Gym Workouts to Build Muscle (TRAIN TO MAXIMIZE YOUR FIBER TYPE!)

What’s up Champ! My name is Vince Del Monte
and in this video I want to talk to you about my newest workout program
to build muscle and to lose fat. Now in this video I’m not going to show you
anything. I just want to talk to you. So I want to tell you about what I’ve been
doing the last two years and as a fitness expert, you know the fitness
industry’s really changed over the last few years and the industry is very very
evolved and mature and it’s much more on the lookout for bullshit and for scams.
And I’ll be honest I’m getting really sick and tired of the amount of bullshit
programs that are coming out these days even within the circles that I run in
and it’s kind of embarrassing to see the amount of programs that come out that
just aren’t substantiated on any science. There’s no real-world evidence to
support it you would never actually see somebody train like this. I look at
programs and I’m like no one’s going to actually do this. This is a scam.
This is to promise something that can never be attainable. So ten years ago I came out
with my first muscle building program No Nonsense Muscle Building and for years,
I kid you not, for the last couple years it’s been about two three years, people
have asked me when are you coming out with No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0.
And I didn’t want to just put something out for the sake of putting it out frankly
I’m doing great life is awesome so you know I’m not strapped for cash or
anything so I don’t have to just put shit out there you know what I mean like
what a lot of other people have to do, and I wanted to really create something
that would be extremely helpful to anyone who wants to build muscle, lose
fat, increase testosterone, and the one topic that I never really seen anyone
cover and that I’ve always had a personal fascination with is training
for your primary muscle fiber type. Because I’ve been a long-distance runner,
so I’ve been I’ve been in the track scene so I’ve seen these different body
types develop based on different types of training. Even in the bodybuilding
world you’ll see certain guys who respond really well to certain types of
training and then other guys just respond really well to complete opposite
methods and what’s that all about? How are two guys achieving phenomenal
physiques doing completely two different approaches? It’s interesting. Right.
Have you ever thought about that? And it just begged the question, you know, what’s my
primary muscle fiber type because your fiber type is expressed based on your
genetics. It’s what you’ve been “coded”. It’s what your DNA is and you can’t change
your DNA. You have to work with it and if you start working against it you’re just
going to make your time in the gym harder. You’re going to spend way more
time than necessary and you’re just going to get frustrated. You’re going to
get what the heck am I doing? I’m doing all these different methods.
And the reason a lot of guys can’t build muscle and lose fat is because they’re not
training according to their primary muscle fiber type. Because what happens
is when you train according to your genetics, your body unlocks a certain
chemical. And I consider it the Male Master Chemical. It’s a just a cheesy
name I made up so don’t think too much about it. It’s a very powerful chemical
though. It’s not testosterone, it’s not growth hormone, and when you customize
your training to getting this chemical to work for you instead of against you,
you’re going to build muscle faster. You’re going to make your life so much
easier. So over the last two years I’ve really been experimenting with adapting
my training to my primary muscle fiber type and I’ve been getting a lot better
results. Safer results. A lot of people have been seeing my videos on gaining
with baby weights and like that doesn’t make sense? How could he make gains on
baby weights? It doesn’t make sense. Well if you understand what I’m talking about
here, it will make sense. I’m not pulling this shit out of my ass. Alright. You
guys are smart. You’re not stupid. You guys are intelligent people.
You understand that you can research anything quickly for yourself and see if
it’s bullshit. There’s tons of people in the scientific community that will smash
stuff if it doesn’t make sense. Alright. I’m very well in tune with
this so what I wanted to do was I wanted to help you build muscle, lose fat,
increase testosterone working with your body, not against your body.
So I created a short quiz and you can take this quiz right now. It’s free.
You just click that link above and they’ll help you figure out how to train based
on your primary muscle fiber type. It’ll actually tell you what your fiber type
is. Now this isn’t muscle biopsy testing. This isn’t gene testing where it’s going
to be extremely expensive. It’s not like a 1 rep max test. I’ve looked at all
these things and I’ve condensed it into one simple quiz. Okay. So I wanted something
practical that you could figure out right now and then you can get some
information on how to train Optimize your training.
Ttonight, in the gym. Like if you’re watching this at 12 in the
afternoon, you can do this later on tonight when you go to the gym. I’m going
to tell you what your fiber type is and that’s it. So fill that quiz out. You’ll
know your fiber type and you’re going to get some information on how to start
making your body work in favor of your genetics and not against your genetics.
Okay. If you’re watching this video on your cell phone no problem. Click the
first link in the description. You probably already noticed where’s the
link up there? There’s no link. The annotations only available if
you’re watching this on your desktop. So click the link below. It’ll take you to the
same quiz. Find out your muscle type and I hope the information you’ve discover
after that helps you get faster results training not just
harder but smarter. Smarter. Anybody can train hard. The key, the name of the game,
especially if you’re training naturally, especially if you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s,
is to Train Smarter. And that’s where you’re going to see a great return on
your investment. Alright thank you so much for watching this video and as
always I appreciate you. Leave your comments in the section below if you
want to tell me what you want me to cover next or if you have follow-up
questions to what we just discussed. I’d be happy to do that. Alright.
Have a good day. We’ll see you next time.


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