Hello Counselor – Choa, Hyejeong, Shin Ayoung [ENG/THA/2017.01.16]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National… – Competition on Worries! / – Competition on Worries! (National Competition on Worries) Please welcome Choa and Hyejeong of AOA. (Today’s guests) (Choa and Hyejeong of AOA) A former sportscaster, Announcer Shin Ayoung. Welcome to the show. (Harvard alumna, Shin Ayoung) (Hello, three beautiful ladies!) – I heard Ayoung is a Harvard graduate. / – She is. (I graduated from Harvard University.) – I see. / – I have a Harvard T-shirt. – Right, that T-shirt. / – Whatever. Is it true that you’re a Harvard graduate? Yes. I studied there for four years. My gosh, what did you major in? I majored in history. – What’s your secret? / – For what? Secret to being smart. Don’t say that you only studied textbooks. Yes, exactly. – I hate those people. / – He sure deserved the Best Rookie Award. I’m not sure. It has been… I graduated a while ago, so I can’t remember. – I’m sorry. / – I know that she has many flaws. – Really? / – Yes. That’s normal. Everyone has flaws. Wisdom matters more than knowledge. – That’s right. / – My gosh. This is why Taejoon got the award. (He has gotten even wittier since winning the award.) He certainly deserved the Best Rookie Award. Taejoon won the Best Rookie Award – because of Hello Counselor. / – That’s right. (Taejoon is the winner of the Best Rookie Award.) It looks like the award gave him a confidence boost. – I know. / – He sounds so confident. He has gotten pretty aggressive, so people will start criticizing him soon. – Please be careful. / – Okay. It may be the end of your career. – Well… / – I’ll be quiet. (Aim for the Grand Award!) Since the new year just begun, we should talk about related keywords we want. – That’s a good idea. / – I know, right? Currently, the related keywords that come up when I look up my name are “chubby” and “fleshy”. I put on weight very easily, and I love food so much. – Gosh. / – It’s so hard to lose weight. (What is she saying now?) – “Chubby” and “fleshy”. / – I don’t want to see them. – Do you want a romance rumor instead? / – Yes, I do. – I feel bad. / – With whom? – I have an ideal type. / – Who is it? – Jung Woosung. / – Pardon? You want a romance rumor with him? It doesn’t have to be that kind of rumor. I just want him to know that I’m a huge fan of his. Let’s move on. – Anyway, you want a romance rumor. / – I see. – Jung Woosung. / – What about you girls? I look up my name on the Internet often, and most related keywords are about my figure. – I wonder what keywords come up for me. / – This year, I want to use my figure and become a fashion icon. – I want to see “fashion”. / – “Fashionista”? I’d like to be known for things like that this year. I’m not sure if this will be edited out or not, but Taejoon should request to have a keyword deleted. – Why? / – One of my related keywords is Choi Taemin. (Choi Taemin) (Taejoon sure is a big shot.) “Relationship between Choi Taejoon and Choi Taemin”. (Choi Taemin and Bomi in “We Got Married”) Articles say that Choi Taemin is now a member – of Hello Counselor’s regular panel. / – Cheer up. (Choi Taejoon, star of variety shows) By the way, I heard that AOA just released a new album. – Yes. / – Tell us about your new song. We actually prepared a performance – for today. / – That’s awesome! (Shall we watch it?) (“Excuse Me” by AOA) That’s so cute. How lovely. (Hey, hang on a second.) (I like you.) (Their soft steps make our hearts flutter.) (The bold lyrics meet the irresistible dance.) (Excuse us for being so pretty.) (They deserve a compliment.) As always, we have three stories to share with you all. Let’s see what they are. Please show us the keywords. (The keywords are revealed.) “The Way She Tortures Me”, “My Dangerous Mother”, and “A Ghost in the House”. Let’s start with “My Dangerous Mother”. I’m a mom of a one-year-old baby girl. She’s my first child, so I’ve been very busy with studying child-rearing and making baby food. There are so many things I have to do. But all of my hard work goes to waste because of my mom. My mom goes, “My baby, let’s eat cookies.” “Yes, that’s my girl.” And I say, “Mom, she can’t eat things like that yet.” (I see what the problem is.) “Do you want some of this whipped cream cake?” “My gosh, I see that you’re loving it.” “Mom, I told you not to give her that. Please!” Then she goes, “It’s fine.” “You even ate pebbles when you were a kid.” Gosh, that’s pretty serious. My mom gives my daughter everything adults eat, and it seriously drives me crazy. There’s more. I’d hear, “Let’s eat, my baby.” “Mom, you can’t use your spoon to feed her.” “She can get bacteria like Helicobacter pylori.” Then she says, “It’s fine.” “You even ate dirt when you were growing up.” I constantly argue with my mom about how to raise her. I’m always so stressed out, but my mom doesn’t even worry. My mom is so set in her ways. Please help her change. (Mom, I want to raise my baby my way.) I know that many people – It’s very common. / – are worried about this issue. – There are conflicts. / – Things have changed so much. Things are very different nowadays. She’s stressed out from the different views she and her mom have on child-rearing. Please come on out! (Who is the woman stressed out because of her mom?) Hello (Han Jungmin) (Welcome to the show.) Do you currently live with your mom? We don’t live together, but she lives – about five minutes away. / – By foot? – That’s very close. / – It takes ten minutes by foot. Whenever I visit her, I get so stressed out from trying to stop her. – Is that baby your daughter? / – Yes, she is. – She’s adorable. / – She keeps munching on something. My gosh, she’s so cute. – I want to feed her too. / – Oh, my. Look at her. She’s eating nonstop. Yes, hello. Look at her. She’s eating nonstop. (She almost gave us a heart attack.) – You’re on television now. / – She’s so cute. She’s pointing her finger at herself. (She looks very curious.) – My gosh. / – How adorable. I think I can understand her grandma. Look at her now. – Exactly. / – What’s she eating now? – She’s so cute. / – Is it her finger? – Organic cookies. / – I see, organic cookies. – How cute. / – There are many tastier things. – Let’s meet her in a bit. / – She’s so adorable. How bad is your mom? It sounds like things get tense at times when you try to stop her. She’s my first baby, and I have my own rules which I try my best to follow. – I want to feed her seasonal produce, / – Right. and I make her food myself. I make all the baby food she eats, but my mom… One day, my husband and I stepped out to get coffee. When we got back, she said Hasun likes banana cookies. Those cookies are so sweet. – They are. / – They’re very sweet. – It’s full of sugar. / – It’s for adults, you know. – It melts in your mouth. / – It does. It melts right away, but it’s so sweet. We recently threw a birthday party – for Hasun, / – I see. and I saw a photo of her holding a piece of cake. – The cake was already in her hand. / – She got – a taste of it. / – My father-in-law also saw my mom constantly feeding her buffet food. Did she give her raw beef? No way. But it’s not like eating a few banana cookies will make your baby sick or anything like that. Don’t you think you’re being overly sensitive? I also work at the moment. – I spend a couple of hours to make / – In advance? about four days’ worth of food for Hasun. Once you start giving her sweets, she’ll – She won’t eat her food. / – get used to it. – Right. / – She won’t eat her food? – No, she’ll just spit it out. / – My gosh. – She’ll spit it out. / – Their tongues do this. (Babies use their tongues to refuse to eat their food.) – She must love food. / – Yes, she does. – She keeps on eating nonstop. / – She’s so adorable. – She doesn’t stop. / – She’s eating organic cookies. – She’s so cute. / – She’s such a pretty baby. I’m sure you’ve tried talking to your mom and told her that you want to give Hasun organic food. Does it not get through to her at all? Once, I got angry at her and said it to her – very directly. / – I see. How did she react? She just said that I used to eat dirt when I was a kid. She even said that I drank water from a toilet. You must have a very strong stomach. You drank from a toilet? Kids didn’t drink toilet water even back in my days. That’s unheard of. (That’s crazy!) – There’s this herb tea my aunts brewed. / – Herb tea? Yes. I had no idea what kinds of herbs were brewed, – but my mom gave it to Hasun. / – Seriously? – That’s problematic. / – I don’t know what it has. What if it has herbs that aren’t good for her? I check the ingredients even when I buy wet wipes. – Right. / – I take things like that seriously. My mom has wet wipes which she uses for cleaning, and