‘Head to Toe’ Bodyweight Workout (BUILDS MUSCLE & BURNS FAT!!)

Hey, you guys! Maybe you’re burned out on using weights
today. Here’s my full body bench workout. Hey, ladies. Some days I go in the gym and I’m like “Oh,
my gosh! I just cannot lift another weight. I feel a little burned out.” So, one day I thought “I need to try and
get creative with this bench.” I needed to change it up and keep my interest. Here are about five different exercises that
will pretty much hit your entire body. Here we go. That’s all you’re going to need; just
a bench. Okay, we’re going to start with step overs. You’re going to put your foot in the middle
of the bench, you’re going to step up on the bench, bring the foot off to the opposite
side. I want you to think about staying low. The whole idea is to stay low and go as quickly
as you can. With these you can do anywhere from 15 to
20 reps. If you want to hold a plate, or a dumbbell
you can. Even though we’re shunning the weights today. It really is a leg burner, just doing that. Obviously, we’d get on the other side and
do the same thing. Staying low. Getting a nice, isometric hold on that leg. Legs are woken up. Plyo pushups. Now we’re going to move to the upper body. Hands are going to be on the bench, legs out
straight. We’re going to try and get a little push
off the bench. You’re going to lower down, press up. Nice, tight core. Pressing through my shoulders and my back. Those are a little tougher. If you can only do 8 to 10, great. Try to shoot for 15. All right, heartrate has gone up. Now we’re going to hit abs. A little plyometric here. What you’re going to do is sit back, you’re
going to grab the bench like you’re doing a kick up for your core, you’re going to
roll back, doing an explosive jump. Here, pop up, and jump. And jump. So, with these, once again, 12 to 15. And pop. Next, we’re going to go into Froggers. Super great for working the glutes. You’re going to lie on the bench. You’re going to put your hand here, you’re
going to hold. Get the bottom of the bench, in the crack
where your leg bends at your hip. You’re going to bring your legs down, and
up. And up. Really squeezing the glutes at the top. Squeeze. And squeeze. Nice, little target of the glutes. Last, we’re going to work shoulders a little
more and abs. We’re going to do an L-sit. You’re going to sit on the edge of the bench. Hands are going to be here. We’re going to lift our weight up, trying
to hold our legs out straight for a count as long as you can. We’re going to lift our hips first, straighten,
relaxing through my shoulders, but really making those lower abs work. Count and hold as long as you can. Once you can’t hold anymore, I want you
to relax. Take a 10 second rest, then I want you to
go back up again. I want you to hold. Count for as long as you can and relax. I want you to do three to four sets of that. Once you’re done, you’re going to start
back over again. The goal is to do three or four rounds. Kind of fun, something different. We’re really hitting everything. We’re hitting shoulders, legs, core, back,
and chest. And we don’t have to lift a weight. That’s a great, little, recovery workout,
but it hits everything. Maybe you’re traveling and sometimes hotel
gyms are pretty bad. I’ve been to places where they literally
only had a bench. Hopefully this was helpful. I enjoyed doing it. It breaks up the monotony. Thanks for joining me today, you guys. Check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com. If you’re not following us on social media,
you really should. Facebook and Instagram. Find us there. Great stuff. Workouts almost daily, different exercises. Thanks for joining me and I’ll workout with
you guys soon.


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