FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT for Women | No Gym Needed

hi guys I’m Sara today we’re gonna be doing a full body hit workout how this is gonna work is you’re gonna do 60 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest between each exercise once you’ve done all six exercises you’re going to take a break and go through it through it another one or two more times for a total of two to three times through for this first exercise we’re gonna do a little bit of cardio this one is called high knees when you’re doing this exercise make sure that your knees are coming up high enough to hit your hand please excuse my dog she’s a little crazy for this next exercise we’re doing a backwards lunge with a hop so this is going to work your quad muscles as well as the calves when you jump up when you’re doing the lunge you want to make sure that the emphasis is coming from the back leg so you’re reaching that back knee towards the ground instead of reaching the front knee forward for this exercise here we’re gonna be doing a walking plank with a push-up for the pushup you are more than welcome to do that on your knees something to focus on with the high plank is that you want to have your wrists under your shoulders through this exercise make sure that your core is engaged and your hips are not coming up too high here we’ve got another core exercise these are v6 you have two options for this one you can do this with your hands in the air like I am here you can also put your hands on the ground to stabilize yourself just make sure that you are keeping the core engaged and your back straight so your shoulders are not rounding into it for this exercise here you’re going to be jumping you’re going to jump from close to a wide squat you’re going to feel this burning a lot in your quads so this next exercise is yoga inspired this is a side plank with a rotation you want to make sure that you’ve really engaged through this exercise to your hips don’t drop and keeping your legs stacked one on top of the other well I hope you guys enjoyed that workout these are for women by wind women and I’m going to be making a whole bunch of videos just like this one so stay tuned for that if you’d like to follow me on instagram the links will be below again my name is Sarah thank you for joining us today

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