embarrassing. I left my job to do this. It was embarrassing,
it was going backwards. Our income was going down the tubes, fast, to the point of us declaring bankruptcy. Good story, huh, so far? It is a good story, because here’s the silver lining in it all. Until you face tribulations,
you’re not gonna learn very much, and so we made a decision. We said, “You know what? “We’re never participating “in this industry again.” Never. And you know, we said that, not knowing what we were saying, because we didn’t know the industry, quite frankly. We didn’t know direct sales. We didn’t realize that there were many, many companies out there, that did it differently. And so, what we said was, “Unless, “unless, a company scored a perfect 10, “in a few simple categories,
we not gonna participate.” And so we made up these categories that we needed to have in place. And the first category was the company. We needed to find people
who were running a company that knew what they were doing, that knew how to run a business, and also knew what it took to do this from
an associate’s standpoint. We certainly found that
with Jim and Kathy Coover. The team that they’ve
assembled here is amazing. They’re absolutely amazing. You guys, we owe you all, all of you corporate employees so much. We take it for granted. You know, they do the things that we don’t have to do, so we can do what we need to do to have success. And so, that company criteria
was so important to us. The second criteria was the product. The product, we knew
needed to be consumable. It was a must. If it was unique, it was a bonus factor. And if it was emotional,
we had a home run. How many of you think we have unique, consumable products that are emotional? (crowd cheers) You better believe it. Home run. Third category was the
training and support. Because of this corporate staff, our training and support,
that’s become very easy. Scored a perfect 10 in that category. The compensation plan. This is where I really learned a lot. Started to figured out that it wasn’t the industry I hated, it was multi-level marketing companies. So let me explain to
you what I mean by that. What I’ve found is that the vast majority of these companies use different types of compensation plans. You’ll find as either
being stair step breakaway, a matrix, a uni-level, a coded bonus compensation plan, all of which, normally
require qualifications to capture levels and generations. And even if you qualify to the max, the levels and generations
would be restricted, to six, seven, eight,
sometimes now, nine and 10. Even though it goes to nine and 10 for some of these new companies, they’re still generational restrictive, which means, if anybody surfaces in your organization,
outside of your levels and generations, how
much do you earn on them? Zero. Wanna have a little bit more stress? At the end of the month,
your volumes go to what? Zero. That’s what made me hate this industry. ‘Cause I figured out that there are people in all these companies that were successful, every single one. Every single one. There were a few examples
of some people who had like, the top 50 income, but you know, it was at the expense of the vast majority of the people in the company,
and I didn’t want that. I wanted a company that was
going to have those examples, but everybody had an
opportunity to make money. (crowd cheers) And that’s what we found with Isagenix, with the compensation plan, and I could talk for hours about that. I’m very adamant about it. I see people in this industry
who are great at what they do. They’re great, but they’re in companies with really limiting compensation plans. The fifth category is so important, and that’s the category that I want to talk to you about right now. It’s the timing with our company. The timing. You gotta understand something. We’re in our 15th year, 16th year? What year are we in? 16th, 15th? And if you look at the sales
that this company has amassed, over the course of the last 16 years, you start to figure out
that we’re onto something. I mean, just think about it for a second. Just think about this. I really want you to concentrate on this. These are sales, cumulative sales, so, year after year, they’ll compound on top of each other,
as the years progress. You’ll see that it took Isagenix, fully 7 1/2 years to do its first one billion dollars in cumulative sales. 7 1/2 years. But it only took the company 3 1/2 years to do its second billion. And it only took Isagenix 2 years to do its third billion. And it only took Isagenix a year and a half to
do its fourth billion. And it only took Isagenix a year to do its fifth billion. And now, we’re gonna progress no less, no less, than one
billion dollars annually. Is that exciting? (crowd cheers) Guys, if we can take, by the way, happy new year. ‘Cause this is exciting information. If we took that graph, and progressed it, like Jim said this
morning, another 15 years, what is it gonna look like? It’s going to be amazing. It’s actually going to be staggering.

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