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Good morning everybody and welcome to The Balancing Act.
We’re having some fun. I’m Julie Moran.
And I’m Olga Villaverde. Alright, we’re talking money
matters this morning. I like that.
Me too. I like this very much, as we
help women build a stronger and more solid financial foundation
for both themselves and their family.
I like that more. Plus, I am heading to South
Beach. I want to come.
Alright, you are going to have a great time because I’m going to
find out about a topical toning cream that’s designed to get us
all beach ready and when it comes to your booty, I’m going
to enhance mine, so this is going to be a lot of fun under
the sun. Wow.
Are you ready now? I don’t know if I can go.
(laughing). Well, I’m going on vacation
after this. I’m going to L.A., and then
going to ride horses with my mom in Georgia, and then to Cape
Cod. Well, I’m going to Naples, and
again, I’m going to get ready for the beach to showcase my new
look. We are entertaining, inspiring,
and educating. Definitely entertaining.
The Balancing Act starts right now.
(music). Sun, surf, sand, summer is here!
Lot of alliteration there. Yes.
I’m so excited! Whoo!
But, is your body ready to flaunt on the beach.
Not quite yet. Oh come on, it is too.
Time to learn how to enhance our assets, and live a healthier
lifestyle, so I am heading to South Beach to find out the
latest in how to firm, tone, and tighten my booty!
You sound like me. Tighten my booty!
Let’s take a look. (music).
Hi everyone, we are in sunny South Florida, where beautiful
bodies are everywhere, and if you’re looking to tone up your
body this summer, you need to listen to Vanna.
That’s right, Olga. We’re going to combine
nutrition, exercising, and a special formula that I created
to make your booty beautiful. (music).
So, I know you practice what you preach.
I mean, look at you, you’re gorgeous.
Why, thank you! Alright, so we’re going to do
some exercise? Yes, let’s go.
Are you ready to work that booty?
Okay, I’m ready. (music).
Squat and squeeze. I’m squeezing.
And down and up. They’re called good mornings,
but they’re not really good mornings.
What is this for? This is for your hamstrings, for
the backside of your thighs. Usually, that’s where women
accumulate more cellulite, so this helps a lot, in that area,
to tone the back of your legs. Flex your knees and extend your
legs. Flex, and extend.
This is a great exercise to tone the back of your thighs and
those glutes that we all love so much.
I am feeling this big time. Lunge.
So, what are we working out here?
This is also for your glutes and your thighs, and obviously your
arms. This is for your biceps.
So, this is kind of a little bit more in terms of total body.
Yes, this is full body workout. How are you doing Olga?
I like it because this is total body.
I like it. I need help all over.
So Vanna, if I had Gel-V on right now, how would it work?
Basically, it helps you sweat more, detox.
It helps firm your skin, so you would apply it behind your
thighs and on your glutes for this exercise.
It tingles because it’s a cold sensation formula.
Now that work out, Vanna, was intense!
I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Thank you so much for that
workout. So, let’s talk about your
philosophy. I know you’re into healthy
eating, exercise. That’s correct, Olga.
I’ve always led an active lifestyle, since I was young.
I practiced soccer, I did gymnastics, but I also struggled
with maintaining a tone and lean physique.
You did?? Yes, totally.
My philosophy is even though you eat well, and you exercise,
there’s problem areas that dieting and exercise alone won’t
target, and that’s where my products come in handy.
So, what area of your body bothered you?
Well, basically, it was a little bit my midsection and like all
women, I also have a little bit of cellulite in the back of my
thighs and in my glutes, so that’s how Gel-V has helped me.
I use it every day, prior to every workout, and then I use it
during the daytime with my V-belt to mold and trim my
waist. Let’s talk about Gel-V.
What exactly is it? Gel-V is a cold sensation
formula that helps tone and trim your waist, any area where
applied. Waist, thighs, arms, and it
helps tone and firm the skin. So, how would I use it?
A couple times a day? I suggest using it three times a
day. Once, prior to a workout.
