Get to Know the New Website!

Hey, everybody,
and welcome to our overview on the brand new site. Some great features on this that I’m excited
to take you through, a couple of little things
to note before we jump in. First of all, this site
that I’m doing this demo on is in fact the demo site,
so what you see may be slightly different
than what you’ll actually see when we launch,
but it’s pretty close and should give you
a good overview of all of the new
exciting functionality. The second thing
I wanted to talk about is when this is launching
in your market. So our first team
to be able to have access to the brand new site will be our UK Coaches
and their customers. So we will be launching
the UK on October 19th with the brand new site. Next up will be
our Canadian site, and that’s going to launch
on October 30th. And finally, the US site
will launch on December 14th. Okay,
that’s all the disclaimers. Now let’s jump in
and take a look at the brand new site. Doesn’t it look pretty?
I think so. Okay, let’s start
at the top of the page and what you can see
is that right at the top, one of the first things
that you see is that we have a special spot
where when a customer logs in, they will see
their Coach’s information. So it will have
who their Coach is, a picture of their Coach, and also an e-mail address
for the coach so they can reach out
if they want to. This is a great new feature
because now as you send your customers to your site,
they will actually know they are on your site
by just being able to look up to the top
and see you there. The next little piece
that I want to show you, you see this Canadian flag,
that’s because I am logged in as a Canadian customer. But what’s exciting
with our new site is if you click on the flag there, you’ll be able to see
all of the different locales we call them
or all of the different stores and all the different languages
that the site comes in. So right now, we’re in the
Canadian English site, but when we launch Canada,
we’ll have both a Canadian English
and a Canadian French site. In the US, we’ll have an English
and Spanish site. And in the UK,
we’ll have an English site. What’s great here is that
if you have customers in another country, let’s say
you’re a Canadian Coach but you have
a potential customer in the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to actually click
on that United Kingdom site and see the site just the way
they’re seeing it, you won’t be able
to purchase on it, but you will be able
to navigate through and see
all of the different locales. So that’s an exciting
new feature. Also, as you see, we have our
account section here, we have the Cart,
which we’ll get into later. We also have
this exciting feature here, which is Search and something that
we’re really excited to add. So if you click
on the little magnifying glass, let’s say we type in 21 Day Fix,
it will come up and say, “Are you looking for 21 Day Fix
or 21 Day Fix EXTREME? In this case,
I’ll say 21 Day Fix. And when I select on that,
all of the products associated with 21 Day Fix
will come up in the search. So how awesome is that? But let’s go back
to the homepage and I should tell you that you can see brand new design
on the homepage that we’re really excited about,
it’s alive and fresh, it’s really a vibrant way to tell the
Team Beachbody story. We can really articulate
why do we deliver results, it’s really
our magic combination of fitness, nutrition,
and Shakeology and the support from a coach. We’re able to showcase some success stories
on this homepage, we’re pulling up
our top Challenge Packs so that people
can access those. We’re right on the page,
our best selling products, we can feature on this page,
and of course, talking about what we think is one of the most
important parts of our success formula,
and that is our Coaches. So lots of information
on this page, the other thing I can tell you
just from a technical backend is that this page is built
in a completely modular fashion and we’ll be running analytics
on this page and we have the ability
to move things around much more easily
to be way more nimble. Let’s go into the navigation
on the page, and we’ll take you
through the navigation. So you can see
on the top navigation here, we have shopping with different
sub navs against that, and I’ll take you through
the shopping section in just a second. We have a link
to We have a link
to the Beachbody Challenge, so that you can pledge
to be a part of the challenge and submit your results. We have a link
to Beachbody On Demand. And if you’re already a member,
that will take you right there, so you can start streaming
your workouts. If you’re not, that’s a place
where you can go and sign up your membership. We also have a place for–
If this is– Again,
I’m signed in as a customer, so if they want to learn
more about coaching and they were to click on that, you can see again
really similar content to what we had before
in terms of telling a story but in a much more vibrant way and just explaining everything
there is to know about coaching, well, not everything
but giving you a taste of what it’s like to be a Coach, and this will lead you
to signing up to be a Coach. But let’s go back
through shopping, so I want to take you
through that so you can see what that
experience will be like. So again,
as I hover over the Shop bar, you see all of my
different categories, Fitness, Shakeology,
Nutrition & Supplements, Challenge Packs, Gear, Apparel,
and any sale items. We’re going to dive
into the Fitness section and you can see right away
very different display than what we had before. So we have
these big header banners that are showcasing
our newer products or things that are relevant
at any given time. But then
as we scroll down below, you can see
all of our different programs are beautifully presented and they sort of come alive
on the page and people can kind of
just go through to find the program
that they’re looking for. A couple other things
before we jump into any one of these
specific tiles is that we’ve also added this
great filtering opportunity. So if you’re not quite sure
