Flexible dieting. How to eat cake and lose weight.

Hi and welcome to be V.Fit TV
I am T and I am V and today we are talking about cake yes and how to eat it
yes we’re going to demonstrate maybe different cakes I’m really good with that
get them in okay there you go so sit back enjoy and we’ll crack on eating cake
yeah, But in all seriousness we are actually talking about flexible dieting
which is basically how you can still enjoy the foods that you love and lose
weight total anything we’re gonna hear suddenly everyone will start joining us now
yeah how can I do that really is it true yes and if you follow Tamsin cause she’s way
more sociable than I am you’ll know that Tamsin likes to go out socialise with
friend and she does that was all looking stunning my oh yeah I did I managed to lose
weight and then keep it off and still have life yeah so you know so I think
when people start dieting and wanting to lose weight you tend to think you’ve got
to the strict you’ve got to eat boring food but yeah and you have to just kind
of skip to the same old thing and then just exclude your social life yeah okay
yeah where’s the fun in that so well you can in fact eat all the
foods you love and still lose weight so if you’re just joining us hello rather
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well we’re going to be on it this week Ashley yeah you know I think most of
everyone really enjoyed lost existence like I am so – we had to go buy candy
for you needed yeah not that he thinks he is and not that we were saying what
was part is just going and other stuff but that was all right yes
I want a good special guest so I wouldn’t want it back though
ticket very truth we know we love love you back
yes so basically what we’re going to talk about is what kinds of things
people avoid when they want to die it so it being summer typical summer social
whipping so people will have barbecues people have parties and other festivals
that people go to holiday weddings weddings absolutely so there’s all these
wonderful events and what comes with a bit food and alcohol
yeah and loads of staff that normally you wouldn’t associate with a diet right
exactly exactly so people would go oh yeah I’m on a diet and oh yeah I’m going
to come to the wedding but you know I’m just going to bring my own food and
literally people freak out about me yeah waiting to go am I going to do I mean
like I get a lot of women who say to me I’m going to start the diet after I’ve
been to sensei’s wedding or under start my diet after my 40th birthday party yet
why not just start it now and hope or pray everything yes well sure know why
hold of you you don’t have to be wait and get things out the way to his life
what sense their life still happens even when you’re dieting raises and then
you’re just going to miss out on all the fun stuff yeah life doesn’t get out the
way I’m sorry babe hands and sizing yo social life right
and have it live now I can do it right I might a matey that had a killer
body now yeah I’m gonna have a kind of body in the ground so this is the thing
so you have things happen and you might have a day out with the kids you might
have a day where you’re going to work do or something that summer is this typical
kind of social event season where people go yeah I’m going to go on holiday so
I’ll kind of start after the holiday whatever whatever you don’t have to do
that you know you you can we can give you some tips on how to put some things
in place where you don’t blow it you have stay tuned for that nature’s
and tips coming me so why how do we feel when we go to these kinds of things what
do we feel we should do I think most people feel that one this fear of
missing out isn’t it you know I think quite a lot of people feel that they
need to have an alcoholic drink to feel relaxed yep problem is doesn’t stop at
one so and then it carries on and also I think peer pressure you’ve got family
friends and go on yeah oh you know I’m stupid I know where you’re going to stop
and it makes you feel really guilty for kind of missing out on what you know is
a most exceptional fun no like you can’t be fun without alcohol
you can wait right and but you know and also ya know I think also if you have
one a lot of people turn to go into out hockey it from owning it and one becomes
10 souls in your place yeah you have a nice quick when it comes to alcohol that
is my mom mixing and yeah exactly so you do you feel pressured and this is the
thing when people see a healthy like that I was a diet yes and they see
themselves as doing something different to everyone else get that assessment and
this is the thing and so I always think to myself if you were a vegan or
vegetarian yeah people wouldn’t insist that you had the burger what’s that’s
very true my seven guys amazing oh my god Wow many other folks just eat burger
why do we do that well one more person yeah yeah one people not going to kill
me on yeah so it’s like isn’t about you know you’re choosing a healthy lifestyle
for you and I am what you want to do and give to your body eyes if you want to
shut them up you can have the alcoholic beverage and that’ll kill it it is what
nothing to save certain zone and also you can enjoy one or two or your
arteries nine if you want to work it into around
kind of site you can do absolutely and that’s the thing is Vanessa said right
at the beginning you know I will go out and I will have a night where I go out
and I don’t track it and I don’t think about it and I enjoy it but it’s not all
the time it’s once every few months literally it’s not like Friday night
Saturday night a little bit more on time but it is so rare but I can not you know