You apply it on, and then you massage it with V-glove on the
area where you have trouble. The best time is before your
workout and then during the day with your V-belt, all day to
mold and trim your torso, and then at night time, we suggest
using Gel-V hot, which is a thermally activated nighttime
accelerator. So, while you doing exercise,
Vanna, and you have that Gel-V in the area, how is it working?
Gel-V is a toning gel derived from all natural ingredients,
which they work synergistically to tone and firm the skin, so
while you’re exercising, it helps eliminate toxins.
It helps target fat deposits that you eventually will
eliminate while you work out. Vanna, when people see Gel-V,
and they see it’s a gel, do they kind of wonder “Is this really
gonna work??” Yes, of course, Olga.
There’s a lot of skepticism with toning gels, but that’s not the
case with Gel-V. It delivers.
I want to talk to you, Summer, about Gel-V.
How have you incorporated it in your life.
Well, I wear the gel everyday. I apply it before I work out.
I also wear it with the V-belt. The Gel-V has reduced the
appearance of cellulite and stretch marks around my
midsection and my legs, and the V-belt has trimmed my waist down
an inch. (music).
Yeah, it helps to tone. It helps to diminish some of the
dimples. Everyone has their own little
things about their body that they don’t like, so it just
helps to firm and tone, and get everything looking right.
So, how has the V-belt helped your body?
It’s helped take down some size, maybe like an inch or two.
It’s very comfortable, and form fitting, and it’s easy to
maneuver in. Summer, is it comfortable?
It is comfortable? It is.
You wear it everyday? Everyday.
A couple of hours each day. And obviously, we have different
ages here, and you guys look fabulous, but it’s really for
everybody. It’s you guys who are in great
shape. Maybe somebody who is not?
It is. It’s for everybody, all ages,
all sizes. It’s good for all areas of the
body. Women tend to store most of
their fat in their legs and their bottom area, so it’s great
for toning up skin and toning that area up.
(music). How does that make you feel when
you hear them say thanks, I feel better.
I look better. I love it.
Basically, my company is based on client reviews, and that’s
what makes me or breaks me, and obviously it’s a product that’s
word of mouth. There’s a lot of products out
there that generate skepticism because they don’t give results.
My products do, and that’s what has made Gel-V stand out from
the rest of them. So, the next time we work out
together, I am definitely going to apply it before the workout.
Yes, exactly. That’s the best time to use it.
So, from what I’m hearing, it’s really a whole lifestyle
approach. Correct.
We call it V-lifestyle, and it includes a nutrition plan,
Gel-V, Gel-V Hot, our V-glove, our V-belt, everything that
helps you enhance your fitness journey.
And for our viewers that would like more information, Vanna?
They go to And I’m going to find out more
about this lifestyle and I’m going to let you know tomorrow
how sore I am. Okay?
Awesome. Thank you, Olga.
Thank you, and if you’d like more information on Gel-V, go to
our website,
(music). What better time than right now
to learn more about becoming a better steward of your finances?
A 2013 Pew Research Study shows women are the sole or primary
bread winners in a whooping 40% of all U.S.
households. I was shocked with that.
Now, if you’re not financially empowered, our next guest can
really help put you on your way. Cynthia Tidwell is the
President, CEO of Royal Neighbors of America.
An organization that’s been empowering women since 1895.
Good morning, Cynthia. Good morning!
Thanks for having me. Thanks for being here.
So, let’s talk about these statistics.
I was a bit surprised 40% and my question is, women are working
hard but are they falling short, if you will, when it comes to
the children, their future, their financial lives?
It’s true. Women’s income is becoming more
and more important. But there are lots of demands
for that income. There’s mortgage, there’s
groceries, they are saving for college, retirement, lots of
competing things for that income.
But we have to think about what would happen if the women wasn’t
there to provide that monthly income?
Sure. Is she protected?
Does she have life insurance for everything that she holds dear?
Most women don’t have enough and many women don’t have any.
And if that is situation and you’re income is so important
should something unexpected happen, your family will
suffer. Let’s talk about the importance
of your organization. You’ve been empowering women for
over 100 years. That’s a long time, give us a
brief history. Royal Neighbors was established
in 1895 so think back. Rural America, women couldn’t
vote, they couldn’t own property..
