Full Day of Eating | Sergio Oliva Jr | 4 Weeks Out From Arnold Classic 2020

what’s up muscle & strength Sergio Oliva junior I’m gonna take you through a full day of eating so this is meal one 8 egg whites and
three whole and then 1/2 a cup of oats this is only carbs I get besides a
little bit of rice before the gym so I try to eat it with like a really
small spoon so that way it’ll last longer but this is about it every day
it’s the same thing all right well this is a meal two for the
day he gives me two cups because on chest
back or leg day I need a little bit more energy so today being chest he gives me
an extra cup instead of just being one cup so I get 9 ounces of chicken and 2
cups of rice and some asparagus I use a this sugar-free fat-free barbecue sauce
I’ll probably cut it out the last two weeks before the show I also have a
sugar-free ketchup that I use on my fish and that’s about pretty much all of it
otherwise it’s just regular fat free seasoning meal 3 10 ounces of cod and a cup of
rice and spinach so this is meal number four twelve
ounces of steak asparagus and I took a quarter cup out of my meal earlier so
that way I could have a quarter cup of rice with this meal so we are at my friend Marc’s house my massage therapist he’s been working on me since I moved here so for about a
year now and I’m just real particularly with my massages man that everyone’s the
best everyone’s like I mean I destroy my body I tear
it up so I need I need the massages to be next level and also I also need
somebody to understand bodybuilding and what I’m trying to do and bring out
certain points in my body and also figure out where I’m lagging and let
alone all the injuries and stuff that it prevents so I since he does about an
hour and a half of just my upper body I split it up so I’ll do two my upper
body today and then I’ll come back tomorrow for lower body meal 5 12 ounces of cod and asparagus
this is a sugar-free ketchup this is meal number six my last meal of
the day kind of a night owl so it’s now 3:00 in the morning and I am having 12
egg whites alright well that was a full day of
eating thanks for watching make sure to subscribe below


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