Going from Bones to Bulk with Bryan Parady (Wise Eats Podcast Episode #19)

You can accomplish any goal that you set your mind to you’ve got this Happy New Year wise guys and gals and welcome to another edition of the wise eats podcast I’m your host and former fat guy West wise and I hope everybody’s 2020 is off to a great start I’m happy to report that my New Year’s resolutions are going pretty good so far I Started off wanting to meditate daily and haven’t missed a day yet. I’ve been doing about 10 minutes a day Actually this week I just started doing 15 minutes a day. So I’m kind of bumping it up as I go along I’m following along with the headspace app. You may have heard of that There’s a lot of different apps out there that you can use but that’s the one that I’m using and I dig it Guys got a cool accent Might be annoying to some people but my other New Year’s resolution is to drop down to 180 pounds which is actually the lowest weight That I’ve probably ever been in my life. So that might be too lofty. I started at about close to 195 So I’m trying to get in the 180 185 range, I think I’ll be pretty cut up at that point So that’s my other New Year’s resolution. That’s going pretty good. I’ve been cutting down on the overeating which is a struggle coming out of the holidays and I got some other New Year’s resolutions, but we’ll get into that another time My guest today, I’m super excited about it’s Brian parity Who is the creator of bones to bulk calm? He has an inspiring story. He’s a super cool guy and He’s trying to do some really good things in the health and fitness space so We’re gonna get into all that and if you’re wanting to make a change and start a nutrition and workout program I recommend checking out his website bones to bulk calm. He’s got a terrific podcast each episode is only 10 minutes hits you with some info and It’s some great content for you to check out and while you’re at it another great resource is wise – eats calm I’ve got a whole bunch of free articles about fat loss muscle building healthy recipes workout programs a whole bunch more so definitely go check that out also and Let’s get right to it without further ado. I present to you episode 19 and today’s guest Brian parody It’s time to wise up So up first of all, just Wanted to thank you for for coming on I know you’re busy guy and I appreciate you taking the time to come on the show. Yeah, appreciate you having me absolutely I’ve been excited to have you on because I’ve been enjoying the content that you’re putting out there Your podcast is awesome. Thank you. I love the that the ten-minute format is super cool You know you get in you get out There’s no BS you just deliver the goods right and you get out of there and it’s you know, it’s high-quality stuff Yeah I was I was worried about that at first like it’s ten minutes enough are people gonna like Hate that or but it’s what works for me and it seemed to work pretty good. So Yeah, I and it’s you know, it’s not a huge commitment to get into Rye And I’ve you know, I’ve probably in the past few beats blown through about 50 episodes of it It’s just it’s really high-quality info – it’s a great stuff I appreciate so, but anyway, let’s kind of start at the beginning and kind of tell me about how How you originally became passionate about health and fitness and how that kind of led you into creating bones – balke sure okay, so I was about 21 20 21 and I was not in a fitness or health at all. I weighed 118 pounds. I was a tiny dude and I don’t know who even recommended I watch them but somebody recommended I watched the Rocky movies I’d never seen them and I watched them I absolutely loved them and by the time like I think I binge them all in one week and By the time I was done watching them I was like I want to be buff Like I want to look like Sylvester Stallone and so the very next day. I went out to a sporting goods store I bought a bench and some weights and set it up in my house and just win at it I did every single thing wrong you can imagine From lifting to nutrition to everything. I just had no clue what I was doing and it was probably about six months in where I had been, you know consecutively lifting four or five days a week and Saw just absolutely no progress and I kind of came to a head. I was like, okay I can either stop and figure out what in the world I’m doing or I can give up and so I was like You know what? Let’s go all in let’s try to figure this out and that’s when I really started Researching and getting into the nutrition side and how to properly lift and it was from that point that I began to Start seeing change over the long term So that was kind of like my my intro to fitness is the Rocky movies Yeah. Yeah. How old are you? I am 34 34 okay, I’m 36. Okay. So yeah, I’m I was my biggest inspiration was Hulk Hogan. Yes So Rocky 3 thunderlips right right out. I was all about that guys So yeah, we’re kind of cut from the same cloth in that aspect. Yeah for sure You know, we actually we have opposite kind of stories but kind of similar I was 90 pounds overweight when I first decided to make a change to my health and like you said I kind of was treading water not really