Got Rice Fitness Program – Infomercial (COVID-19 Edition)

Are you stuck at home? Gym’s closed? Under quarantine? Are you frustrated with using complicated yet clearly labelled workout bands? Or are you tired of progressive overload and keeping track of your progress? Hi, I’m Vinh! And I’m the creator of this new Got Rice Fitness Program It’s a great way to look super cool Get some internet points and get that traffic on the ‘Gram If you’ve already stockpiled your rice reserves since January This is the program for you! Now you’re probably wondering Why use bags of rice? When you can use weights like a normal person? For the low price of *inaudible * I’ll personally coach and teach you the exercises such as: Planks Snatches Rows Back Squats Clean and Jerks Curlz 4 da gurlz Hip Thrust I’ll even show you how to bench properly You know, before getting into the Got Rice Fitness Program I was a lazy slob… Get yours today! Call KL5-3226 Gains guaranteed or your money back *gains not guaranteed as there no such measure to prove a legitimate claim Order now for your free roll of toilet paper!

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