worry about it however if you are having lots and lots
and lots of is in and you genuinely have a goal that you are really set on
achieving by certain time you need to sit you need to a venue how to address
it so if you are out every weekend then this flexible approach won’t work you
have to tighten the reins at some point it isn’t like a green card to go crazy
Hansol versa so it’s fine yeah we’re not saying that with saying that – kind of
in moderation in the middle everything work yeah yes exactly and so how we set
move in our see fit groups I run it online boot camp Canton does amazing fit
kitchen and we kind of teach there everything in moderation so you know we
go through eating really healthy stuff and then incorporate a little bit of
fancy yep and we do that why because it’s flexible and also we could
sometimes I will type the majority of the time if you are too strict
some people can don’t get me wrong but the majority of people if they are too
restrictive and too strict about what they can accord have you know these
things that you can’t have suddenly become like a drug but you cray yeah I
knew and it’s bad and it’s naughty and you hear this all the time people
labeling naughty things bad food I was bad I was you know not had some
chocolate oh my god I was so bad it was a devil yeah yeah
so if you forever if you’re always much labeling things as as through then you
just end up wanting to have some more you want and then when you break that
diet and you have that one back then you then don’t want all that binge and I’ll
dig out all this pick out all they pick out of it I’ll pick out on it let me do
it but it’s just so this is this is what we are kind of saying is when you just
see food and drink as a combination of fats carbs and protein yes it is just
another way to build up whatever drawer what your calorie goal is or you know if
you’re going into macro and micro goal it’s just another way of making that
input into your body however this is the flexible approach so that mean just
build up your calories and macros from a big bowl of ice cream top of different
things that you can fit it anything tip if it’s looking but it’s made meaning
that you are the majority that I’m eating very healthy food and then maybe
25 min at the time and a little bit of what you found a little bit of what you
find so the idea is that you’re covering all your base points all your nutrients
you victim engine minerals with the 80% of Sutton oats whole foods healthy style
yep and then just a little bit of what you fantasy to keep you sane yeah keep
those cravings at bay and also if you have a little bit of a life yeah so you
know that’s the aim of the game really isn’t it yeah we’ve had so many women
who can work in a couple of glasses of Prosecco and this is the thing they
actually manage to work with into their Trek food we’re not even going on track
so some you know sometimes like we say if you are doing you want one social
event maybe in like a month yes if you do 30 days on plan and one
day off plan before you’re going to be a good gonna be fine
so this is what we say but we have women who even managed to work these these
social events into a into a plan so now if you work on that it’s that theory
that you eat then you go out in the evening and you’re having a dinner you
know the rest of the day if you eat really really kind of
clean healthy foods good solid foods and it’s low in calories and what have you
get your protein maybe then in the evening women have gone out and maybe
pre looked at the menu shows and what they’re going to have they’ve worked in
a couple of glasses of Prosecco or Gina’s slimline tonic something that’s
quite a good choice and they still don’t hit their neck when I go yeah and it can
understand so and what we want to talk about is obviously you try to avoid the
feeling of guilt yes and failure yes because when you go if you’re so strict
and then you break that diet then a little comes of that which is the guilt
trip and the failure that you can’t do this you cannot stay on track and and
then it doesn’t do your self-esteem or confidence any good at all okay so you
want a way of eating which is flexible dieting – now she treat all these foods
that you love yeah and so you don’t feel like you’re going to fail so if you have
a chocolate bar it’s not failure because you can allow tougher especially a win
yeah especially if you whip your white back into your face how to the yes yeah
absolutely I can have a chocolate bar and feel like I’m still winning yeah why
not great good business mug as yeah okay I was being shopping here’s the good
energy which ice cream um oh yes I really I like yesterday I literally was
on planet all day I’m still on plan by the end of days but
I plan my day where I was going to eat dominantly healthy foods cover all my
face points my nutrients my bitumens like mineral and mineral can’t talk
today might mineral and then I had a 200 gram bowl of ice cream at the end but to
sit there watching my violin ah and it was heaven it’s so good and and
today I have a bag of popcorn service work I’ve got a baguette for princess
yeah love I’m going to glittery pawn shop yes
yeah hi Bonnie food my politics oh yeah and so you know top tips we’re going to
how to do that now yes how to do it so you know there’s two ways that you can
do flexible dieting now you can do it how Townsend over it and you’re not
really tracking anything are you kind of know what works for your body more
selfish well that’s the thing I do I track probably 90% of the time and
that’s the thing so then if I know that again back to that kind of in a month if