knowing what I was doing and found you know a website that helped me initially and that’s kind of why you know, I appreciate your stuff because it reminds me of What I found 10 years ago that really inspired me to change my health awesome And that’s why I kind of want to point people towards your stuff and say hey You know if you’re getting started with your fitness or you want to put on some muscle, this is a great resource to go to Because you know your content is spot on so I appreciate it. I appreciate it Yeah, I mean I feel like we we all have that you know that one thing that really kind of pushed us over the edge To really make a change Yeah, it’s different for everybody. Yeah, it is. Yeah, everybody everybody just needs that push, right? So did you mention that before that you were personal your personal trainer as well? I am So, let’s see. I’ve been a certified personal trainer now for about four years I just kept getting into it about the same time that I first got certified. I was like, you know, I’d love to do this Outside of just me going to the gym and working out for myself. I just became more and more passionate about it And so it’s like well let me get that just so it puts a little bit of credentials behind my name and that’s kind of where the process of changing it from just for my own benefit to trying to help others kind of started so that process started about four years ago And you’re you’re still actively doing that then right? I am yes. Okay, uh, roughly how many clients have you seen in that time? It’s hard to say because a lot of what I do is online and some of it is in group settings So I mean as far as personally trained people kind of one-on-one mentorship I would say around 50 and then more in a group setting it’s been several hundred. So yeah What would be the biggest mistake that you see among fitness clients? Nutrition is yeah by far the biggest mistake. I think especially when you’re trying to Gain, I think with weight loss its kind of It’s still there’s a lot of misinformation in that realm as well But kind of initially you think all I need to diet and whereas with with building muscle I feel like the majority were like I just need to drink protein shakes and get in the gym and that’s just simply not enough So that’s probably the number one misconception I see hmm I’m actually going for my my CBT next month Oh awesome Yeah, I was wondering if you have any advice for aspiring Certified personal trainers out there. Um just go into it like open-minded ready to learn everything you can Usually the the agencies I’m not sure who you’re getting it through but usually that they provide really good study material as far as you know getting it and passing it and then from there it’s It’s really a matter of taking what you know Because I feel like most people when they when they start to take their you get their certified training. They’ve gone through the journey themselves So it’s not so much having a lot of the head knowledge as having that personal touch you know of what you’ve been through that’s really gonna draw people to you rather than just the knowledge because I mean honestly you Can google just about anything out there but having someone who’s actually lived the journey and walked through what you’re trying to teach others that That adds so much to and really kind of dive into that aspect of it offer Yourself because people are gonna be drawn to your story and your personality and what you have to offer Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more that’s that’s been one of my selling points of this show that I’m doing is that you know, hey I’m not a personal trainer or an expert but I’ve I’ve lost 90 pounds. I’ve you know gotten in pretty pretty good shape Yeah, this is how I did it and if I can do it I know Most people could probably do it. Right right. Yeah, and that’s the that’s the best thing you can do, right? There is just stem from that. So that’s awesome. Is there one piece of advice that you find yourself giving to beginners most? frequently It’s usually in regards to nutrition and in people’s, you know, I’m because a common misconception that I have when I started I you know People said well if you want to, you know get bigger just just eat more It doesn’t matter what you eat and I ate a ton of junk food Like I would just down sleeves of Oreos at a time ice cream like you name. I had a bad sweet tooth and It didn’t do anything to put muscle on me and it’s it’s it’s just because it’s empty calories in and so that mindset of you know, Just dirty bulk and just eat whatever you want. That really doesn’t do anything when you Struggle to put on weight and muscle because those calories aren’t going to benefit you at all to build muscle They’re just kind of going in and going out and so That’s kind of where I start as far as trying to teach people nutrition like it’s not about just how much you eat But you’ve got to be eating the right things along with the right quantities what about what about an intermediate or advanced people then what what I Find with yeah, it comes down to because when you start to, you know, make progress and get used to things You know