she wipes Hasun’s mouth with it. She uses cleaning wipes? – Cleaning wipes? / – That’s why I… (How can she use cleaning wipes on a baby?) You’re lying, right? – I’m serious. I don’t get it. / – What else? I’m currently trying to wean her from breastfeeding. – It’s a very difficult process. / – Right. When I asked a pediatrician, I was told that I shouldn’t give in even if Hasun cries for a couple of weeks. I really tried to stop breastfeeding, but my mom got mad when Hasun was crying. She went on about how she breastfed my sister – for two to three years. / – Three years? She kept pestering me to just breastfeed Hasun, so I couldn’t be as determined as I wanted to be. All right, then. Let’s meet your mom now. – Hello. / – Hello, everyone. – Nice to meet you. / – She looks so young. Ma’am, you look very young. Did Jungmin really eat dirt and drink toilet water? Why did you let your daughter drink toilet water? – Was it an exaggeration? / – My kids were playing with a toy cup. The bathroom door was open, and they just didn’t know. – Did they scoop it like this? / – Yes. – And they drank it. It was summer. / – I see. (Oh, my goodness.) – So she actually drank toilet water. / – She did. That shows you didn’t pay much attention to her. – She was fine, though. / – Right. – But still… / – Things are very different nowadays. Did you know that Jungmin was this stressed? Yes. I think moms these days are peculiar. They think very differently from moms in my generation. It’s not like I give Hasun inedible things. – So… / – Why did you give her the herbal medicine? It’s herbal tea. I diluted it before giving it to her. She seemed thirsty from eating too many cookies, so… – What kind of herbs did it have? / – It had fruit from Japanese raisin trees and… – That’s good for people who drink a lot. / – Yes. We drink it often. – We brew the tea every day. / – What else? What was it called? Via… – What? / – Yes. – Do you mean Viagra? / – No, it’s… – What did you say? / – “Via”? Is it Graviola? – It had leaves from those trees. / – I see, Graviola. Giving her food or sweets is okay, – but herbal tea is… / – Exactly. – It can burden the liver. / – You have to be careful. – You diluted it, so… / – I admit it was my mistake, but I just gave her a little bit. You didn’t give it to her after that, right? – I’ll never give it to her again. / – I’m curious. – Your daughter hates it so much. / – Yes. Is there a specific reason you keep doing it? Hasun is so cute. I adore her so much. I’m sure Jungmin leaves you with baby food for Hasun. She doesn’t like it. She only eats a third of it. It’s because you give her too many tasty things. – I can’t deny that. / – Jungmin says that you give her way too much baby food. I just keep feeding her. – She’s so cute. / – Is that why you keep feeding her? Ma’am, please be honest with us. Have you given her anything else? – It’s just between you and us. / – All right. – Please tell us. / – Jungmin can’t hear you now. Once, I made rice for myself, and it turned out so well. I gave about half a bowl of it to Hasun. – Half a bowl? / – You gave her rice. – White rice? / – Yes. – You gave her half a bowl? / – Yes. She loved it. – She’s a glutton. / – I never told my daughter. Did you give her side dishes too? No, I couldn’t. I wanted to give her kimchi, though. – Kimchi? / – I could rinse kimchi in water for her. – Soybean paste stew and… / – Soybean paste stew? (You’re giving me a headache.) No, I haven’t given those dishes to her, but I’d like to give it a try. She wants to give it a try. What did you give her at the buffet? The whipped cream cake they had looked so delicious. I wanted Hasun to try it, so I gave her a teaspoonful of it. But my in-laws saw it and said, “Gosh, Hasun can’t eat that.” – Your in-laws saw it. / – Then my daughter called me at work a few days later and asked me why I gave her cake. She was so mad. I keep giving Hasun food because she’s so adorable. I was so angry that day. I wanted to leave work and just grab my daughter by her hair. I was furious. It’s not like the cake is inedible. – She must’ve hurt your feelings. / – She also – called you a few days later about it. / – Exactly. Isn’t she outspoken because she takes after you? Oh, that’s possible. People say that I’m outspoken. I have a bit of a temper. – But when it comes to breastfeeding, / – Right. shouldn’t you respect what Jungmin wants to do? I think people worry too much about theories nowadays. It says that moms should stop breastfeeding in half a year as breast milk loses nutritional value. – Right, they say it has no nutrients. / – Yes. But I don’t want her to stop. How much longer do you want her to do it, then? I want her to keep doing it. – Until Hasun is five? / – I breastfed my kids – Until it dries out? / – for three years. I want her to do it until Hasun goes to daycare. That will be so hard for Jungmin. When do you think she is too overly sensitive? When I get home, they’re already at my place. She drags me to the bathroom, gives me soap, – and tells me to wash my hands. / – Right. After that, she drags me to my room and tells me to get changed. After I get changed, she makes me wash my hands again. Only then, she can relax and tells me that I can touch my granddaughter. I think she’s too peculiar. – That is a bit too much. / – I agree. It sounds like she has been bottling up – a lot inside. / – Tell us if there are other things. I think that she’s overly protective of Hasun. When she talks to Hasun, she goes, “Please come here.” “Please eat this.” She talks too politely to her. It frustrates me and… So she’s that polite when she talks to her baby. – How does she talk to you? / – Not like that. “Come here, mom.” “Mom, eat this.” I can understand why her feelings are hurt. She should be polite with you too. I’m not a fan of being too polite with family members. – A certain level of comfort… / – She’s not a fan. – She’s not a fan. / – She’s right. Let’s talk to her son-in-law. Are you also worried about this issue? Yes, it is a big worry. Hasun is our first child, so we’re studying child-rearing and taking our time to learn how to raise her best. We’d like her to be more understanding of our approach, but she’s not willing to change, so it worries me. What causes the most trouble in your opinion? Once, Hasun and I visited my wife’s parents alone. My mother-in-law gets more comfortable when my wife isn’t around. That day, she gave her rice in front of me… – Rice? / – A full bowl of rice? – She gave her half a bowl of rice. / – That’s a lot. – That’s so much food. / – Then she held side dishes like kimchi in front of Hasun’s mouth. So she kept trying. “Eat it if you want to.” – Side dishes like kimchi? / – Yes. – She rinsed it, right? / – She said she rinsed it, but she actually didn’t. Seriously? With all the spicy sauce? What else? We put Hasun’s spoon in a baby bottle sterilizer before we feed her at home. – Just her spoon, right? / – That’s right. But my mother-in-law just uses her spoon when she feeds Hasun. I can’t say anything to her as I don’t want to be rude. I usually just tell my wife on her when I get home. – You tell on her. / – Your mother-in-law looks upset. You didn’t know any of this, did you? – No. / – Right? Why didn’t you tell me? – He’s too timid. / – He couldn’t say it. He didn’t want to be disrespectful. Why did you lie, though? You said you rinsed kimchi, but your son-in-law said you didn’t. You shouldn’t say that here. She said, “You shouldn’t say that here.” – Jungmin will scold me. / – That was too much, ma’am. – She’s so witty. / – Babies shouldn’t eat spicy things. Why did you give it to her? I wanted her to get used to it quickly. – But… / – That’s hilarious. Why does she have to get used to it quickly? I started giving my kids rice when they were about six months old. I just thought of it and wanted Hasun to learn how to eat regular food, but my daughter is too fussy. We’re so different. They don’t like that you use your spoon to feed her. I’m very clean. It’s very hard – for them to find common ground. / – Totally. Moms used to chew food before giving it – That’s right. / – to their babies. However, their approach is the norm nowadays. That’s what everyone does, so you should accept it. What else did she do that was too much? She’s very mischievous. There’s a table in the living room. I tell her to keep the baby safe or put the table away, but she puts the baby on the table. She supports the baby’s bottom as she climbs up. – To help her up? / – To teach it. Yes. When the baby claps, she doesn’t hold her. It’s like a baby boot camp. What if the baby falls over or off the table? One day, she left the baby there with some food – and the table flipped. / – With the food? – My daughter got a bruise. / – My