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well of course summer is almost here it’s right around the corner and shedding some of those extra little pounds you you know get on the beach by the pool and everything like that is easier than ever with Schley medica and joining us today is Alexandra Castillo who is one of the lemn attica patient counselors good afternoon good afternoon thanks for having me if nobody has ever heard of it how does it work it’s very simple just so what you said it summer is right around the corner don’t wait don’t do what you did last year everybody’s coming in right now and saying last year I said I was gonna exercise and I was gonna get bikini body ready and I just didn’t do it so this year I’m being proactive and coming in early which is now is a perfect time to come in we do have a special recipe for weight loss success that’s what makes our clinics so unique you know they think you talk about everybody can have good intentions on working out kids and everything else can get in the way and you don’t sometimes have enough time exactly you think about this right you don’t need to go to the gym five days a week to see results what we see on average is that our patients will lose around half a pound to a pound a day doing our weight loss program and again it’s a special recipe for each patient not a one-size-fits-all so that’s what makes it so effective now we’re looking at some before and after pictures and they’re losing 49 pounds in eight weeks she looks incredible look at the before photo and look at the after photo looks like a total different person what all did it involve so the whole program is medically supervised we always customized nutrition we paired that with prescription medications and then in combination with the medical we pair the technology which is a Zerona laser and the laser is really the biggest component in this program and what it what allows you to see those really good results without having to hit the gym five days a week so what keeps it besides the time element what keeps customers coming back just the fact that you’re seeing results immediately this is exactly patients exactly just within the first week that you do the program you’re gonna notice a huge difference half a pound to a pound a day is a lot they say just doing diet and exercise alone you can expect to lose around half a pound to a pound a week but this is per day and it’s pretty effortless desi Rona is completely painless it’s not very time consuming you’re only under there for a total of 40 minutes and it’s painlessly melting your fat and you said it is medically super it is some vitamin supplements or medications exactly prescription based so the program is going to work there’s no way around it is diet involved – Nutrition yes and we don’t sell any shakes there’s no bars no prepackaged meals it’s pretty much foods that you’re probably already buying and eating now we’re just showing you healthier ways of eating those foods so this doesn’t give me an excuse to go eat a whole cheesecake or no yeah no that wouldn’t be very good for your body but coming into our program you really can expect to see fast results so fast that we do guarantee you and overall 4-inch loss just within the first two weeks of starting the treatment with us that’s a lot yeah I mean that’s a whole new whole new bikini exactly so in just four weeks you can really transform your body and get ready for the summertime and you do have a special today we do but it’s only for the first ten people who call our techs you’re gonna get everything that you see on screen for over half off that package is normally priced up four thousand but today it’s gonna be priced at only eighteen hundred dollars for the first ten people who caller text with an extra bonus Botox in one small area okay you heard it here first 10 callers receive the four-week transformation package for less than half the price all you have to do is call or text two one zero three six one fourteen eighty that’s two one zero three six one fourteen eighty or visits ‘la medica dot-com

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