your progress slows a little bit. I’m sure I don’t know I don’t know if it was the same for you with weight loss but like kind of the initial weight comes off quick and then it slows down as You lose more and more Sure, but kind of the same way with building muscle, you know You kind of hit a point where it’s slow starts to slow down. And so it’s those fine tweaks So like and and learning how to figure out those fine tweaks A lot of what I find as I get to the more intermediate advanced is just small things like adding in extra healthy snacks Rather than because usually by that point, you know meals are pretty on point and all that stuff So it’s making fine tweaks to the nutrition side and it’s really beginning to focus on your form in the gym and and nailing that and also Slowing way down on your repetitions and and kind of doing like a count as you lift And as you lower to make sure that you’re giving that muscle the most time under tension you can yeah, I’ve definitely experienced what you were just talking about with you know, I’ve Lifted weights consistently for many years now and obviously the you know, you get them gains you know heavy in the beginning and then it tapers off and it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain that and Keep progressing. But yeah one Sorry, one thing that I’ve taken away from one of your episodes was What the heck oh the squeeze method. Mm-hmm So I’ve heard, you know, a lot of people talk about you know Focusing on your form and that’s something I preach Obviously all the time is form before anything else, right? But that squeak the squeeze method is something I never really implemented before and it really forces you to Kind of focus on your form your the mind muscle connection it forces you to, you know, be more into the Exercise that you’re doing It really does and you know if you naturally just like if I take my fist and I clench it It’s naturally putting more tension on the muscle and putting more blood flow to the muscle. And so as you do that, you’re naturally engaging the muscle more so you know that that squeeze method if you’re let’s say you’re doing a Barbell curl and you start just squeezing the crap out of that bar especially kind of at the peak contraction point and then slowly lower It’s just again, it’s just building that tension up in the muscle that blood flow which is just gonna lead to a better you know stretch and and all that with a muscle so yeah, I’ve already noticed a huge difference doing that as far as the Not just the range of motion the pump that I get everything. It just it’s improved a lot I’ve had to decrease the weight on some of the movement I’m doing yeah, but it’s it’s it’s a cool It’s it, you know sometimes you can go too much up in weight and Your form starts to suffer a little bit and then, you know at that point, you know, you’re risking an injury and you know That’s the last thing anybody wants. Yeah, and I feel like we we tend to especially once we get more advanced we tend to focus too much on the numbers and hitting a new PR and and In reality, you know if you lift some absurd amount of weight on a PR, but only get one rep out of it You know, it’s that’s doing less for you than if you would drop the weights Um and pump out ten really good form slow reps. That’s just stretching you to the max Because it’s it’s it’s again. It’s just increasing that time under tension. So yeah that that numbers game. It’s in its heart I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past of kind of getting caught up and you know How much is on the bar how much of my lifting so it’s kind of a mind shift that we’ve got to go through? Yep, and uh, you know while we’re talking about, you know weight on the bar What what does your current training regimen look like? So I? Recently switched it up back in one did I switch I guess beginning in December so I’m only about a month and a half in I’m doing a push-pull leg split so I do six days a week push-pull legs push-pull legs and I vary my exercises from the first half of the week to the last half So on some of them stay the same, but I’m also changing up some of the exercises from you know The first half of the week to the second half of the week, so I found it to be really good Overall strength it’s you know, hitting all your muscle groups twice a week. I feel like really makes a huge difference So it’s so far again. I’m early on in it but so far. I’ve really likes the results I’ve gotten from it What are your what are your current fitness goals? So my current fitness goals? 