goodness. – Oh, dear. / – My daughter cried so much that I actually thought about not visiting anymore. – Or take a break. / – Was it that bad? We live so close. It’s only a five-minute travel. Your mom’s looking more displeased. – Gradually. / – How do you feel? – You react right away. / – She doesn’t need to visit. – What? / – Gosh. Are you upset? I’m not. – I… / – You’re upset. – I’m a bit upset. / – Okay. Why did you put the baby on the table? – That’s dangerous. / – It’s not safe. Kids these days need to get used to being on stage. (What is she talking about?) – Is the table a stage? / – It is. She dances and plays on the table, and it’s adorable. But she fell off of it once. She did and I felt terrible when that happened. But as soon as she stopped crying, I put her back up there. But why? It’s for her to get used to being on stage. To what stage? Will she be a celebrity? – Something like that. / – What? (What are you saying, Mom?) She’s just a baby. I’ll teach her music when she’s old enough. What she just said made things a bit more serious. She might interfere with the child’s education. She wants to teach her music. – To sing. / – That’s a worry. I think you’re a bit playful and mischievous. I am. I’m a bit like the comedian Kim Junho. – Kim Junho? / – Yes. I improvise – and prank people. / – Do you improvise? (Comedy flows in her veins) She improvises. My friends refuse to meet up unless I’m present. – Your mom… / – She’s an entertainer. – She must be funny. / – She’s a lot of fun. – She is. / – I think she has to do what she wants. – That’s right. / – Right? She doesn’t care about other people. My in-laws always ask us in advance if we’re free on a certain day to do something. It’s so considerate. My mom’s never like that. She says, “What are you doing? Come over.” – It’s like that. / – Does she say that? She’s stubborn. On a holiday, she sends a present – to my in-laws. / – Your mom does? – Yes. / – That’s good. My husband and I were already at our in-laws’ and she called to tell us to pick up their present. – I said I couldn’t. / – You were already there. – It’s a waste of time to make the trip. / – Of course. – She couldn’t stand that. / – Did she come by? – Yes, in my brother’s car. / – Really? She came over just to give them the present and my husband’s parents were so confused. They came outside to say hi. My mom is so direct and stubborn. She’s like a tank. – My husband… / – There’s a time for everything. It’s over once the time passes. There’s no point in having regrets. I’m quite impressed, though. – It’s not easy to visit your in-laws. / – It’s not. – To just show up. / – That’s right. – The in-laws / – It’s awkward. will have to come outside to greet her. Did your mom come inside? “I might as well stay and taste the food.” – Did she? / – I’m not a nuisance. She stayed for a short chat and to see the baby. I’ll ask the mother-in-law. – It’s uncomfortable. / – How did you feel when she showed up with the gift? I felt awkward. Right? – I have to return the favor. / – Right. That’s somewhat a burden. Would you rather not receive and not give any gifts? (She can’t say so in person.) Should we add that to the anti-bribery law? No gifts from in-laws? It would be nice to stop giving and receiving gifts – after a few years. / – That’s true. It’s not a present if it becomes a burden. As the son-in-law of a woman with a fiery temper, – were there any incidents? / – I bet there were. – I dated my wife for seven years. / – That long? That’s long. We’ve been married for three years, so I’ve known my mother-in-law for ten years. How many stories do you think I have to tell? Let’s hear a few. This sounds like fun. It’s ten years’ worth of stories. She visits our home without prior notice. That’s dangerous. It’s perplexing. Once, I was with a friend of mine – and she came over. / – Does she know the passcode? She doesn’t. She came and banged on the door. We weren’t expecting anyone, so we went out and found her. Both my friend and I were flustered. They could make another grandchild. Not with a friend. Sorry. – That’s not what friends are for. / – What was that? (At least you tried.) With friends, you create friendships. I wanted to see my granddaughter and buy something tasty for my son-in-law. I had no idea he had company. What did you say when you saw – the friend? / – “You’re with a friend.” “He’s so cute. He’s handsome.” – He was handsome. / – “You’re with a friend.” I shook the friend’s hand and told him to visit often. You improvised. Did you feel bad – for intruding? / – Not at all. You heard what we think. Don’t you think you’re too one-sided? I know I am but I just visit. – Do you? / – I just show up. Some moms get upset about not knowing the passcode. I don’t need to know that. Why don’t you? I think that’s rude. What about sudden visits? (Do you think sudden visits aren’t rude?) You don’t make sense. – Ringing the doorbell / – She just shows up. – and pressing the passcode… / – Are they different? Yes. She’s drawing the line there. Your mom seems to be a quite stubborn. Was that ever a concern? Last year she had surgery for liver cancer. Oh, dear. – She… / – Was the cancer pretty advanced? It had gone so far that the doctor had said she had three months to live. – So she… / – She looks fine now. She tried to deal with the issue alone but the hospital needed our consent. She went to my older sister who told me and I found out. – I cried so much. / – Oh, dear. Fortunately, I have a younger brother – and he donated his liver. / – Was it a match? – Yes. / – That’s a relief. – That’s great. / – The surgery went well. My mom is now back to being her fiery, mischievous self. – She works. / – She still works. She can’t take medicine when she’s sick. It’s because of the surgery. – She can’t take medicine. / – She has to fight it off. That’s a huge worry. If she eats anything greasy, she craves for kimchi. She likes spicy food. I want her to cut down on spicy food or junk food… – To watch what she eats. / – She should. – She doesn’t care. / – And take breaks. Your mom’s a lot like a guy. – Instead of telling you… / – Right. She went to the hospital alone and tried to take care of the matter. – She’s strong. / – Ma’am. You do whatever you think you should right away. Is it because you think you won’t have another chance? (What?) When you – do things right away. / – Yes. – You just do it. / – Yes. – Is you being sick the reason? / – Right now, I got a live a new life. No one knows what will happen, so I try not to miss any opportunities. You got – another precious chance at life. / – Yes. Shouldn’t you cherish it and look after yourself? – We’re worried. / – Right now, I’m taking what the doctor prescribed and I do as I’m told. – You eat hamburgers. / – Also kimchi. How can you not eat what’s in front of you? Do you work because you want to? – Yes. / – Do your children want you to take care of yourself? – I shouldn’t work. / – Why do you work, then? I can’t work when I’m older, so I’m doing what I can now. Fatigue damages the liver more than alcohol. – Stress. / – Don’t tire yourself out. I love to go out and move about so I’d rather work than wander around. That’s my concept. – Is it a concept? / – That’s her plan. It’s better than being unproductive. What do you want from your daughter? Their daughter is still young so I’d like her to make me another grandchild. To raise them together? It’s much easier and cheaper that way. That’s why you shouldn’t make sudden visits. Don’t knock. I went during the day, not at night. – Day or night. / – Things happen all the time. (What’s the difference?) – Day or night. / – Be careful. You said everything I wanted to. (Taejoon’s learning a lot of X-rated stuff.) Do you want to have another child? I’m considering it but my husband’s against the idea. – Why? / – Why? I don’t get to spend any time alone with my wife because her mom can’t babysit. If we manage to sort things out today, another child might come along naturally. You don’t get any alone time? Oh, dear. You can make the time. Why is he so negative? – It’s not hard. / – It’s possible. How many hours do you need? Make the time. (Stop it.) If that’s what you want, do what your daughter wants. – Then they’ll have another baby. / – Right. If you do what you want, they won’t. They won’t trust you with anything. They don’t trust you with Hasun. I won’t be like that from now on. She’s upset. She’s quick to apologize. She’s upset. It’s for the sake of another grandchild. Bring Hasun over. I see that it’s not just about what she feeds Hasun. Your mom’s personality is what stresses you out. – Yes. / – Right. When you and your mom try to talk, can you keep a civil conversation going? No. – She only says what she wants. / – That’s it. – There’s no negotiating. / – Speak