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Another amazing episode
of “What the Fit” in the can. That’s right, in the can
means you take a can, you throw the episode in it, and you put the lid on it
because it’s almost done. Bill Hader, thank you
for coming out and showing love
and doing what you do, which is not only being funny,
but participating. Okay. Get to
the point about me, Ron “Boss” Everline, and just tell
the people who I am. – Well, you just told them.
– No, no, no. Tell them who I am and what
my job description is. Got you. This is
Ronald “The Pony” Everline! Okay. We’re not gonna
start it off like that. I’m his trainer, and we came to give you guys
a few moves at home, so we’re gonna strap up. Strap up. See?
You can do these at home. We’re gonna do just
a basic Romanian deadlift. Put it on just right here. Good morning. – Now…
– Bend at the hips. You can do this at home
for 30 reps. Before you go on to the names,
are there more of these bands? Are there other bands?
What are these bands called? There’s different
type of resistance bands. They start at very light,
all the way up to extra heavy. You could do speed work,
you could do this type of stuff in
the living room of my house, that we’re on set of
right now, um, filming. So you can come to my–
you could do it in your
living room at home, too, but I have
a really nice living room. What the ( bleep )
is going on? – Huh?
– What the ( bleep )? – Okay.
– Stop cursing. I’m just gonna do
my Romanian deadlift. Do your 30. Let’s go. – Yeah. You said here?
– Yeah, 30. Does this go around
my neck or my shoulders? – Right there, perfect.
– And I just do what? – 30. Bend. Good morning.
– Is it here? Yeah, but hinge at
the hip a little bit. – Slight bend in your legs.
– Here? Yeah. Turn so
the people can see you. Should my legs be spread
shoulder width apart? – Shoulder width apart.
– Okay. I’m not trying to complicate
it for the people at home. First of all,
we just want you to move. We wanna challenge you guys to be better
than you were yesterday. Good job, Kevin.
You’re working
your gluteus maximus. Right here,
you’re working
your hamstrings. – Boy look good, don’t he?
– Okey-dokey. There you go. 30, kid.
You got to do 30. What’s next after my 30, boss? All we’re gonna do, we’re
just gonna do some shuffle, squat shuffle right here
back and forth
in my living room. What’s the purpose
of the squat shuffles, boss? Why do you wanna
complicate everything
when we just simply– I want you to tell the people
what the exercises are doing? I simply just wanna motivate
the people to move at home and not complicate things. So you don’t want
the people to know
what they’re working on? – Yeah, they’re gonna feel it.
– Let’s do squat shuffles, and hopefully
we fix something. Are we trying to fix something
or we trying to burn? I’m doing a hypothetical
shuffle, boss. That’s not hypothetical. What’s hypothetical
about you moving? Because you won’t tell me
what I’m working. I just told you,
you’re working your glutes, your hamstrings,
you’re working legs. Is that simple enough for you? – Now it is.
– How do you– okay. Thank you.
Don’t ask for much. – I said that
in the beginning.
– What’s next? We’re doing squat jumps. Kev can’t do squat jumps
because he hurt his self – trying to play basketball.
– That’s my personal business. Squat jumps.
Resistance bands squat jumps. You can do these at home.
Let’s try it, Kevin. Now are these also
working my legs? Working your legs. Working your gluteus maximus,
you’re working your legs. Now, for those people
who may not know – what a gluteus maximus is–
– That’s your butt. What’s funny? This is my time
to tell the people– Say it– say it again.
Say “That’s your butt.” Okay. So right now, you’re
saying my chest should be up? – Just shut up and do it.
– And then jump. There you go.
Good job, Kevin. It looks good. My girl does it better,
but it looks good. What? All your girl
works on is her legs. Yup. Here at “What The Fit,” we challenge you guys
to do this– – That’s it?
– You want more? We got the resistance bands.
What else could people do
with the bands? Okay. I got another move
for you that’s really cool. So, we’re gonna do
thruster squat press. We’re gonna challenge
you guys at home… – There you go!
– for 50 squat press with the resistance bands
at home. That’s very simple. You wanna tell them
what this is working? – This here–
– You’re working legs
and shoulders. – Keeping your chest up.
– Oh, yeah. – Come on.
– Can’t do that. My groin. My groin. We challenge you all at home. I don’t know why this man makes these
episodes difficult. That’s been another episode
of “What the Fit,” followed by a very informative
mini workout session with Ron “The Boss” Everline
and myself, guys. Honestly, take these moves,
apply them to your daily life. Can I ask you a question
before you leave? – Can I ask you question?
– Yes? Is it simple or is it
complicated to move? Why did you–
is it simply because
you wanted to be better? – Why I started moving?
– Yeah. Well, because I’m different.
I’m great. No, no, no.
He simply wanted to be better
than he was yesterday. Don’t let him tell you
something different. It’s all about
compound interest, and everyday small sums
of effort make you better. – All about compound interest?
– Yeah. – Jesus Christ.
– You save a penny today, you have two tomorrow. You save a penny every day,
you got– you see what I’m saying? – “What The Fit.”
– Yeah. Did you just use
a banking term?This is K. Hart.
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