2014 19 was it was a rough year for me physically? I had several injuries. I pulled a bicep tendon I was recovering from another arm injury and then I got really sick towards the end of the year So I feel like I finished 2019 In the healthiest state and so with 2020 I told my wife like I don’t want it to be a repeat of that. I want to be much more aware of my body, you know, we kind of talking about getting out of your head a little bit like It’s very easy to get in that mindset oh, I can just push myself a little bit more and kind of lose sight of that line of how much is too much and Still being smart about it and I feel like that line gets harder and harder the the more you do this And so this year I really am focusing on my overall health and avoiding injury and just really building back up my strength because dealing with those injuries obviously caused me to have to lower a lot of the weight that I was lifting on a Lot of arm exercises. So getting back from that point and really building up from there. That’s kind of my main goal for for 2020 Is there anything specific you can point to that you’re actually changing to to make that improvement to your health? Listening to my body more and I know that sounds strange but Again, I feel like it’s easy. At least for me to just kind of go in automatic mode when I go in the gym I’ve been doing it for so long I just go in there and kind of go through the motions and but really on every single rep. Okay, how am I feeling? During this rep am I pushing myself enough? Am I pushing myself too much? How is my body responding and really kind of evaluating after I leave the gym? You know how I feel because there’s you know, there’s there’s different levels of soreness, obviously You’re only sore if you leave the gym or the next day, but you know, there’s a level to where okay Well, this soreness is a little bit beyond what? Normal muscle soreness is for me. So what did I do differently, how can I adjust that? That’s kind of what it looks like on a day-to-day basis me evaluating that All right So I’m going to back two bones to bulk you um You talked a lot in your episodes about your Y You know finding your Y and I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and thinking about you know Who exactly am I trying to help I think you really nailed your niche with you know, the bustle building You know people that are striving to put on muscle you seem to know your audience. So, right What would you say is your why for doing bones to bulk? So You know when I started when I watch the Rocky movies my wha I didn’t have a wife I thought my why was you know, I just want to look good and and that can be an initiating motivating factor but that kind of fades very quickly and So for me at this point my Y is kind of multifaceted Hey, I want to be a good example to my audience at this point and kind of represent what I preach so that’s a big Motivating Y. Another one is I want to be a good example to my kids I’ve got Two two daughters. They’re seven and three and It’s funny though I have a home gym that I workout sometimes as well and they’ll come out there and they’ll kind of lift dumbbells and I’ll show Them some things and and my daughter is this very conscious of what she eats my older one anyway And so I want to be a good example to them, you know I try not to force anything on them because it’s important I feel like too for them to make their own decisions at this age like But also to lead a good example and just by leading a good example They’ve at least the older one has made good decisions and in different things So those are probably biggest two wise and also I always say that like I want to be one of those 80 year old guys who’s still crushing it in the gym? Yeah Amen, so those those three things are my main why for sure Yeah, I think being an example to your kids obviously and to others is is huge. That’s huge for me also Yeah, and speaking of the kids. I’m like it said before. I’m really Impressed with you know, working a full-time job putting out this podcast putting out all kinds of content on Instagram and you know your Facebook groups and all that. How do you balance? Working that job taking care of them kids doing all that stuff. It’s hard to things Very strict time management and a lot of teamwork with my wife My wife also she works Remotely for a company so she works from home and she also runs her own business So she’s extremely busy with her own work and then I have my job and and my fitness and yeah kids so and then our own personal fitness, we’re both my wife’s also very Into fitness she did like a Half Ironman last year so, you know finding time for that It’s it’s a lot of planning every week. We sit down and Do a like an hour meeting. Usually, it’s Saturday mornings. We usually have like a family breakfast and then we tell the kids All right, go play for a little bit mommy, and I have to have our meeting and we we hash out the week like everything from everything we have going on to Stuff the kids have going on and we kind of marked down everything so we can plan out our entire week Another thing we do is Saturday nights. We put the kids to bed and we work til The wee hours of the morning We make a lot of coffee and and just go at it and work on our businesses rather than just you know Binging the show on Netflix or something So, you know, it’s definitely takes sacrificing like we don’t do a lot of fun stuff but for us Getting to spend time on err on our own businesses and stuff is rewarding. So that is fun. So It’s it’s challenging. I’m not gonna say that it’s always easy, but it’s definitely rewarding as well You have like a certain daily routine that you follow I do. I’m a very I’m a little bit OCD and I’m a very like disciplined person. I like order. So yeah, my days are