up. Speak your mind. I’d like you to hold yourself back a bit and not put Hasun on high or dangerous surfaces. I also want you to take better care of your health. Thanks. The guests will vote first. – This is a worry. / – Okay. She’s a bit like my mom. – Is she? / – Yes. She has to do things fast and she’s fiery. I get frustrated when I try to talk to her. Not just for the baby’s sake, but for your own health, you should try to calm down. – That will help you heal. / – I agree. You should learn to relax and take things easy. I think your daughter would be worried. – I also think this is a worry. / – Ayoung, too. You’re really cool and outgoing. You just said you’d change so they can bring Hasun. I have a feeling you’ll forget about that and this will continue. If you think the daughter has a worry, press your buttons. (What does the audience think?) Is she a dangerous mom? – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. Stop! Say something to your daughter. Jungmin, I won’t be like that from now on. I’ll watch what I feed Hasun, so come by often. I’ll do everything you want me to. Don’t worry. – Why can’t I believe her? / – Exactly. – I don’t believe her. / – She’ll go right back. – She’s cheeky. / – That’s improvisation. Do you believe the mom? – No. / – No. Her mom… – She’ll manage. / – Trust me now. Have some trust in her. (I’ll try hard.) Let’s see the result. How many votes? It’s over 100. The first story got 88 votes. How many? 130 votes. (130 votes) Thanks for coming. Strange things happen in this household. Hello. I’m a housewife from Daegu and I’m in my 40s. In my house lives a ghost who comes and goes without a sound. The ghost comes in the early morning when I’m asleep and then disappears without a sound. Once, I woke up during the night to go to the bathroom. – “My gosh!” / – You scared me. The 188cm-tall ghost dressed in black – Gong Yoo? / – who is 23-year-old (Is it Gong Yoo? Lee Dongwook?) is my son. What? Her son? He’s never at home and comes and goes at odd times. “Do you know what time it is?” “It’s 3 a.m. Where are you?” “I’m right outside. I’ll be right back.” That’s more like a husband. (You sound like the husband.) It should be the mom and her son. Try again. Cue. “I’m right outside.” (Dongyeop fails at dialects.) “I’ll be right back.” (Poor Dongyeop isn’t so strong with dialects.) “Were we just robbed?” What? My son had come in at night, made a mess of his room and left again leaving the front door wide open. – Was he drunk? / – I’d love to ask why he did that, but I never see him. – She never gets a chance. / – I can’t talk to him. What does he do when he’s out? My son’s practically a ghost. Can you all teach him a lesson? (Come back home.) The son’s in the audience and we can ask him – a few questions. / – Right away. – We’ll get right to it. / – We understand. We were like that too. Why do you think he’s like that? I don’t know. What? She knows. You’re laughing because you know. It’s just so funny. Do you understand the 23-year-old guy? I think I do. He’d rather be out having fun. Home is good but it depends on whose home it is. Whose home did you go to? I stayed at various houses. – Various houses? / – Here and there? – He was addicted. / – You’ll be gone soon. (Goodbye.) – Bye. / – Be nice to him while he’s here. – I stayed with friends. / – Send him off safely. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue. Let’s meet the person who wrote in. (Who’s the mom who’s worried about her wayward son?) (Lee Hyanggeum) (Hello.) Careful. Considering that you’re both here today, he must have come home since he wrote the note. I can’t say he came back and I can’t say he didn’t. He left a note while I was asleep one night. “Mom, your son” “is going out for a while. See you in our dreams.” He was out for a few days. I can’t even tell when he came back. – I wonder if he uses a rope. / – Is he that stealthy? That’s how suspicious I am. He came in the morning. – I’m up waiting in the morning. / – She stands guard. – Really? / – Until what time? Me? I once waited up until 5 a.m. – He came home at 6 a.m., then. / – Yes, at 6 a.m. The thing is, I manage to stay up all night. Just when I doze off, he comes and goes to bed. I waited for hours. It’s tough on him too. When was the last time you saw him awake? – That’s funny. / – I hadn’t seen him in five days. We met right here. – She met him here. / – We met up. Do you have a question? – Choa… / – Listen to me. Forget the questions. – Forget the questions. / – Listen. One day I got sick. – Who got sick? / – Just listen. My son had come home early that day so I told him to sleep well and checked on him too. I went to bed but I woke up during the night to go to the toilet and I felt this urge to check on him again. He had disappeared. The number of times I get to see him in a week… It would be easier to meet the President. “Will you be going out tonight?” “Of course I will, dad.” I get angry and curse him, and he brushes it off and teases me. When I scream, he tells me to calm down and sleep, so he can go out. She’s a better improviser. (She isn’t bad.) What does he do when he’s out? (What does he do when he’s out?) I’m here to find out. (We need wisdom, not knowledge.) – Don’t you know? / – I don’t. – Ma’am. / – I begged him – to tell me. / – What do you think he does? – Make a guess. / – Guess? – He has fun. / – What? I know he has fun, but what I want to know is why does he go out every night? Don’t take it out on us. You kept asking if I know anything. Why worry? He’s an adult. – No. / – He’s a man now. Do you fear for his safety or about women issues? – He might do something bad. / – Like what? Steal from others? (Are you afraid he might steal?) As his mom, she’s reluctant to say what she’s thinking, but she’s getting ideas. – What if he brings home a child? / – A baby. Did that thought come to mind? Say something. (The talkative woman becomes suddenly silent.) It looked like a scene from a drama. “What if he brings home a child?” She just hung her head. – What if he brings home… / – A baby. (Did you just mention a baby?) Is he that handsome? They say he looks like a celebrity. Who? – Like… / – Song Joongki? Gong Yoo? No, Hyunbin. – Hyunbin? / – What? I don’t see a Hyunbin look-alike. He may not look like Hyunbin – but his aura does. / – His build? Park Hyunbin? Hyunbin! (She’s hilarious.) Okay. Let’s meet the son. I think I know what he’s up to. – Hello. / – Hello. (He’s the ghost-like son.) How tall are you? – Stand up. / – 188cm. – 188cm? / – Stand up for us. (He’s tall.) Turn around on the spot. He looks good. (He looks like a model.) Do you have a funeral to go to after this? – Don’t say that. / – He’s dressed in black. (Where will he go later?) Where do you go? – Sometimes I go clubbing. / – Right. – Or meet my girlfriend. / – Okay. – Or go for a drink. / – Or drink. You see? He does all three. She’s in shock. He’s telling you everything. How does it make you feel? – She’s upset. / – She’s devastated. So many thoughts are crossing my mind. I didn’t think he was that kind of a boy. What did you think he was like? He was a good boy. He was a devoted son. He always does as I say and he says yes if I ask him to go out with me. He would cling to me and say – he liked me. / – Is that what you want? It’s not what I want, but that’s what he was like. These days, he’s always out and… Going to clubs doesn’t mean that he isn’t a good son. It bothers me because he’s out every night. Does he meet his girlfriend every night? If he does, then fine. What do they get up to all night long? (What?) Ma’am. Do you really want me to answer that? Tell her. (Calm down, ma’am.) Can’t you tell your mom? – Why do you sneak out? / – Yes, why? As soon as I tell her, she starts to nag. I sneak out just so I can avoid that or I just don’t come home. Do you wait until she falls asleep to come home? As soon as the lights go out, I run inside. – Do you wait outside? / – Yes. (She finally found out.) – Did you not know that he drinks? / – I didn’t. I guess he drinks a little bit, but he can’t drink too much. Hang on. Let me ask him. How much alcohol can you drink? I can tolerate between 1.5 to 2 bottles of soju. – He’s strong. / – He can drink a lot. Even a glass or two of soju turns him red. – He’s just red. / – He drinks soju with blushed face. – He’s drinking while blushing. / – So I said, “Don’t drink, as your face turns red.” He replied, “Mom, I don’t drink alcohol outside.” Are you shocked about his tolerance to alcohol? Yes. How much alcohol can you take? I can’t drink alcohol at all. – Really? / – I only drink beer. (I love beer.) Isn’t beer alcohol, though? What if you drink a whole box of it? Her ad-libs are more shocking. I think it’ll be tough to go out like that. – You