Gym Songs Motivation Tamil StandUp Comedy by Vignesh Vijayan – Fitness Trainer, Client expectations

Bodybuilder right !? How’s it possible? Come on tell me What’s the motivation?
What’s the motivation? What’s the motivation? For me exercise is not the only motivation. I watch Videos

[ Front row Girl doubt ah looking !!?!? ] er.. ah… “With dialogues” I don’t watch MUSIC videos. I watch only RAW workout videos. Before I go to Gym, I put on the hoodie, Wrap the gloves,
Shake the shaker hard with pre workout That video is combination of all.
Couple videos, partner workout and everything will be there. Men, Women, Girls, Boys [ Moaning sounds of Workout pain Playing ] 05 minutes Video.
[ Pre Workout Kicks In ] “What an intense video”
Watched the video. Closed the laptop and saw… My Mom & Dad were constantly looking at me
[ Right from the time Video started ] They thought I was watching PORN [ Moaning sounds of Workout pain ] When you don’t have a job and sitting in home You can clearly read their MIND VOICE My Mom: ” That’s it.” “Over Protective Mother” ” Immediately we need to fix marriage for him ” My Father’s Mind Voice was pathetic and worse. Looking at hoodie, Wrapped gloves, Shaking the shaker hard with pre workout Hey !?!? This is not the way to jerk off !! Is this the way you were getting Motivated all these years ?!?! Nooooo ! This is not what you think it is. This is WORKOUT VIDEO. That’s the time I decided… Only place I need to get motivation is in GYM.
Gym Songs! Gym Motivation Songs!! Gym is a vast area 2000/3000 sq.ft
Right place with good Audio systems around. But, that will never work out… Every Gym has this crazy culprit who is sitting in the FRONT DESK Whatever mood he is into that day, He’ll just IMPOSE on you. You could never guess
when he’s going to IMPOSE his feelings I’m that kind of a guy
who perform FULL BODY WORKOUT There are some guys especially few millennial kids [SPOTTED One Millenial Kid in Crowd
& Warned him by giving this advice] Train only 06 PACK and say,
“Bro! BODYBUILDING Brooo…” Nonsense fellow that’s not “Bodybuilding”
That is Body Part building You need to train every part of your body to become ‘BODYBUILDER’ I am a FAN of LEG Workouts On a very RARE occasion this FRONT DESK puts some good motivation Gym songs At one point of time he was playing this
“BILLA THEME MUSIC” That was such a coincidental motivation Not just Music Because I am performing weight training here &
THALA performing CARDIO in that movie Thala Walking in movie! Me Working out in Gym.
Whattey combination! Let’s do this dude! Let’s go for one more set.
MORE WEIGHTS [ MUSIC from MOUTH ] Oh no! Next song !?!? This crazy front desk fellow on of a sudden will get a MOOD SWING which I didn’t expect Dude! Definitely next song is gonna be a kick ass one Come On. Let’s do this…
01… 02… 03… Let’s GO! “Chalakku chalakku sarigha saela
Chalakku chalakku”
[ Movie: Sooriya Vamsam – FIRST NIGHT SONG ] Hold it !!! Hold it !!! Hold it !!!
I CAN’T CONTROL… Bloody Rascal…. “Chalakku Chalakku” huh ?!?!
I’m coming for you It’s 3000 sq.ft and I need to perform cardio inside gym On the way, I saw an aunty enjoying to that Music & performing Abdomen workout It was a perfect sync with the lyrics Adadaa halwaa thundu iduppu unn iduppu
Translation: “Damn Halwa piece waist is your waist” Thank God! That HINDI teacher didn’t know Tamil She was just enjoying the MUSIC “Kya SONG beta ?!?!” Trust me!
It’s better you not knowing the meaning of those lyrics. Because of this FRONT DESK fellows who are putting such songs, REVENUE & PROFIT were never achieved. Once in a blue moon there comes a good looking girl to enroll for an annual package Looking at this girl all guys were eagerly awaiting and lifted weights that they never touched till date The moment when she stepped inside this front desk got his mood swing turned ON “Vaadi pulla Vaadi Vaadi pulla Vaadi
unna mattum vachiruken nenjukulla”

Come Girl Come. Come Girl Come.
I have kept you inside my heart She came along with her FATHER This Gym is not suitable for you. Come let’s Go! Not only HINDI language IMPOSING
HINDI feelings Songs also IMPOSING If the Front Desk guy is in LOVE MOOD,
Nobody can control him There’s this SUPER HIT LOVE SONG But should be played at a right place. Not inside Gym. This front desk guy will change your motivational mindset to Love mood swings The LOVE SONG featuring
Shraddha kapoor & Aditya roy kapoor The song started like this,
“Enna Sona Kyun Rabb Ne Banaya”
Translation: Why God made/created You so beautiful? Hearing to this Front row guy already fell in LOVE But people inside Gym are even worse There was a girl working out in peace & this song plays The guy standing next thinks she is Shraddha kapoor. She’s some kapoor but assumes she’s Shraddha kapoor Either he should Sing or make love or workout. He does all together in a weird manner Yes! Here comes the music. Let me sing and impress her… “இன்னா சோனா ”
“Hey Sona!” Girl: “What !?!?”
Nonsense. Wasted such a lovely song. There are some guys who want everything quickly. Me being a Certified Personal trainer, they ask their doubts to me in a peculiar mannerism “Broo!” [ Impersonating millenials ] “What happened to you?!?!” That CHEST… That BICEPS… I want… No it’s mine. I will not give The behavioural pattern of these guys are so peculiar Event though we have a vast 4000-5000 sq.ft gym Without completing workout out they pick their protein drink Even though they have a separate space to go and drink or fill their supplement they won’t do that. He fills his protein drink. Holds his position in the center of the gym and starts shaking his protein drink. Worst-u Fellow.. We trainers and gym rats don’t mind & complete our set After 02 – 03 sets, Still he is shaking his protein drink “Brooo!” What ?!?! How’s it going bro?! That you should only tell you worst-u fellow… He wants everything quickly Bro ?! Ok. Please tell me what you want ? When will it get ready? This is not a Mechanic shed or Car wash !!? No no. Just tell me when will i get ready ? I’m a certified personal trainer. I should educate him Called him by my side and advised him the brutal truth This is Human Body… It will take time… This is what ?! “Human Body” It’ll take time… This is not like our Chief Minister – ‘Edappadi’
who became CM in one day. In this generation gap most of the guys who come to the gym will be the HASHTAG maniacs Bro!…’CURLS FOR GIRLS ‘ brooo… Which girl told you that ?! Just tell me which girl told you that. Are you going to greet her like this ?!?! Of course, Girls will not be like, Hey hi da Vicky! What’s your Biceps inch ? Noooo! They never tell you like this…


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