usually very very much repetitive like it’s exactly this like from the time that II what I eat or when I do everything so I mean We we our day pretty much starts at 4:00 a.m Not gonna say that. We’re always perfect on that some days The alarm clock doesn’t are the the snooze button wins that war, but we try to get up early my wife goes to the gym in the Morning And then I spend time kind of reading and having a little bit of personal development time kind of If I don’t have some quiet time, then it’s not gonna happen any other time Hmm as soon as she gets home I leave for work. I go to work pretty early and then once I get home It’s really just a matter of I change get ready for the gym I pick up the kids take them to the gym with me the gym I go to has a like a daycare facility there so take them with me and then bring them home and by that time it’s you know the wife and I will Get dinner ready and then we spend a couple hours with the girls They go to bed, and then we usually have after that. Maybe we go to bed pretty early since we’re UPS order So we maybe usually have an hour hour and a half after they go to bed to either some nights We’re working on stuff or some nights We’ll just be like, hey, let’s watch an episode of the office or something and just talk a little bit So that’s kind of what an average day looks like for us. It’s definitely nothing exciting. But uh, but it’s it’s good Yeah, I like routine. I have kind of a Daily routine that I follow it’s not like, you know, there are certain things that are must first thing in the day You know water right? I just started. You know, my New Year’s resolution is to meditate daily So I’ve been doing ten minutes of that. That’s all from me in the morning and You know just certain under you know exercise every day obviously So certain things don’t change at all. I think routine is critical Absolutely, absolutely agree one more thing with the routine Could you I know things are a little bit different for you right now. I might get into that later But what you’re what a normal diet day looks like for you sure. Yeah and just like a normal day here, right? yeah, cuz I I don’t know why but I decided to go vegan for the month of January. So that’s been interesting. But yeah typical day so breakfast will usually be Something like oatmeal or granola with some fruit like a banana and then maybe some berries Mid-morning. I’ll have tree nuts. So whether that’s almonds or cashews or walnuts pecans something like that And then probably another piece of fruit with it lunchtime is usually pasta and chicken and Like a homemade tomato sauce with a little bit of olive oil on it, that’s kind of lunch so my my lunch is pretty Calorie heavy. I also discovered a protein pasta It’s made out of like soy beans so to get even extra protein in with the chicken with that. So that’s kind of my Afternoon snack varies quite a bit. Sometimes I’ll do maybe a protein bar or sometimes I’ll do dates with peanut butter spread on them So that kind of varies quite a bit my afternoon snack. I feel like that’s the thing. That’s not very consistent It’s just kind of whatever I feel like Then I’m usually at the gym and then I have my post-workout shake Then dinner can be a myriad of things We do a lot of stir fries so, you know chicken veggies over rice or quinoa We do a lot of those things like turkey chili We will do tacos with beans corn chicken or turkey whole wheat tortillas and then lots of veggies and then Usually snack is something like maybe Toast with peanut butter and some Banat banana slices on it or maybe just a protein shake so that kind of varies as well But that’s kind of like what a typical rundown of my my day. Looks like Okay, cool. Yeah, I get questions all the time. Like what are you eating? They you know people look at me like an alien or something. It’s like hey, you know, I’m just I’m eating real food Yeah, it’s it’s nothing like crazy. It’s just yeah normal good food So it’s real food is unusual to a lot of people that’s that’s very true. But That’s what we’re trying to change. Right? Right, right So getting low on time, so I did want to jump into some rapid-fire quick bites. Awesome with that. Uh All right, cool. What was the single biggest factor holding you back from starting your healthy lifestyle? my mindset Just just the my own self-doubt. I had a lot of self-esteem issues back then and just dealing with a lot of Kind of just getting out of my own head. I started a lot with that What is your favorite exercise routine or program? I’m really enjoying the push-pull right now But I also love breaking up muscle groups because I just I loved chest and triceps day Like I feel like if I could do that every day, I would But obviously that would work out very well But yeah, I don’t know. That’s if I had to pick like one, you know If I was just going in the gym like hey have a free day. I would do chest and triceps hands-down Absolutely. What’s your favorite specific lifts? I? Would say benchpress is definitely probably number one, but I also really enjoy And it’s harder so many I really enjoy Arnold presses and standing overhead presses those are also some some favorite ones I have