what you’re looking for but you know perhaps you want
to find a program by Autumn, you can click here or you can filter
By Program Type, whether you’re looking for
Cardio, Dance, Muscle Building, or even By Level, so whether you’re a Beginner,
Intermediate, or Advanced, this will recommend products
to you and to your customers. We also have just sorting
the programs A to Z. So if in fact they don’t want to sort through
all those titles, they want to go through it
alphabetically, they can go through it this way. And last thing
I wanted to point out is we also have this great
new compare feature which really for each
of our program talks about the trainers
who are on there, the length of the workouts, the benefits you get
from this types of programs, and a description,
so a great way for people who are exploring
to find a program that’s right for them,
the ability to do that. I’m going to take off
this filter and let’s go shopping. So why don’t
we select 21 Day Fix, so we know
that we want to buy the 21 Day Fix product,
we’re going to click on that. And so what you’ll see
is when I click on that, this menu comes up that shows
all the different options you have to buy 21 Day Fix. Now here’s what’s exciting, even if somebody
were just coming and looking for the base kit
for 21 Day Fix, we’re always going to show them
the best value, which is the Challenge Pack, is going to be the first thing
that they see. So you can see in this case,
first thing they see is the Annual BOD All-Access
and Shakeology Challenge Pack, right next to that is the
21 Day Fix DVD program and Shakeology Challenge Pack. Then we have the Base Kit,
the Deluxe Kit, we actually have
a few more things, you can see
the little arrow slides over. But let’s go back
and let’s just buy this 21 Day Fix
DVD Challenge Pack kit. So I’m going to click on that
and you can see this is what we call
a product detail page that explains to the customer what they’re getting,
much cleaner and simpler than what they had before. And let me just take you
through this page before we add it your cart. So we have
the sort of header area that gives a very high-level
description of the product. But then right below that,
we have this Learn More section, which gives us
a little more opportunity to go into detail
of what the customers will get with the product,
the first page, you can see what this is about,
so this is kind of general. If I clicked on fitness,
it would tell me specifically about the fitness program,
how many workouts, what are the workouts, everything that I get with that,
any bonuses I get. Nutrition, it’s going
to really talk about Shakeology and the portion Fix program with the
Portion-Control Containers. So that really explains
the nutrition side. We have an Ingredients section, so depending on which Shakeology
flavor you choose, you can download the supplement
facts sheet for that. Section on Support,
this is where we talk about that comes
with a Challenge Pack, you get a Coach to support you and hold you accountable
through the process. And then we also highlight
the Money-Back Guarantee that we have
for all of our products. Also on the page,
we have success stories related to the products,
so in this case, these are 21 Day Fix
success stories. We’re also going to have
a Ratings & Review section, so again, we want to hear
from our customers what do they think about
the products and hopefully that
will influence their decision. The other thing
you can see is that as I scroll down on the page, we have this
what we call a sticky header, so at any time as people
are scrolling on the page, they could click into that and get right to adding it
to the cart. But let’s add it to the cart
from up here. You can see the first step
that it’s going to ask me is select
your Shakeology options. And so the first thing
I’m going to do is I’m going to take
the single flavor over the combo flavors. And then it’s going to say, “Okay,
what flavor would you like?” I am a Chocolate Vegan guy. And then the next step is gonna
say select your serving size. So I’m going to take it
in the 30-day resealable bag, so pretty simple. I’ve selected
21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, I’ve selected
my Shakeology flavor, I can now just add that
to the cart. And it’s added. And look what happens,
my little mini cart up here pops open to tell me that
I’ve got the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology Challenge Pack,
and there it has my pricing and everything in there, and I can actually view
the whole cart here or checkout. But before I do that, I want to do
a little more shopping. So I’m going to head back up
to the shop. Let’s jump over to the Nutrition
& Supplements section. As you can see,
that’s going to be laid out a little bit differently. Here you can see,
this navigation organizes, and it’s for
Performance products, on Performance packs,
Daily Sunshine, shakes and boosts,
3 Day Refresh. So again,
if I click on one of these, those products,
it would reconfigure to that. Let’s go back
and just I’m going to add the– Let’s see, what do I want? I think I’m going to pick the Beachbody Performance
Energize 10 pack. So I’m going to view
the details on that just to make sure I like that. And again here, similar situation,
sticky header. I have, you know,
the Learn More section with all of the ingredients
and the guarantee. I’m convinced I’m going
to add that to my cart. So I’ve added it, you can see
it’s added to my mini cart. Now this is a subtle
little thing, hopefully, you’ve noticed, but we are going to let you buy
a Challenge Pack and something else in your cart
at the same time. And this will happen also
in the Coach Registration flow and all the flows, so exciting. Before, that was really,
in the Coach Reg flow, that was limited. In some of our flows,
it was limited, you can only buy
the Challenge Pack, now you can add more things
into your Cart Checkout with a Challenge Pack. Awesome. So let’s go ahead and let’s view
this whole cart here. So now you can see,
here’s the cart, I want to check it out. Yes, I want that. You know what, do I want to?