must sleep, recharge your energy, / – All week. and go out afterwards, don’t you think? I don’t go out every night for a whole week. I only go out for about four to five times a week. – That’s a lot. / – That’s out of seven days. I rest at home for about twice a week. – You rest and go out again. / – Rest, my foot. Your mother said that what you just said isn’t true. – You went out on weekends. / – “Rest, my foot.” What’s the truth, ma’am? Since I persistently told him to come home early, he came home one day. He was washing his face, so I thought he’d go to bed. I turned off all the lights to get ready for bed. Then, I heard the sound of the entrance door. I got up right away and chased after him. He was already going down the elevator. He said, “Bye, mom!” I had already changed into pajamas to go to bed, so I couldn’t even follow him outside. He came home at dawn again. Your son says he only goes out four times a week. He says that he rests at home twice a week. He’d come home those two days and go out again. That makes it almost every day. Yes. It’s every day. (He admits it right away.) At that age, guys think that there’s no point staying at home – when he can’t fall asleep. / – That’s right. He’s got friends to hang out with outside. – He needs to party. / – That’s right. We’ve lived apart since I was in sixth grade. As I was discharged from the army, we started living together. Have you lived apart? I lived in a residence because I played sports. Then, I went to a college in another town. I joined the army without a notice too. I only had a week until I joined. She tries to keep me in her arms out of love. That leash frustrates me so much. What sports did you play? I did soccer and swimming. – The residence… / – Your mom says that you used to cling to her and go to supermarkets. You used to be that kind of loving son. That’s only when I came home sometimes for a break. – Only those times. / – He’s used to living alone. I’ve always been alone all my life. (He’s comfortable living alone without interference.) We lived apart for 9 years, since he was in grade 6. So it’s been a year and a half since I lived with him after he was discharged from the army. Only his image from when he was young is left. I don’t know anything about his growth period. – Exactly. / – When he came home sometimes after playing sports, I did everything for him – because I found him pitiful. / – I see. I felt bad to see him tired. It made me sad. I’ve always felt that way, so I was hoping to live happily as a family once he was discharged from the army. I always had that idea in my mind. However, I got to learn about him as we lived. Meanwhile, he also learned about me. (The mom and the son had a lot of conflicts.) Why don’t we meet his friend to hear his objective opinion about the way he is among others? – Hello. / – Hello. (Let’s meet the son’s friend.) I guess that coat is a uniform. I guess that’s how everyone dresses nowadays. – “The Matrix” look. / – You make yourself look good. – He looks cool. / – Do you get why she’s worried? Yes, I do. It’s because I also played sports and lived in the dorm. Back then, our coaches exercised – strict control over us, / – I see. so he wasn’t like this. As he quit playing sports, he’s become a bit out of control. He’s like a bull on the loose. Do you think his mom is a bit obsessed with him? Yes. She does call him quite often. Does she call him often? Yes. Even when he’s with me, she nags a lot through texting. How often does your mom call you? She calls me five to six times in five minutes. When I’m drinking with my friends, sometimes I’d go home after getting my mom’s calls. Then, my friends would call me a mommy’s boy. At that age, guys hate being referred as a mommy’s boy so much. – That’s / – They really hate it. the worst. – I’m a man. / – You’re a man. You don’t have to go home. I feel embarrassed. It’s not cool. Hearing that I’m a mommy’s boy… I guess you do call your son often. Ma’am, stop looking at the floor. Are you all right? I can’t sleep when he goes out. When it’s around 3 a.m. to 4 a.m., I’d text him asking where he is, but he wouldn’t reply. – If he doesn’t reply, / – You get worried. – I become worried, so I call him. / – It worries you. – However, he doesn’t answer. / – He doesn’t answer. – Then, I worry if something’s happened. / – What if… “Did the police get him?” Why don’t you just answer her calls and tell her you’ll come home late? Isn’t that better? Sometimes, he replies. “Mom, I’m on my way. I’m right in front of the house.” – Then, I would wait. / – That’s right. However, that takes over one to two hours and gets me upset. (Why are you taking it out on me?) – Why take it out on me? / – It was his friend’s house. Do you have another child other than him? I have a little daughter. Let’s listen to her. – What a big age difference. / – Hello. – She’s so young. / – Hello. (She keeps her smile like Miss Korea.) How many years apart are you and your brother? 20… – What? / – 20 years? Are you 20 years younger than him? Are you three years old? – 16 years. / – 16 years of age difference. Does your brother go out often? He comes home and leaves again. Do you see him? (She nods.) Why doesn’t your mom see him, then? Do you hate that your brother comes home late? I don’t hate it. You don’t hate it. Your mom struggles, though. Don’t you hate it, then? – Mom’s struggle has nothing to do with me. / – Right. – That’s right. / – She’s unique. Does your mom struggle a lot because of your brother? – Yes. / – How much? – A lot. / – A lot. My daughter is on my side. Whenever I say something, my husband says, “Stop it. He doesn’t want to listen.” “Men need privacy.” He keeps on going. Then, my daughter would say, “Mom, you’re upset because of my brother, right?” She consoles me as she tells me, “I’ll write down” – “if he comes home late or not.” / – On a notebook? “I’ll show it to my brother.” After writing down for about three days, she showed it to him. He said, “You mustn’t do this. It’s bad.” How cute. – Her notebook… / – Why didn’t you record after three days? I forgot. – What did she say? / – “I forgot.” She’s so adorable. He always comes home late, so there’s nothing to write. – Since he comes late every night… / – That’s right. It wasn’t fun for her. You must find your little sister really cute. You kept your eyes fixed on her. (While his sister was answering,) (his eyes were fixed on her with a big smile.) – Is she cute? / – Yes. She’s so pretty. She’s so adorable. – She’s pretty, indeed. / – Then, come home often so you can see her and play together. – Does he play with you often? / – He does. On weekends, we go and play with his friends. – His friends? / – Does she play with them? When you meet his friends, what does your brother do? After he meets his friends, he takes me home. Then, he leaves again. Do you like any of his friends? – Yes. / – Which one? Tell me his name. – Her name is Jeongyoon. / – Is she a girl? My brother has a crush on her. Does your brother like her? Doesn’t she like him back? The three of us went to a coffee shop one day. My brother said, – “She’s mine.” That’s how I figured it out. / – Right. So the three of you were hanging out. Then, he suddenly told you to go home? What does she mean exactly? (It’s time you come up with an explanation now.) – I… / – It’s become more serious than we expected. Is she your current girlfriend? Yes, she is. Is it just you who has a crush on her? I like her more than she does, so my sister thought so upon hearing it. – Do you go out with her? / – You said, “She’s mine”? – That’s right. / – I wish you a happy relationship. Thank you. His mom is shocked. I think she knew about her. Ma’am, do you feel betrayed? Do you think it’s too early to be in a relationship? It’s not early, but the fact that he keeps going out every night to see his girlfriend, the fact that he comes home – late every day because of her… / – That idea… You think his girlfriend is the reason he comes late? Yes. It makes me upset. You were like that when you dated your husband before. When you missed him, you wanted to see him every day. It wasn’t like that. (She’s very firm.) We really wanted her husband to come today, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. To make up for that, we connected with him via phone. Let’s have an honest conversation with him. There may be something between the dad and the son. – That’s right. / – Hello. Hello. Sir, do you also not see your son often? No. I see him every 15 days, when I almost forget him. Aren’t you worried, sir? Since he played sports for a long time, I try to understand how he couldn’t go out often. – Since he didn’t go out… / – Before he gets married, he’ll party. Then, he must be faithful to his family. I only told him to