That’s right! Nine women got together to
decide that women make a difference in the
family, not just emotionally but financially.
We were one of the first organizations in the United
States to provide life insurance to women.
Now, today we empower women in three very specific ways.
Our financial products protect them.
We do financial education. And we do a lot of philanthropy.
Mostly geared for helping women be the best that they can be.
Royal Neighbors of America has a phrase and I love this phrase.
“Knowing your worth.” That’s important, right?
We play lots of roles in our lives.
Mother, wife, daughter, sister. Friend.
We also have lots of worth. You have emotional worth,
spiritual worth, but what is your financial worth?
Do you know your financial worth?
Most women need to understand that.
Now, Royal Neighbors has lots of financial tools and calculators
that can help you understand what you need to make sure your
family is protected. Now, another statistic I was
reading here, and this one shocked me too, Cynthia.
90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances
at some point in their lives. 90 percent!
This is huge. Huge!
Many women don’t know what is going on in their family income
until either their spouse dies or they wind up divorced.
Women need to know very specific things.
They need to know their net worth.
They need to know what their budget is.
They need to know their opportunities to save.
Then, they need to do three specific things, once they have
that under control. They need to set their goals.
And their goals need to be specific so that they can
visualize what those are. Then they need to set a plan.
How are you going to make these goals come to life?
Are you going to save more, are you going to spend less?
Are you, how are you going to make all this work.
And if I could tell your viewers anything today, because a lot of
times women know these things but they don’t take action
today. Take action on your financial
future. Save a hundred dollars more a
month. Put more money in your 401K.
Buy that life insurance policy because life insurance will
protect everything that is valuable to you.
And this morning we are taking action.
I want you to stay right there because when we come back we are
going to focus and reveal how working moms, even stay at home
moms, can better secure and improve their financial futures.
Taking action this morning on The Balancing Act.
We’ll be right back. (Music). We’re back and speaking with
Cynthia Tidwell, President and CEO of Royal Neighbors of
America an insurer providing, life insurance and financial
empowerment for women since 1895.
Alright Cynthia, great information when we first
started. Let me ask you this: the age
group, let’s say between 25 and 54, which I think is probably
the most important age group there, are they insured?
Well, in that group you’ve got singles moms, you’ve got stay at
home moms, you’ve got working moms.
They all have different needs, they all have different issues
and the majority of them are all under insured.
Really? Women only have 69% of the
coverage that men have for the same type of exposure.
We need to fill that gap. And what is your company doing
to change that? We have plans that are
affordable for every budget, every life style, every life
stage because every life stage is different.
We know women better than anyone else.
I started thinking of life insurance when I had children.
Ok? So here’s my question.
When is the good age to start? 20’s, 30’s or when you’re
getting older? 50, 60’s?
Everybody’s situation is different.
But the younger you get life insurance, the less expensive it
is. Exactly.
And you’re healthy. Something could happen across
your life time where you could become with an illness and you
maybe precluded from getting life insurance coverage at all.
Cynthia, let me ask you this. As a not for profit, does Royal
Neighbors of America give back to the community?
We like to call ourselves insurance with a difference.
We do things that other insurance companies don’t do.
We are a socially conscience organization which means we give
part of our earnings back into our communities to do good.
That’s awesome. We have 200 chapters across the
country of people who volunteer to do good, and in 2013, we
impacted 50,000 lives by doing that.
We also provide member benefits. Legal services.
Oh wow. Health care discounts, disaster
aid, scholarships. And then finally we have our
signature program called Nation of Neighbors.
This is an empowerment program for women to help them be the
best they can be. We’ve given over 1.7 million
dollars in grants to women to get to a better place and we’ve
impacted about 1200 families or women.
Now, what’s meant by living benefits?
Can you explain that to me? Many people think that the only
time you can use life insurance is when you actually die.
Right. But there are many types of
policies that you can use the benefits while you’re still
alive. A cash value policy for example,
you can fund retirement or you can fund college.