well, what is your favorite or do you have a favorite either healthy recipe or Muscle building recipe. Um, so something I really enjoy and this is actually a newer one. I just discovered but it’s Basically like a chicken pasta So you cook the spaghetti and then in this and then you cook the chicken So that stuff’s kind of ready to go then in a like a big kind of frying pan mix You know your pasta sauce in with like a cup of humus I dice like the little grape tomatoes throw some spinach in there some garlic and some mushrooms mix all that in let it melt a a little bit and then mix the pasta and the chicken in there and just let it Cook for a few minutes. It’s it sounds kind of weird with the hummus, but I don’t know it gives it like this creamy It’s really good No, I’m about to steal it. Okay Website, yeah do it and it’s it’s it’s packed with really a lot of protein and a lot of good healthy carbs So it’s it’s really healthy, too Nice, what is your favorite unwise choice food? That would have to be either pizza or like soft baked chocolate chip cookies. Those are too like oh man Yeah, yeah snack time. Oh, right, right Do you have a favorite recipe for success? Like a specific habit that keeps you on track or mmm you performing at your best. That’s a good one. I would say consistency Because it’s it’s so easy to get out of a habit. It’s crazy. I feel like it takes, you know some time to build one but if you get out of a habit just for a few days it can really I feel like it affects your mental state more than anything because you start to be like, oh, oh, you know I I Let it go for a couple of days I can let it go for a couple more and before you know it that ball just rolls downhill fast And so just making sure that whatever you’re doing Even if you’re starting off small and only doing a few things, like maybe you’re just giving up soda or you know Maybe you’re just going for a thirty minute walk Whatever you’re doing stay consistent with it. I think that’s the key to everything What is one item in your kitchen you can’t live without ooh Give me food Utensil, I would say food wise Whole-wheat pasta like I eat a lot of holy pasta I’ve my grandfather was full Italian, so I don’t know if that’s where I get it from but I Love love some some pasta and then as far as cooking a must T foul pans It’s like T – f al are the most amazing cooking pans like ever they’re nothing sticks to them They cook great. They’re not that expensive. You can pick them up on Amazon for pretty cheap. So Definitely my Wow, my go-to for cooking Cool. That’s an awesome one. What’s your favorite source of inspiration whether it be a book a podcast Instagram page it’s funny. I don’t listen to a ton of podcast because I listen to a lot of audiobooks so I feel like that takes the place of that but anything that’s Man, I would say probably my biggest motivational source, especially over the last year has been Gary Vaynerchuk Anything he puts out from his books to his his YouTube channel. I have listened to some of his podcast But yeah, he gives me the kick in the pants. I need whenever I’m like, okay, I need some motivation any, uh audiobooks that you recommend, um, Man a lot. I really enjoyed Bear Grylls wrote a book called mud, sweat and tears and I don’t know if you know who he is. He’s kind of like the outdoor survivalist guy He’s like a TV show but just his own personal journey and the demons he had to overcome It’s really inspiring read so I highly recommend that Ok, so what you what’s your favorite thing to listen to when you work out I’ve got my playlist as always I always say oh I need to listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I work out But it just never happens. I always have to go to my music so I think some of the top bands in my playlist right now are Imagine dragons they’re always a staple. I like red skillet Yeah skillet, yes iconic or higher there’s there’s so many yeah I saw skillet in concert DT out here and Clarkston, Michigan dice Aussie years ago Awesome, Oh, like skill and I feel like I don’t even know anybody else ELISA. Yeah and I’m with you on the I listen to a lot of podcasts and I’ll like I’ll go into the gym listening to right I Get warmed up and then oh, yeah, I can’t do it no more. I got a switch to the music actually I have the same way, you know, is there one is there one song you refuse to take off your list? Yes, it’s by army of the Pharaohs and Oh my gosh, I can’t think of the song title. Let me let me I got my phone right here But it’s definitely the song I’ve hit probably more Personal bests on that song than any other song ever But the song is called spaz out and it’s army of the Pharaohs I will warn you it does have some explicit language in it, but Yeah, that’s definitely my my I don’t know the one that has never come off my playlist Alright awesome. I’m gonna check that out zero a healthy food that you find yourself recommending to clients most often. I Recommend quinoa a lot. I think quinoa is kind of just a very I don’t know it kind of hides in the shadows when it comes to the healthy foods But it’s a great source of complex carbs and protein and it goes with just about anything. So that’s