hi guys welcome back to the channel
today we are doing a full day of eating keto low-carb and basically what that
means is you’re gonna follow me around and see what I do for a breakfast lunch
dinner any snacks in between we’ll kind of see how that goes anything that I
drink will also be included unless it’s water and we’ll track it all in the carb
manager app if you don’t know how to use the carb manager app I will link it
here or there and it’s been really helpful there have been over 35,000
views on that video so I really hope that it can help you learn how to use it
as well well track everything see where we end up with our macros and hop into
it hey guys so for breakfast I’m having a
Keto cream with my coffee I’m actually in the process of filming a video about
that right now so it’s probably gonna be up already by the time that this video
goes up so I’ll link that below and you’ll get to see that and let’s see
if i like it I do. I already knew I would. this is the nut
latte or latte nut whatever flavor that is so this is gonna be my breakfast the
first thing that I have in the morning would break any kind of intermittent fasting
that I do it’s 130 calories it’s 4 grams of carbs 12 grams of fat and 2 grams of
protein so I’ll put that in the carb manager app and see where I am at the
end of the day hey guys okay so it is lunchtime and I
oh you can hear my dog and my kids and all that kind of stuff so what I’m doing
right now is gonna end up having sliced pepperoni spinach and artichoke dip I’m
going to show you what exactly I’m using so sliced pepperoni spinach artichoke dip
I get from Costco and it’s by litera FINA right here there you go
I’m doing two tablespoons of that I’m also doing sugar snap peas so I’ll insert the picture for you and I’m gonna add these into the carb manager app and
the pepperoni has zero carbs I think the I mean I know that obviously the sugar snap peas have carbs and the dip does have a few I will track those and
again I don’t mind so much the carbs that come from vegetables so I’m not
crazy worried about that but I will track them
and at the end of the day we’ll see how it goes I have dinner in the crock-pot so we
already know what’s going on with dinner except I don’t know what side I’m making
I have a pot roast thing happening there and I will link that video because I had
that recipe video actually on my channel so you can see how exactly I’m doing
that since I’m not really showing it okay let’s go so dinner tonight is the Mississippi pot
roast that I do have a video and recipe for I will link it somewhere up here and
probably also down here and my husband is air frying Brussel sprouts I put
everything into carb manager already and it landed at right about seventy six
percent fat 19 percent protein and then the rest carbs it was all I’m gonna
insert that in here so you can see it as well
everything landed perfectly. All in all it was an easy day of keto low carb and if I had
salad I would probably make a side salad with it too I just didn’t have any with
me so you can definitely get creative with all of the different things thank
you guys so much for watching my full day of eating keto low-carb and I do
want to say I really appreciate when you like and when you subscribe so would you
go ahead and do that if you haven’t and until next time


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