Glute Focused Workout (GROW YOUR GLUTES AT HOME!!)

Hey, you guys! I’m Melissa for ATHLEANXX for Women, and
today we are doing a workout that is just focused on your glutes. Let’s go. All right, we’re going to do four exercises. The first part is four exercises. We’re going to do them four times for a
16-minute HIIT workout. Then I’ve got a bonus for you at the end. Four exercises. The first two exercises are the same, we’re
just going to alternate legs. What I want you to do is, you’re going to
use one leg, and you’re going to kneel down. Then on your way up I want you to make sure
you’re balanced. Kick the leg back. You’re going to do that same leg for 15
seconds. 50 seconds, excuse me. Exercise number two is the other leg. You’re going to do the same with the kneel
down, kick it up. That’s number two. Number three: you’re going to get into pushup
position, hold the plank, and you’re going to kick up the whole time, alternating legs. Then the fourth exercise is – I want you
to take some weight and I want you to do a deep squat. So if you have your sandbag, if you’ve got
heavier dumbbells than I do, I want you to grab some weight, and I want you to go below
parallel. Then I want you to burst at the top. That’s your fourth exercise. Now, onto the bonus. You’re going to do – part one, if I didn’t
say it, 16 rounds. 10 seconds of rest, 50 seconds of work. That’s for part one. For the bonus round we’re getting down on
the ground and I call this Burning the Bridge. If you guys know what the bridge is, you know
it looks something like this. I want you to get on your shoulders and heels,
and you’re going to thrust your hips up. What I want you to do is give me 50. Just squeeze it at the top for 50. After 50 you have about 10 seconds to rest. Then I want you to do 40. Then you’re going to go back and complete
40. Then you’re going to rest for 10 seconds. Then do 30, and then 20, and then 10, and
then you’re done. That’s it. That is your glute workout. Awesome job, you guys. I know that didn’t seem like a whole lot
of work when you’re looking at it, but in the middle, I know that it was tough. So great job. I’m Melissa for ATHLEANXX for Women and
I’ll see you guys next time. Bye.


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