Focus T25 Review | Worth the Time and Money?

was gonna have class scared but
obviously left in stock that now judging by my shirt teach 15 this is what we’re going to
talk about today focus t25 review if you’re looking
around trying to figure out is this program work for me is that worth my time it was at work my money as
well like to share with you today to help you understand that this is the
tech program that welfare with your goals and what you’re
trying to achieve with your health and fitness need so let’s get rockin hollow focused he
25-year Focus T25 Review Duke so very bursting over and discuss is to
stabilise said the first evolved you don’t need
mmm practically and equip which i think is great especially when
we first introduced in the fitness especially if you’re somebody you’d like
got a lot of people that I’ve encountered with the awesome teams like community that are
reintroducing himself trying day lose weight and get healthier you don’t
want to bother but about to the equipment the only thing you need for the second
might up to 25 is just some dumbbells or resistance bands it doesn’t happen can be havin just
enough to give you are not a good workout depends on the bottom tired of you
everytime I ask you what would you ask right for you if we do something talk
about what up different way you need whether a past 15
pounds or something like that anyway so start with how it all begins it begins with the alpha phase and up is
the opportune calendar for and consisted only five days a week five days a week in 25 min today can’t
really be downright to five days a week 24 hours a day now
the Focus T25 Review one thing to keep in mind is the fifth
day is not just 25 minutes a day is actually two focused 25 were cast
talked all day Friday they do that a lot of reasons first
block on the last two days the Wii you’re gonna be everest type to recover
Saturday as they call it is when you take your stats so you rested hold then on Sunday you
doing stretch so you really have to rest is there and
that’s why I’m kinda finished the week down strong to
take a rest reports that the next week so that’s our so I can start your foundation now are
you gonna start with that the cardio speed for now total body circuit if
those name sounds scary not a debt to you
especially this summer that is trying to find this is where your first
program get jumping into because them point is you can modify had is so awesome because right to the
writer Sean T to the left the shotty something like that is tonya she’s a
modifier she’s there the entire time you can watch her even if you can keep
up with the modifier do what you can that’s the secret and I
think a lot of people get frustrated and quit because you try to keep it was only like Shaun T
whose let’s be honest he’s been working out an entire life from mars he is a trainer readouts so you know don’t try to keep up with hair
try to keep up with your cell consistently compete with yourself to be
the better person review of focus t25 you need to be if you do that every time
you get what you want and you get alzheimer’s often focuses on sup out to about defining your foundation then a second
market the complete 5 weeks I’ll five days a week you’re going to then go over to another five weeks five days a week wanna be your face now
bear focus a little bit longer or conditions focus a lot more abs here
for just a little bit more of my soul I think I rock and roll and that is the
base focus you twenty-five others upgrade
option which is called gamma that focuses a lot more muscles I you do
how long me a little bit more stars dumbbells are
concerned and no also be some other upgrade options
for us sir skied at my so you got of Obadiah gamers a sack
early purchase I am if your important when you’re ready for
so that’s the basis that you don’t have a lot of equipment barely can drive calendar walked through
the entire I do feel that being totally modify this
thing and I will get some good results in it
and here’s the effect here’s my personal view it This in fact oMG up my resolved that also is
also somebody that I watching this program Verizon I did and got stuck results as
well but used them what I love about focusing
on about well absolutely think is born is a fact
that somebody that is like to know why I am
just sick and tired boss Tony Danza I’m sick and tired and in fact that we’re
lose weight focus t25 review if that’s you be confident this could be
something that could help you here’s here’s why I think that it dies 25 minutes a day let me bring up my
before before before before I got understand and yes the four
I was here talking to you ever where that’s why I start curly or wavy curly
and shave didn’t have any muscle definition I was
a complete matter haro I felt sick all the time and this would
have been denied your program for me I wish it was created bomb was less on
my fitness journey focuses wifi was police jobs p90x out on
right now also in the bathroom where being
overweight I straw compete and yes it was higher it
was top and I really wish that I didn’t have to
do our workout it every day special yoga which was like
I think it’s like 90 minutes long so well over an hour ames’s like I’m so
hard to keep a hollow because here’s somebody like myself just get me in his defense s didn’t
happen that the motivation to drive to do this every day for an hour this is totally doable so keep that in mind this can often be
getting get out and move on with the day focus on making a smart progression
angel living that awesome like that you dream about
going to the beach looking awesome take your shirt off
looking awesome been in a bathing suit lookin sexy fear anger this is that transition takes
%um slowly and doesn’t say I’m going on our
day pop out a bunch wraps doing this and that now gonna do
that I think ask somebody about so I got my before and after right there
they are I was just online with a little bit %uh
a little bit of bloat there in the beginning because I kinda fell all the way a little bit ago
tied up so I started last summer and that was
ever was able to slim down a little bit now what I will say is because I went to
King and yes I lost 70 pounds originally that’s why I don’t feel that I got the
pool was also want and where he might as the ripped
physique I need to focus more resistance and at
room things like that I don’t wanna make this a p90 X three
varsity 25 video because I heard on 14 wanna check
that out feel free to check that out but if you’re somebody that’s our pretty
much layin or less a skinny fat which is like tire wearing my skinny fat is there something
looks at you and say you are your tax skinny but you know you
my yessum some stuff going on out here you moles
you might give it up commerce Casio that might be a little
more resistance training on topic cardio on so that was cool
folksy for me but let me show you something
that will kick butt and take names that this is coach jimmy has lost fifty have that was the point about this guy
for lifted up to shreds and this is a great example of why I
wish this program was created one I was overweight back in 2010 he’s a great
reason to say I is only 25 minutes let me get in and
get busy let me get was also deserve a move on with my day who cares if I have to modify this thing
it doesn’t matter I have not heard you go shawty I’m going
to keep up with myself as long as I stay committed and stay
consistent the last up my journey results I deserve that’s what it’s all
about so at RTL kirchner as always you know I just I i
think is a great them to share that story some poor and I means a lot so that is mighty 15
bureaucracy 25-year casa into a new challenges all the time so I have followed my journey this is the
first time you and I have mad I wanna say hello and thank you for watching
this video but most importantly I’m here to help you
out here to help you did the results and the motivation and the weight loss
that you deserve this program soaker Anderson enjoying whatever 6025
challenges always looking to you know hairdos and
say hi and meet new people so you can click the
link below the Arctic Egypt focused t25 about information you can look at what’s best
for you if you want to get the fuck is the point of fact or skip the focus to talk about basic
it’s totally up to you based on what your needs are what I will say is you get yes program
for free at the point about you is that t25 course the which is a very very
awesome just overall I mean caroline’s near this
the one point out how fast speed 2.0 in beta this is an incredible work so that’s what you get with that so that’s
it guys if you have any questions couple oh thanks for watching my focus t25 review guess how to awesome awesome day


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