GUIDED STUDY: Breakthrough in Depression Treatment

The most important takeaway was the fact
that there was a significant improvement in terms of remission which is essentially the elimination
of depressive symptoms as well as response which is defined typically as at least a 50%
decrease in symptoms. And so in the next five years health systems are going to be graded
on whether or not they can actually improve depression remission. So the most important
thing to me from the study is that when GeneSight was used depression remission improved by
50%. Well one of the differences is the size. There are approximately 1,200 patients in
the study. It was the first legitimately sized legitimately powered trial to really make
an impact on demonstrating the usefulness of this testing on a population health level.
And it was done across 60 sites and included work done by third party sites. The methods
are very similar to past GeneSight studies but the sheer size of it differentiates it
and makes it a landmark study. When you look at people who started the study on a red medication
and then if they switched from a red medication to a green or yellow and that response remission
symptom improvement rate sky rockets. That’s the most telling to me because for every 20
patients by GeneSight test even if that happens just once, it’s worth it.

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