Full Body Workout in less than 10 minutes

there you have it. Five exercise 10 reps each you
see my heart raise up sweat a little bit already and that’s just
one round so it’s going to be less than a 10 minute workout! What’s up guys? Jordan Nevels back. Today I’ve got an incredible workout for you that’s going to replace your old boring cardio. that you dread every day alright? this is going to
be done in minimall time 10 minutes or less at the same time you will be burning massive amounts of fat and build muscle at the same time alright
and that’s a win-win so can see all I have is a pair of dumbbells in my hand
not super heavy he’s got 20 pounds here and we’re running through this circuit
alright so we’ve got 5 different exercises each exercise I’m going to go
for 10 reps right now to keep this you want a bit minimal break between each
exercise 10 seconds or less that way your heart rate up and you keep it up so
we’re working on that condition alright so number one thing about being healthy
we want to look good but you gotta take your heart so you see how I’m always
referencing athleticism movement and sprinting running because number one
before you look good you get the healthy and good on the
inside right so we’re trying to strengthen up the heart
you’re not conditioning to the max level and the violent physique is always gonna
file right so we’ve worked out we got five to the exercise its tip reps first
we’re going to start with our jumping pressing right so these like jumping
jacks simulate but of course all going to using our thumb at the same time okay morph exercise I’m
going to go into a squat press transition it was going to get to try
stuff at the same time okay so once you dig deep down in your squat you’re gonna
hold dumbbells at an angle that you’re gonna be able to extend and flex the
tricep and build up the tricep muscle at the same time that’s the definition of a
true total body exercise okay exercise you don’t move it up the upper body
chest and shoulders so push-ups balls push-ups right 10 reps he’s the key
every single rep you’re gonna hold 10 seconds at the bottom and then come up
all right so it’s his second hold each single rep
to finish it out that’s 5 exercise and done the 10 minutes let me take your
party on conditions will hold another level and give you that lean crisp slip
disease that you want to exercise I’m Jack
right so we’re here remember ten full reps keep your core tight we’re gonna
press at the same time as if he threw up just like standing right here full exercise remember squat press it
open here neutral grip 10 second hole
pause push it in Nice all contraction time slowed up and make sure to breathe
when you’re out the Bob and now that go to mobile remember as a good time don’t
get that one here and put too much strain on my shoulders remember Chuck
you tension maximum on the chest you have fine exercise ten reps each
you see my heart rates up I sweat a little bit already this is one round so
it’s going to be less than ten better workout and just continue to repeat the
round that you can hit three four five minute we just prepared them termination you’re gonna replace your
stick stick more needles you have to do that you’re probably it’s red okay
this is going to give you more benefit you get the heart rate up through the
intensity you’re going to burn a little fat then you would normally okay
just doing that thing state party but more importantly you can be able to hold
on to that hard our muscle and really safe to use attention water alright so
that’s it instruction that’s the workout my name is one full round looks like
right here we go all the way down and you may even come out there if you
want to get more closer on the pushed up so I’m gonna hear or experiment you do go here we go here we go
poor chaps but bitch a visit there we go that’s it it’s one full
round I see sweating me getting that heart rate up
that’s not good work so give you the modified reps take a break between
exercise whatever you need to do that’s all right let’s keep it done I’m
here with you encourage each other always thanks for the time Sagi see you next

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