No. I can change the quantity here,
but I’m going to stick with one. But here’s the other thing
that you’ll notice on this checkout page, the system knows
that I bought 21 Day Fix and so it’s actually going
to recommend other products that align to that down here. So again,
you see these cross-sell items to encourage your customer
to add everything into the cart that’s going to help them
get results. So that’s a nice new feature that we think is going
to be great for customers, great to increase your volume. So you can see here we’ve got
all of the shopping carts, so I’m going to go ahead
and checkout. And you can see our checkout
has become far more simplified. Here’s an exciting thing. You probably recall
that we used to have or currently have
Kickstart Challenge Packs. No more, to simplify it,
we just have Challenge Packs, but when somebody buys
a Challenge Pack, as they’re checking out, we give them a special offer
on 3 Day Refresh. So this acts just like
the old kickstart does, but now we don’t have to have
a separate line item for the kickstarts, we just offer it to them
as they’re leaving. So in this case, I could say,
yes, I do want to do 3 Day Refresh, so I’m gonna add that
to my order. Take advantage of that discount. You can see it’s been added
to my order summary over here. And now I’m going to checkout. So I was already a customer, so the system knows
my shipping address. That’s my alias Bruce Wayne. I can select
my shipping options, I mean pick a standard,
I’m going to continue. It will take me into Payments. I already had a credit card
on record, so I just need to type in that. I’m going to check to say that I know about the terms
and conditions, and I’m going
to submit the order. And voila, I have an order. So my order number
is STORE_20121970. I can print out a printer-friendly version
of this receipt. And I am good to go. So that’s the
customer experience, and that kind of gives you
a quick overview of the customer experience. I’m going to switch
over now a quick edit and I’m going to be coming back
signed in as a Coach. So signing off on this. Hey, I’m back, but now I’m signed in
as a Coach. And you can see, generally,
it looks exactly the same, but couple other features
just on the Coach-specific site that I wanted to go through. So again, same navigation,
the only difference is when I go here on Coach, instead of taking me
to information about becoming a Coach,
since I am a Coach, you click on that page, there is some information
that will serve up to you that might be relevant to you
as a Coach. Again, not the office,
but different little information that we can serve
to you as a Coach. But you also see here
on the Coach tab a completely
different navigation. And I want to take you
through that. So first of all,
right from here, you can click and navigate to the My Challenge
Tracker Portal, which is great. We’ll have navigation
to the Coach Office. We will have, at launch,
for our Canadian Coaches, you will still see a link to the Mobile Enrollment
app tool, this will be used
if in fact you want to create a mobile enrollment
for a new customer or Coach who is US based. But the new functionality,
and once we launch the US site, this will be for all customers. So when we launch the US site,
this will go away and we will only have
Share-a-Cart. So Share-a-Cart is basically
our new mobile enrollment. In summary, this is a way
for you to basically, if you’re going to be
enrolling a new Coach or a new customer
and you’ve already talked about, they’re going to buy
the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, this is a way for you
to basically build an order for them,
send it to them, all they have to do
is click on a link and it will take them
right into the store into the shopping cart and all they have to do
is checkout. So I’ll give you an example if you’ve never used
Mobile Enrollment, it’s as simple as you would
click on New Enrollment. So it’ll say,
“Who do you want to enroll?” So this Coach
is going to enroll me. So I am [email protected] That’s not really
my e-mail address, so don’t send it there. Michael Neimand, and I’m a Canadian Coach
and I speak English. And it’s going to say,
“Are you enrolling this person as a Customer or as a Coach?” So we’re gonna enroll me
as a Coach. And it says, “Yes, I do have
permission to use this.” So again, this should not be
that you are going through a phonebook, I don’t think they have
phonebooks anymore, especially ones that contain
people’s email addresses. But this is actually intended
you’ve talk to the person, they’ve given you
their email to send it. So I click that,
I click Continue. Says great,
we know who you’re building this order for, now what do you want
to send them. So I want to a Challenge Pack
and I want 21 Day Fix. I want Vanilla Shakeology. And I want it in the 30-day
serving resealable bag. And then I simply add that
to my cart. So here’s the cart. And now it says that
this cart has been created for Michael Neimand,
his email is [email protected] Here’s what his order is. When he buys this, it’s going
to give him the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology Challenge Pack along with his
Business Starter Kit. And basically, we send a email. And it says, “Success!” So I would have received
an email, I could click on that. So you can see,
I clicked on a shareable link, the sharable link,
I could take that link and paste it into an email, send it to him
in case he loses the email. So, that’s awesome. I could just do it again
to another Coach. But this is a great way
to simplify things for either your customers
or your new Coaches. I want to go back actually
to So I’m going to click
on this button here. So I’m back to the new site. The last thing
I just wanted to show you was that all this stuff
is really exciting, what else is exciting is that this site has been designed
responsively so that whether
you’re looking at this on a tablet or a phone and I’m going
to shrink this down so that you can see what it would look like
on a phone. So, you can see it,
I’ll move this over here. You can see, here’s what
it would look like on a phone. I can just scroll down
and everything sizes perfectly. We get this little menu here
on the phone. So I want
to go to Shop, Fitness. And you can see the way
we looked at that before, it scales down,
I have the same filtering, and then my tiles line up. So very, very cool. And I can open that back up, back to what it looks like
on the website. So, there you go, my friends,
that is an overview of the brand new site that is coming to you soon. So I hope you liked it.
Okay, thanks.

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