From Cancer Scare to Vegan Fitness Model At 40+!

When someone has a health scare, like a possible
cancer diagnoses, it usually results in a vow to change habits, eat healthier, start
exercising, and more. However, few follow through on such a change of heart and even
fewer do what my guest today did: go from a full-blown cheese-loving omnivore to a vegan
fitness model, all after the age of 40. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. Today I’m excited to introduce you to Crissi Carvalho, better
known as the vegan fitness model. Crissi has been in the fitness industry since the tender age
of 16, and while most people seem to peak young and start the downhill trend towards
middle age, Crissi has gone against the grain and is the fittest, and healthiest she’s
ever been at 42! Just take a look at this mother of two. Now let’s hear from Crissi about her journey
to vibrant vegan health. Well Crissi, I want to thank you so
much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be on the channel and help share your experience. Thank you. It’s my pleasure to be
here speaking with you. Great! So, to start off to give people
kind of an idea of your own story, can you tell us when and why you went vegan? Back in around and about 2012 is when
I started…experimenting with the vegan diet. So, more of a plant-based diet. However my
journey to that started a lot before that. Mainly from having a few health conditions.
I had a bit of a cancer scare and my best friend also. We were all around about 36-37
at that stage, so very young. So, having problems with our health and being somebody that’s
started in the fitness industry from the age of 16, I found it…well, why is this happening?
So, I started self studying and that led to studying nutritional medicine and how foods
can actually heal our bodies. So, I started the chemical route. I took out chemicals,
preservatives, additives – try to stick to more of whole food. I wasn’t vegan at that
stage. 2000…from 2012 to 2013 I started doing things like fasting, detoxification methods.
So, that…the more and more I learned about the way we’re meant to eat is the more that
led me to veganism. It was a bit of resistance on my side because born in Germany – I’m
European. I loved cheese and I wasn’t a very big meat eater so that was not a problem at
all. And so yeah, so gradually that led me over to become a vegan. And the more I learned
about veganism the more I realized it was exactly who I was. Definitely an animal lover,
and it was really weird for me at, what was I… …39, and I never made a connection that
beef is cow, and bacon is pig – things like that, which so many people are like that now
you know. And it’s not until you put that out there that they have the ‘Ah Ha!’
moments, and I really feel that that’s…we need to be a bit gentle with people. In that
respect is showing them the connection. And now I’m an ethical vegan. It probably only took
me about a year of transitioning and that’s what’s kept me vegan. It’s so easy once
you reach your own personal health goals as a plant-based…on a plant-based diet. To
easily to go back and have little dibbles and dabbles of cheese here, or milk there,
or cake here. But when you head over to the ethical side you don’t even want to partake
in that, and that’s exactly what I become. That wasn’t the original…original purpose
of me going vegan but wow, it’s forever now. So, can you tell us a little of your
journey into becoming a fitness model, how did that happen? Again, around about the same time,
it was such a big shift in my world. I had lost my…I started in the fitness industry
at around 16 till about 30 and then I became an interior designer. And then from there
I…the big world global financial crisis. I lost my job and I had to really look at
what I was gonna be. You know 30..again, coming into 36, 37, 38 I was starting again and health…I
had no problems at that time as I just discussed. And so I, actually decided to go back into
the health industry and the fitness industry. So, I really started on my certifications,
studied the plant-based nutrition. And to launch back into my career, and to prove to
myself that as a newly vegan, I could be as fit and strong as all my peers, I decided
to do a competition which was just last year 2014. So, I had around only 8 weeks to prepare for
the competition and with all my 13 years…14 years previously in the fitness industry,
I just molded my new plant-based nutrition, and my old fitness, so called health new knowledge
to get out. Before I knew it I have been now…now competing for just over a year and in that
time I’ve done around about 8 competitions, 14 stage shows, and out of those 14 I placed
all one in around about 12 of them, and some in the masters category, and it’s been amazing.
People have been so inspired by someone that is vegan that can achieve these results in
such a short time, but also someone at my age. And I think I’ve pretty much proven,
not just to myself but to so many, that we don’t need meat protein to build muscles. And because
I’ve competed once before…twice before in my 20’s I definitely think this is a
better way, a faster way, a more nourishing way to build muscle, and to stay fit. Yeah,
it’s been an amazing journey so. Well, thank you so much again for your
time. I really appreciate you because I know that you have a lot of clients, and a lot
of stuff going on, so thank you so much for taking the time to be on the channel. Thanks so much. I hope you enjoyed hearing from Crissi about
her journey back to health and making that connection to the deeper ethical side of veganism.
Now bringing it back to the surface, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the inner workings
of Crissi’s fitness coaching programs and she’s been an important part of my own journey
back to fitness, part of my dream team, if you will, with Derek Tresize from last week’s video
and Robert Cheeke’s new book “Shred It.” And here’s a little peak into my progress. So check out Crissi’s services if you want
fitness guidance from a vegan perspective. This video was sponsored in part by Cronometer
where you can track your own fitness and nutrition to ensure optimal athletic performance at
any age! Use the link in the video description or up there to make your own free profile. Now I’d love to hear your thoughts on Crissi’s
conversion and kicking all the aging stereotypes in the butt. Have you had any health scares
motivate you to reclaim your own life? Do you feel your age makes fitness difficult?
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