go out and party until then. Besides, I trust him. Sir, do you think your wife is suppressing your son? What do you think? Your son feels frustrated. As a mother, she must be worried. In fact, he didn’t keep the promises he made with her. For example, we got him a car when he asked. When we got him that car, he promised that he’d only go out once a week. He broke that promise in three days only. When my wife delivered him, she put a lot of effort to get a son. I don’t think he lives up to her expectations. Since she’s very disappointed, she’s even – more upset. / – She’s very disappointed. I see. Being here today would be a chance for him to improve, so look forward to it. All right. Thank you. – Happy New Year, sir. / – Happy New Year. All right. Thank you. Did something happen in the past that made you this worried? About this time last year, he went out to see a friend with his sister in the car. They didn’t come home until late in the evening, so I kept worrying. My husband called and said that there was an accident. – Even his sister was there. / – The car was close to being scrapped. The front wheels were gone. – The airbags were deployed. / – It was a big accident. – I felt betrayed. I am / – You were disappointed. the mom who worries so much about him, yet I found out about the accident later on. I tell him every day, but he drives me to a corner – saying, “I can’t talk with you.” / – How upsetting. I didn’t tell my mom because she’s very imaginative. She watches television often. After watching a program on current affairs, if there’s something bad, she keeps comparing me. That’s why I end up not telling her. – He says that you’re imaginative. / – That’s right. As a mom, if a child keeps on not coming home, she has no choice but to imagine where her child is. That’s why it’s hard to leave your 23-year-old son alone even though you want to, right? I end up waiting for him all night without sleeping. Sometimes, after waiting all night, I’d take a sleeping pill to get some sleep. I often cry alone. – Son, / – Yes. did you know about your mom’s insomnia, her sleeping problems, and the fact that she takes sleeping pills? Yes, I did, but I didn’t know that she took pills and worried about me this much. I guess I need to answer her calls more often now. Not just that, you must go out less often. – I’ll cut… / – It’s way too serious. I’ll go out less often and make her not worry as much. Yes, even if you do go out… Do you feel pressured because of your mom? Is it true that she expected too much from you? I do things on my own. I’d like her to be less interested in me. – You want her to trust you. / – I wish she’d trust me. They need to come to an agreement. What do you think about his opinion? It’s been a year and a half since I lived with him. He’s returning to college in March, so he’ll go back to Suwon. Once he graduates, he’ll find a job. Then, he’ll get married. That means there won’t be much time for me to be with him. That’s why you’re more… He lived elsewhere when he was growing up. He’s been going out for a year and a half. All I want is to be with him and talk for a little while. – You’d like to make special memories. / – Exactly. – Even a meal together. / – I want to eat with him. You want to make food for him. However, he doesn’t understand that. When I tell him, he tells me that I’m too obsessed with him. He tells me how he feels pressured. I actually feel impatient. I get what you mean. I feel you. If you get married soon after dating someone, she’ll end up having no special memories with you. (As a mom, she’s upset to see time pass so quickly.) There are other people watching you now. Tell him about your wish for him. Even if you go out, I’d like you to come home by 2 a.m. Once you come home, don’t tease me and going out again. All right. Up until here. What time do you finish working? I finish working at 9:30 p.m. It finishes quite late. When you come home after work at 9:30 p.m… – It’s exactly 10 p.m. / – 10 p.m. If he finishes working at 9:30 p.m… His work finishes late. it’s like asking him to come home in four hours. All right, come home by 3 a.m., then. In fact, there’s no point in coming home by 3 a.m. Are you saying that he must come home in the morning? Why are you so mean to him? He’s not the one who goes out at night. What do you want me to do? Ma’am, calm down. (Why are you so mean to me?) There’s a huge difference between worrying while knowing your whereabouts and not. Can you keep that? Yes. I’ll keep in touch with my mom often as of now. I’ll come home early too. What do you think about coming home by 3 a.m.? Don’t say yes because of others. Be realistic. – That, too. / – Or suggest an idea that you will – come home by this time. / – Come home by 3 a.m. There’s a restriction. In a week, he’ll go out only twice or thrice. On other days, he’ll stay at home. Can’t you tell him that directly? Come home by 3 a.m., twice or thrice a week? What do you think about this? I’ll go out three to four times a week. If I’ll be late, I’ll call her in advance. I’ll put effort to go home by 3 a.m. from now on. Just don’t tease her when you go out again at night. Don’t say, “Bye, mom!” It makes her mad. Then, should I say, “I’m leaving”? (He’s just like me when I was young.) Lastly, say a few words to your son. Changhee. You think I’m obsessed with you, but that’s not an obsession. I just want to be with you, so please understand. If you keep the promise you’ve made here well enough, I’ll be able to sleep without taking pills. Please help me get a sound sleep. I beg of you. (Please understand me.) All right. Hyejeong, do you think it’s a worry or not? I don’t think it’s a worry. As of today, I think he’ll treat her better. I believe he’ll be a better son to his mother. I also don’t think it’s a worry. I get how she wants to be with her son, but she must understand how much he struggled from playing sports. As she respects his life, this issue will be resolved. I also don’t think it’s a worry because he said earlier that he didn’t know how much she worried. Since he figured it out today, he’ll behave better to make you not worry. – I get his point, and I get / – That’s right. why she’s upset even better. If you empathize with her, press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – All right. Lastly, say a few words to your mom. Mom, I didn’t know that you were this worried about me. After hearing your story, I realized how much you’ve worried about me. I’ll come home more often now. I’ll put effort to be with my family. – All right. / – Good. Let’s see how many votes she got. Show us the result. The current winner got 130 votes. (“A Ghost in the House”) (How many votes did she get?) I think she got over 100 votes. – How many votes did she get? / – 90… – 70 votes. / – 70 votes. Your son will change a lot as of now. – Thank you. / – Don’t worry so much. This story is called “The Way She Tortures Me”. Hello. I’m in my 20s. I find my house uncomfortable. She’s blunt about the way she refers to her home. She must hate it very much. I always walk on eggshells at home because of my sensitive sister who’s always on a diet. – My sister always says… / – “If I try to eat,” “please stop me. You must stop me no matter what.” As she asked, I’d tell her, “You’re on a diet.” “Did you finish 600g of pork neck alone?” (Is it zero calorie if it’s delicious?) – 600g is about four servings. / – It’s four servings. – 150g is 1 serving. / – It’s about 3.5 servings. “I endured so long. Why do you give me so much stress?” If I remain silent… “Hey, I told you to stop me.” – “Don’t you care even if I get fat?” / – How annoying. (How annoying.) When I skip a meal because I don’t feel like eating, “Sister, I really want to eat meat right now.” “Can you eat it for me instead?” “I don’t want to eat anything right now.” “Won’t you eat it for me?” “Don’t ever talk to me again!” I ended up eating until my stomach was upset. What’s that? Due to my sister who’s been on a diet for 16 years, I’ve also been worried for 16 years. Please set me free. (Please stop my sister.) I also made my sister eat the food I wanted to have. – Really? / – Yes. It’s because seeing others eat… As a vicarious satisfaction? – It makes me happy when I’m hungry. / – Right. I think women will empathize with me. – Even just smelling makes me feel good. / – Then, don’t you end up eating as well? No. You must restrain from eating, as you’re on a diet. That’s why you have no choice but to become sensitive. Do you show your irritation like her? I don’t think I showed my irritation. To overcome your hunger, you make your sister fat. Ayoung, how do you lose weight? When I exercise, I get more appetite. So I was the heaviest when I worked out the most. – Exercise made you eat more. / – Right. So