that’s one I recommend a lot It’s funny that you said that because I’ve you know I’ve always known as quinoa as being something healthy that I need to get in but it wasn’t until I listened that you know like I said, I’ve been binging your show over the holidays and Listen to you mentioned key one you said to mix it with salsa Yes and us a couple of something else and I was like, you know, that’s a good idea. So I did it We’ve been we’ve been eating quinoa every day for the last like 10, so it’s it’s great. I love it now Yeah, at first it was like, you know odd texture it is a little bit different. Yeah But now we’re totally we love it now. Yeah, it’s gonna be a staple awesome foursome and very nutrient-dense. Yes, very, One last piece of advice for listeners looking looking to improve their health and fitness. Yeah Don’t feel that you have to have everything together before you start. I know For me personally when I start a project, I want everything figured out before I ever start it and That’s usually so detrimental to starting because in all honesty We’re never gonna have it all figured out before we start because we learned so much as we go so take what you do know, even if that’s a very limited amount and just start applying that and you’ll be amazed at how once you start things begin the snowball and you’ll begin to learn new things and it will also give you the confidence to just Keep growing and keep learning and and that that’s kind of another thing Like don’t don’t ever be don’t ever think you arrived or made it like there’s always more to learn and not only in Fitness but in anything so Yeah, that would probably be be it Awesome, very well said words of wisdom right there I guess one last thing. What’s your new year’s resolution? So about halfway through January already. Um They’re my resolutions usually consist a lot of things both are Fitness related and non fitness related So I’ve got a lot of kind of personal things as far as being a you know with my relationship with my wife and my kids and finances and all that and then but but physically again, I I really want to finish like I said I want to feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in at the end of 2020 and for me that means Really nailing down my nutrition even more so because I feel like nutrition is the staple to everything so cutting out just even a few of the things that I’ve kept in that aren’t the healthiest getting those to go and then really pushing myself but in a very Healthy manner in the gym, so that’s kind of my big pushes for 2020 with my fitness. I Thought your new year’s resolution was to go V. Well that was that it that was – that was my short-term resolution Yeah, I did decide to do begin for the month of January And you know I got I was surprised at how much positive feedback I received from that cuz you know I preached all the time that diets don’t work and I don’t like you know all the fads that come out and so I really felt like vegan wasn’t that because You know, I can still control all my macros I don’t have to limit anything when it comes to that and I just feel like it’s it’s Opened my eyes just in the two weeks. I’ve been doing it to be a better trainer to understand it better So if I take nothing else from it, it’s to like just expand my own knowledge base And also I’ve learned some some kind of cool new recipes to implement as well. So yeah, awesome. I think it’s a great idea I can’t wait to hear hear your experience with it because it’s something I’ve thought about it I think it’s a you know, it’s a good thing to try out, you know for various reasons I don’t know about the ideology associated with Rye Rye and get crazy over it. Oh, yeah yeah, I’m Excellent. I’m definitely wanting to know you know how it affects your workouts and all that. So looking forward to you sharing that yeah Yeah, I’ll definitely be doing a recap on that and the beginning of February, so I’m looking forward to myself I’m interested to see all the all the changes so it’ll be good Absolutely. Well, hey, I’ve kept you long enough. I really appreciate you coming on and and speaking with us Do you want to plug your social media your website and your programmer so you can find me anywhere? at bones – both bones both calm All my stuff’s on there links to all my other platforms, but pretty much any social media site You can find me at bones – Volk. It’s like I said earlier this is exactly the type of content that I found ten years ago that really jump-started my Health and fitness journey, so I strongly encourage anybody to go check out bones – ball comm check Brian parity out He’s the man. So, uh Thanks. Again. Thanks again for coming on. I appreciate it. Thanks for having me. It’s been an honor Oh, maybe you should send them out I love what you say at the end of your episodes. If you don’t know if you have yeah, absolutely Like no matter what off schools are in your mind what things are stressing you out or you feel like you just can’t overcome You can accomplish any goal that you set your mind to you’ve got this Yes, and now that note make wise choices That’s right like that

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