Foods that Build Muscle + Incomplete Gyms + When to Eat Protein

bjbj>>RYAN: Hey what’s up guys? It’s Ryan
from and today is a great day for working out. But before we start working
out let’s go ahead and dive into your questions from last week. So first up we have 14 Brad
and he wants to know “For building muscle do you need to eat just protein or are carbs
as important as well?” And it looks like you’ve been getting conflicting answers on that,
but yes for building muscle you want to be eating protein and carbohydrates. Some great
carbohydrate sources for building muscle would be whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, brown
rice, oatmeal, those will be a few that you can dive into that are great for building
muscle. Next up we have Kamshi and he wants to know “What do you do when you are going
to a gym and they don’t have the equipment that you want or need for a particular exercise
or body part.” This is a great question and I think a lot of people struggle with this
and the simple answer you do the best you can with what you have. So don’t let it become
an excuse, oh I can’t workout x body part because I don’t have free weights or I don’t
have dumbbells. There are tons of workouts on the internet and YouTube and even you,
checkout my home video workout, that don’t even need weights. So you can work out without
weights and depending on what your gym has you may have to make adjustments. If they’ve
only got machines you do a machine workout, if they only have dumbbells you do a dumbbell
workout I mean there’s a workout for every type of equipment. It may not be perfect but
it’s the best for what you have. And the underlying goal is that you’re in the gym working out
that’s what you need to be doing. And finally we have XX Nusca 24XX wants to know “Does
it benefit to drink a protein? Do you want to drink a protein shake before you workout
or after?” And I think there are a couple of other questions related to that as well.
So I’m going to do some nutritional videos later on we’ll get into that, finishing the
exercise videos first. But to answer it here, yes you definitely want protein after you
workout, whether it’s a shake or some type of quick meal that you’ve thrown together
you absolutely want to have protein within 45 minutes. So remember that eat it within
45 minutes, ideally 30 after your workout. If you’re interested in a good book on the
timing of eating your food or protein rather after working out you can checkout this book
“Nutrient Timing”. You can get it I think off of Amazon it’s like $15 bucks. All right
guys that’ll do it for another edition of Mind Food Monday Your Questioned Answered.
Go ahead and put questions in for next week and I will talk to you then. In the meantime
get in the gym. [Music] foods that build muscle incomplete gyms when to eat protein 2012
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