I don’t exercise. I just starve myself. Kim Hyesoo has never exercised in her whole life. – Really? / – She doesn’t exercise to lose weight. – She controls her weight with what she eats. / – Yes. (Her secret is controlling the diet.) You won’t believe it, but I exercised until I lost my toenail. – She’s telling the truth. / – I’m telling the truth. – But… / – You can guess how much she eats. (This is her being in good shape.) She exercises unbelievably hard to keep that shape. He’s right. I gain weight easily. You look like you lost some weight. – It’s because she lost her toenail. / – Me? (She lost her toenail, not weight.) Let’s bring in the guest. Please come on out. (Who’s the girl with a weight-conscious sister?) (Ko Ara) (She’s really thin.) Has your sister really been on a diet for 16 years? My sister weighs about 82kg – right now. / – You didn’t have to reveal that. – She’s about 163cm tall. / – I see. Since middle school, she’s been going to oriental doctors and diet clinics. She’s been doing different exercises, too. She tried going to the gym, swimming, yoga, taekwondo, boxing, – dancing… / – Goodness. She sometimes eats one sweet potato for a whole day. – That’s too much. / – There are times when she only eats once in every eight hours. She’s trying so hard. Has she never been successful? You said she’s been on a diet for 16 years. – But if what you said is true / – Yes. – she must / – You can’t weigh more than 80kg – when you eat one potato a day. / – have succeeded. (Yeongja speaks from experience.) – That doesn’t make sense. / – Yes. Of course, she has succeeded. She once lost more than 10kg. There was a time when she lost almost 20kg. That took her six months to one year. But when she hits her goal weight, she thinks – she can eat again. / – She eats again. – She loses it. / – In one or two months, she gains it back. When she starts eating, she does grocery shopping. – How much does she spend? / – About 100 dollars. She gets 600g of pork belly, 600g of pork neck, tteokbokki, fried chicken, chocolate, ice cream, and – No way. / – chips. Then she eats them all in one day. (That’s one meal for her sister.) After eating those, she throws up and sleeps. – That’s exhausting. / – Her sister must feel bad. If she gets fat with her, she would feel not as bad. – Right. / – You’re thin, but she’s heavy. I think she would feel jealous as a girl. I’ve been on a diet too. That’s why I can understand her. But she tortures me. – She must be very grumpy. / – She’s angry. By ventilating her anger on the family, she feels bad, and she gets into fights with the family. Let’s meet her sister. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Do you understand what she’s worried about? She helps me a lot, so I was thankful to her. I never thought it would be tough for her. Ara must’ve never complained, I guess. – What’s your weight loss goal? / – I want to lose – a minimum of 10kg. / – Minimum of 10kg. When was the time you lost the most weight? It was when I weighed 67kg. – She’s beautiful. / – She was beautiful. (She was thin.) She looks lovely. Are there more? (She looks confident.) The one on the left is filtered. How did you feel when you lost 20kg? – You must’ve been very thrilled. / – I was thrilled. I bought clothes from a street shop for the first time. They all fit me well. I was so thrilled. – It was slightly big, too. / – Right. Why couldn’t you maintain that perfect weight? I wanted to be compensated for my hard work. – You wanted to give yourself a gift. / – Yes. But when I start eating, I can’t stop and I get out of control. You just need to maintain it. You have to eat slow. She doesn’t only go on a binge but also eats fast. When you eat fast, you don’t – feel full easily. / -You don’t get the signal. – Is that what happens to you? / – Yes. – Do you eat fast? / – Yes. How fast can you eat 600g of pork belly? – In 30 to 40 minutes. / – She’s slower than me. Can you finish 600g in that time? It takes exactly 25 minutes for me. How much have you eaten in a day? I once went to Busan. I ate for nine straight hours. – Is that without a break? / – Right. Didn’t you go to the bathroom? – How much did you eat then? / – Wait. – Stop. / – Yes, stop. I had pork gukbap upon arrival and drank coffee. I went to eat spicy tteokbokki – You need to eat that. / – and ate that. I had another cup of coffee and ate sashimi. – That’s Busan. / – Then, we went to a pub and ate fried ham. – Fried ham. / – Yes. It’s really delicious. We then ate beef… – It’s good even as it is. / – Beef salad. – It’s really good. / – It has to be good. After eating beef salad, we ate Nakgopsae. – Nakgopsae. / – We ate fried rice too. – Did you eat that? / – After that, we drank alcohol. Then, we went to Kkangtong Market – and ate multteok and bibim naengmyeon. / – In a day? – Then, we ate parfait. / – You ate parfait too. – We then ate nuts hotteok. / – It’s amazing – that she remembers everything. / – Hey. – Hey. / – She’s amazing. How can you memorize everything? We had a list of things to eat. – She wrote down what to eat. / – Right. She managed to eat them all. I can understand her love for food. But I don’t understand why she forces her sister to eat. She thinks you get vicarious satisfaction from it. Because I can’t eat, when my sister eats, I feel satisfied. I don’t feel sorry though. She eats well. Your sister says you eat well. We’re six years apart. – We’re six years apart. / – Please speak up a little. We’re six years apart. (There’s hair on her face.) She… (Sweet Taejoon takes care of it.) (I don’t want her to be uncomfortable.) Please fix her bangs too. (Her heart flutters.) Her heart is pounding. Please fix her bangs too. (There’s unexpected sweetness in the air.) (Look at these two.) (Chanwoo fixes her hair too.) Why are you doing this to me? (She hates it.) She said, “Why are you doing this to me?” (Oh, dear.) I was just being sweet. (I was too nervous.) She was in high school when I was in elementary school. I tried talking back and fighting, but I couldn’t do anything when she’s upset. She forces me to exercise with her. – She forces you to work out. / – Yes. – She forces you to work out. / – I’d hate that. She takes me to her yoga class. She has to go to work, so we have to leave for yoga class at 6 a.m. – Is that to go to yoga class? / – Yes. There’s no bus, so we walk 30 minutes to get there. Then, we do yoga for two hours. – You do it for two hours. / – It’s really boring. My shoulders got too big now. – You gained muscles. / – You made her a warrior. (It’s the reward of her hard work.) Usually, when a guest is worried, – people around the guest are also worried. / – Yes. – My mother is worried. / – Is she? She’s as worried as I am. – Is that right? / – Yes. I have three children. But we can’t eat together. Why can’t you eat together? What happens? She always gets too much rice, and her spoon is as big as a shovel. I’m sorry, dear. She’s very unmoved. I tell her, “Don’t scoop too much rice.” (Then, she gives her mother this look.) She does this. Then, she says I should stop stressing her out because it makes her eat more and get fatter. It’s not comfortable to eat with her. It not only destroyed our family’s harmony but also our family’s finance. She goes to all sorts of clinics to lose weight, and it all comes out of my pocket. – You pay for everything. / – I see. I’m on my own. So it was hard for me to raise three children. – It must’ve been tough. / – They’ve been students most of the time. She’s been on a diet for 16 years. Approximately how much did you spend on her? It would amount to more than 15,000 dollars. Yes, it would. You raised your three children alone. How did you manage to afford to pay everything? – I slept less than other people. / – Goodness. – I worked three jobs in a day. / – Oh, my. – She’s amazing. / – That’s how I managed. – I drove a motorcycle in snow during the winter. – You drove a motorcycle? – I delivered green vegetable juices. / – Goodness. (She’s done everything for her children.) You should’ve understood the financial struggle. Why did you burden your mother so much? I don’t spend money on other things. I’m thrifty. I know that she’s working hard to help me. So I make the most out of every exercise session. You tried hard, but you gained your weight back. You say you try hard, but you keep repeating to lose weight and to gain weight. It must be very frustrating for your mom. Why don’t you eat what you want to eat and relax a bit to make yourself happier? Wouldn’t that be better for both you and your family? Don’t you think so? I’ve tried giving up. But something happened. Last year when I lost weight, I went on a blind date. I ended up dating the man I met on the blind date. While dating for two to three