Flexible Dieting On Vacation – How can I eat better while on vacation

How to go about Flexible Dieting On Vacation? How can I eat better while on vacation? How does my flexible diet survive daily all
you can eat buffets while on vacation? Keep on watching! Let’s start with breakfast. Of course you can choose to skip breakfast
completely, and save your calories for later that day. But if you love having breakfast on vacation,
keep this in mind. On vacation we don’t track calories too
closely. Do it only in your head. Don’t use scales. Guesstimate portion sizes. Try to use an autoregulated approach. Eat when you’re hungry, don’t if you are
not. Make healthy food choices. Go for the veggies and the protein. The veggies will provide volume, fiber, vitamins
and minerals. The protein of course are for building muscle
and maintenance. Avoid obvious fats such as pork meat. Avoid carbs from bread, since bread will not
make you feel full, so you will eat way too much of it easily. Choose eggs, beans, veggies. Choose cottage cheese, low fat cheese, seeds,
nuts, fibrous carbs like bran, oats and so on. Don’t forget your fruit. Remember enough fluids. No fruit juices -way too much sugar-, but
drink coffee and tea. During the day. Adjust your diet structure. If you choose to have a big breakfast and
dinner, that will have a consequence: you will have to skip your lunch, and avoid snacking
during the day. Since our children always want to eat an icecream
when on vacation, we choose to make that icecream our everyday lunch. Again, remember drinking enough throughout
the day, for hydration as well as to suppress the feeling of being hungry. Consider the possibilities to burn extra calories
too. It’s always nice and easy to do some walking,
maybe some swimming, cycling, or try to hit the hotel gym. Dinner:
Again, choose wisely. First some soup maybe. This fills you up and takes away the first
hunger. Food choices are everything in autoregulation
and flexible dieting. Again, remember your veggies and protein. Fibre and vitamins. Protein to get a full saturated feeling, and
for muscle maintenance. Avoid obvious fats such as pork meat, and
all processed meats. Avoid all carbs: no rice, potatoes or bread. (Save those carbs for dessert.) After the soup, hit the salad bar. Choose lots of fish and lean meats. If you have any calories left for dessert,
choose fruit, maybe icecream or cake. Always remember to make the most healthy food
choices. I hope these tips were of some help for you. If you have any other tips for us, please share them by leaving them in the comment section under this video.


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