But there’s also policies if you have a chronic terminal or
critical illness you can tap into those policy proceeds when
you’re going through really a devastating time and you may
need that money for expenses. And one thing I just want to ask
you as a women who knows a lot of friends of mine that getting
unfortunately divorced or starting over, and they’re
taking that action, but they are very scared to maybe reach out
to someone they don’t know. What I like about you and your
company, it’s very one on one. Very personal and easy to
understand. We try to keep easy to
understand policies, issues, not a lot of insurance jargon.
And we have a segment on our website specifically for women
on their own. Give me the name of the website
so anyone out there that would like to just start taking that
action. It’s org on
the end. Not .com.
Really making a difference.
Thank you so much Cynthia. Thanks.
Appreciate it. Come back anytime ok?
And if you’d like to learn more about that advantages of life
insurance in your life, and the many ways you can benefit, and
truly it can be done. You can visit us also at or get social, logon to
Facebook/thebalancingactfans. (music). Today’s recipe is going to tease
your taste buds as we get ready to serve up a dish guaranteed
to please. Cheesy hash browns.
Oh, doesn’t that sound good? Joining us, Gracia Pratt, senior
brand manager from Simply Potatoes.
So glad to have you in studio today.
And I’m happy to be here. The aroma is like, ahh, comfort.
Right there. Yea, isn’t it great.
You know, what is today’s busy woman really looking for when it
comes to preparing and enjoying meals?
You know there’s really two things I think are critical.
One is speed of prep. You know, you want to be able to
get it together and get it in the oven.
And the second thing is something amazing that the whole
family will eat. You know, you’ve brought some
potatoes, which are really the center piece of this dish, and
tell me why you really like Simply Potatoes.
Simply Potatoes, you know why they’re great?
They’re fresh potatoes. They’re never frozen.
What we do is we take all the work out of it for you.
Yes. So, they’re very versatile.
It’s fresh potatoes that are cut and prepped and ready to
assemble in various dishes as hash browns or in a casserole
like we’re going to show you today.
Great, so tell me what we’re going to do here.
We’re going to just simply make this recipe right?
Simply, yea. (laughter).
So, six ingredients or less and five minutes of prep, so what
we’ve got here is we have some onions, some cream of chicken
soup and some sour cream and butter.
Fantastic. Those are kind of your wet
ingredients. So I want you to add some cheese
because… Everything’s better with cheese
and the potatoes look great. And then we’re going to add our
potatoes, so rather then peeling, shredding, dicing we
just dump them in the bowl, and then really all you do is you
stir it up. Mix it all together.
Yummy goodness. And I’m not going to even make
you do the whole thing because you’ve prepared and we’re ready.
Yes. And then you just sprinkle this
on top. You sprinkle some corn flakes
for crunchy goodness on the top and then you bake for about 45
minutes and what comes out is this amazing cheesy side dish
that really goes with anything. Where can our viewers find
simply potatoes? You know we are located all
across the country in most major grocery store chains.
The one thing is we’re usually found in the eggs.
Oh really? Ok.
Yea. For a breakfast solution.
And where can we find today’s recipe?
If you go to we’ve got this recipe, along
with a bunch of other great family recipes.
Ok you know I’m dying to try this.
Yea. Can we dish that out?
Yea. (laughter) Alright, I want to
thank you so much for joining us today.
This is what I’m looking for. I know sometimes when I am
rushing into the house is not having to…
The prep is the hardest part right?
Yea. You don’t have time to stand in
the kitchen and put it all together.
You have time to bake stuff. Alright before I try this, I’m
going to say for additional information on this and other
tasty nutritious meal time dishes, you can whip online in
no time and visit us at, or get a
little bit social and we’re also on facebook and twitter.
Alright, I’m going for this. My kids are going to love this.
(music). We are so glad you began your
morning with us, and hopefully, you learned a thing or two.
Well, I learned those resistance bands can really kick your
booty! I love resistance bands.
People underestimate them. They work every body part very
well. Yes, they do.
I gotta tell ya. She’s sore.
Everywhere! Always lots more on our website, We’re also on Twitter and
Facebook. Post something, tweet us, let’s
get social. Tweet us about Olga and the
bands. Let’s get social everybody.
Until next time, remember, find your balance.
She’s lost hers, but find yours. And tell me if you like my
pants. (laughter).

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