months, we ate a lot. I ended up gaining weight. Then, the guy said I didn’t look like a woman when I got fat. – Goodness. / – He said that. He neglected me. (Her boyfriend hurt her feelings.) Then, we broke up. – Going on dates makes you eat. / – But if he’s someone who talks to you like that whether you’re fat or not, you’re better off without him. So it turned out well for you. Are you losing weight to date someone then? I wouldn’t say it’s just to date someone. – But I can’t deny it either. / – Right. My friends get picked up – by their boyfriends after we hang out. / – Right. But I go home alone, and that makes me depressed. It sounds like it’s not as simple as just losing weight. For me, food isn’t something that fills my stomach. For me, food fills my soul. My mother never cooked for me. She was busy working. We only got to eat after we closed our store. When we finally ate, we got sleepy and went to bed. It was a vicious cycle. I want to hear more about her. – Yes. / – Like what Yeongja said, perhaps there’s a different reason for wanting to lose weight. My dad always bullied me that I’m fat. – Your dad did. / – Yes. When we were eating, he used to tell me not to eat. – How old were you? / – Since you were young. – Since I was in primary school. / – Right. – He yelled at me. / – He told you not to eat. He took my table away when I was eating. – Goodness. / – That’s sad. – That’s so sad. / – She has a deep resentment. Do you think that made you eat more? Yes. I eat when I’m stressed. Also, my dad used to adore my sister. – You have a feeling of loss. / – I do. I think I thought of food as a means to relieve stress. When I’m eating, I feel happy. – I see. / – Right. (Her self-esteem hit rock bottom at an early age.) (It made her obsessed about weight.) (She’s losing herself and her happiness.) Now that you’ve heard her, do you understand her better? Of course, I do. That’s why I always feel sorry for her and I can never get too upset at her. Because of that, I can’t be too strict with her. – Goodness. / – Tell us what you remember. What happened when she was eating? Tell us when you felt sorry for her. I was busy working, so she took care of her siblings. They were very young. She changed their diapers. – How lovely she is. / – To compensate her for that, I didn’t cook for her but I ordered food for her. – I bought her galbi and pizza. / – Right. – You fed her delivery food. / – Yes. She must’ve starved while babysitting all day. So she would eat the food and fall asleep right away. That made her gain all the weight. On top of that, her dad kept telling her that she’s fat and she should stop eating. You told her to stop eating when she got fat. Yes. (She blames herself for everything.) (Ara becomes emotional too.) It hurts me that my mom feels sorry for my sister. She worked three jobs, and she did everything to raise us well. But now… – I’m sorry. / – It’s okay. (She feels sorry and gets overwhelmed.) It’s sad to think about what she has gone through. – Yes. / – You feel sorry. You raised your daughters well. They’re lovely. – I know. They’re very good. / – Goodness. One time, she collapsed while riding her motorcycle because of overworking. Her face collapsed, and she got a big surgery for that. She really did her best. But she still blames herself – that everything is her fault. / – Right. I feel so sorry. (She’s sorry to her mom as her child.) It seems like weight isn’t the only problem here. It looks like the problem is more complex. Don’t you think it’s unfair that your family has to suffer because you want to lose weight? I think I expected them to understand. – You expected it. / – Yes. They’re my family. It’s actually very frustrating. I say this sometimes. You’re desperate to lose weight, but you can’t. You keep blaming it on others. You lack self-love. I hope you’ll love yourself a little more. This is a new year. It would be nice to change for the better. – I don’t want to hate myself anymore. / – Right. I want to lose weight to stop torturing myself. I want to be a lovely daughter to my mom and an awesome big sister to my sister. Do you hate yourself for being fat? I don’t look at the mirror. – Really? / – Yes. (Does she want to deny herself?) – She lacks self-esteem. / – You have to look. – You’re lovely. / – Only then you can lose weight. You have to look at yourself to be lovelier. Right now, you give up on yourself. The problem is your negative mindset. From what we heard, it sounds like her life is focused on only two things. – They’re losing weight and eating. / – That’s right. Are you interested in any other things? I never thought about anything else. (It’s not too late.) Since you’ve been watching her, you must have something to say about her talent. She must be good at something. She dances well. – Does she? / – She sings well too. – She must have a sense of rhythm. / – Yes. – Does she sing well too? / – She does. Because she’s the first child, she has leadership. She majored in hotel cooking. – Hotel cooking. / – She must cook well. She even cooks well. She’s really good at cooking. She cooked too much for herself. – Why… / – She’s good at many things. What do you think your daughter’s good at? She maintains good relationships with people. She doesn’t have many flaws other than being chubby. She is very pretty. – Her eyes are big. / – She’s cute. I want to tell her this. You can’t date anyone long without your own charms. It’s the same whether you meet a guy or friends. For other people to see your charms, – you can’t be too daunted. / – Of course. You have to be confident. Don’t meet a guy who talks nonsense. – There are many nice guys out there. / – Yes. They will surely approach you. – What do you think about Yeongja? / – Hey. There are a few celebrities I like. They are Lee Gukjoo and her, and she’s my favorite. She’s a confident fatty. (That’s a compliment, right?) That’s right. She’s right. – She’s CF. / – Confident fatty. I think she’s amazing for not getting daunted by her looks and staying confident. She expresses her opinion confidently. Where do you think she gets the confidence from? I’m not sure. Please teach me, Yeongja. Teach her where you get your confidence. I’ve always blamed everything on my fat body and my ugly looks. I also have that victim mentality. I blame myself. I felt like I was a frog trapped in the well. I was really surprised one time. There are heavy comedians like Kim Minkyoung and Gukjoo. I thought they’d never get to date guys. But they were dating two men at the same time. What are you talking about? – We don’t want to know. / – Right. I was really surprised. I thought men would see me as a woman if I weigh about 58kg. But that was my standard. The most important thing is destroying your thoughts. Losing weight is not the important thing here. – You have to destroy your thoughts first. / – Yes. Your thinking is wrong. Everything evolves around your weight right now. Will you always be the victim of the sense of shame your father has given you? Will you live the life your father created for you? No. We’re not minors anymore. You can plan your own life. You have to shape yourself. I think I have to do what you said. Of course. – Will you begin now? / – Yes. I won’t rely on my mom anymore. I’ll take care of my finances. This year, I’ll make sure to lose weight so that we get to go swimming together in summer. (We’ll cheer for you!) What do you want to say to your sister? It hurts me to watch you having no self-esteem. I hope this year you’ll grow to love yourself more. – and become more confident. / – Of course. Happy New Year. (We hope to see you on Hello News later.) Ayoung, tell us if it’s a worry or not. I think she’s not psychologically well. She’s too worn off inside. I think it would take time to cure that. I think you can find happiness elsewhere. – So it’s not a worry. / – No. If she changes her way of thinking, she will succeed her diet this year. So I don’t think it is a worry. Kim Heeae’s wish is to eat a whole chocolate pie. How many times did that wish come true for us? Think positively. If you sympathize with her worry, press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – All right. Let’s see how many votes she got. Please reveal the results. “The Way She Tortures Me”. What’s the last number? (The last number is eight.) Is it over 100? There are 200 people here. She got 88 votes. (88 votes) (I’m determined to change!) “My Dangerous Mother” is this week’s winner. We’ll give the winner a 1,000-dollar gift certificate. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Until the day we are all worry-free, Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. – Thank you! / – Thank you! (“Excuse Me” by AOA)


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