you’re having one day where you can’t track and so it is you can kind of relax
a little bit so I know that one day isn’t going to throw me off yeah yeah so
you know it’s kind of mindfully – yeah and you can do that you can just say you
can look at your plate and you know what it’s good food yes and like nutritious
and she’s made that it’s good they’re bad you should you should know what is
wholesome YouTube nutritional beneficial for you I’ve really chemistry today and
basically goes that and then think okay one business is not going to what we
have to understand the balance between your proteins your fats and your
carbohydrates so if you’re getting there you’re eating on very hard carbohydrates
based diet already then it’s not going to work so much for you so you have to
kind of almost go back to basics and understand what those are first before
you can kind of get into it you have to know what you’re already putting in
cargo okay that was passed out I’ve been really
healthy and then go also have my screen I’m not going to work know there’s any
real freaked out a little bit over it maybe given that so and best way first
for beginners is to use MyFitnessPal or some kind of and nutritional tracker and
and that’s what i do i literally plan my day is either in advance or ever i go
depends how how well we get on with it how busy you are as well and I just
tracked as I go and I make sure that I’m taking my calories run hitting my carbs
proteins and my fat and I just work it in there like yesterday I worked in
chocolate ice cream one day well that’s the thing if you
really fancy a particular thing I kind of do it the opposite way around okay so
if I really fancy a particular thing so say I
wanted Moscow as a Jambo not yeah so why let’s go to My Fitness Pal I’ve put that
in right and then I’d look at what I’ve got there for the day and then work my
meals around that for then you know what when I have that it paid okay a hundred
times better maybe no you can have it yeah because you’re my name I’m gonna
savor this and you know what if I wanted it the next day and the next day I could
I really like that so you kind of wake up being great I think you fascist
whatever it might be then you plan your day around there if that is exactly
exactly about what I plan on I tend to plan in advance that you know what if
there’s a day where it doesn’t go according to plan
I’ll put the singing that I wasn’t planning on having and then work around
it but then at the end of the day if it doesn’t all come together on that one
day this is the point yeah I don’t make myself so bad about it if it’s one thing
that you just haven’t quite balanced the books at the end of the day as long as
you are not doing that every day this is the thing you can work it in every day
but as long as you’re not going over every day and going all it’s always on
your small bit and then wondering why you’re getting to the end of a week a
month or I haven’t lost anything where you still have to be within your calorie
guidelines this to work it yet not be known like a green card solution yeah I
have it I really had one in the day but then I did it next day I don’t mix and
then it’s the end of week and it’s like yeah they say I mean we really encourage
our ladies to stay in a small calorie deficit if you’re overeating by what if
they like a little fist it could be almost 100 calories if you’re having
that 100 100 calorie biscuit every day extra and that’s all going to
add up at 700 calories yet over the course at impact your goals absolutely
but if you work it in to your general calories for the day not with absolute
win but this is this is the point I mean going to these events and you’ve got a
couple of as we said a couple of ways that you can do
you can either try and really work it in for that day yeah another way you can do
it is if you want to cut back a little bit for the rest of the day that week so
you can kind of Bank yourself some calories over the Fiero you have thought
about that yeah yes so if you know you’ve got a wedding sionis a fake or a
fitting no control over food yes weapons are always so rich and yes and
absolutely but you don’t want to feel bad you don’t want to feel guilty try
and do as much damage limitation as you can beforehand
maybe that week you can do a little bit more exercise yeah to again give
yourself a few more calories in the pot so that doesn’t mean like jump onto the
cross train and be super car ten hours what you mean is maybe just be a little
bit more active like build up your sentence yeah if I can take the dog for
another 20 minutes yeah whatever in the morning or stand up and do some dancing
in the evening rather than since then exactly so you could do that so you can
try and do a bit of damage limitation before you get to the event if you know
you’re not going to go too well in if you can work in great if you get through
it and you just absolutely have no control over it but you’ve enjoyed it
the first time so I’m Ventus draw a line under it normally I do it because that
one day in a blue moon is not going to have hindered your progress by Marchesa
we know you won’t but the worst thing you can do is damage another element
mentally yeah absolutely so if you’re going out from mill in the evening like
cancer said before great thing will be to actually look online at the
restaurants menu so we’re going to have beforehand and then work your rest of
your day around there yeah and then go enjoy that nil guilt-free yeah also
factoring your alcohol because of the alcohol is a form of carbohydrate you
know you can still enjoy a couple of glasses of Prosecco and Lachlan and slam
yet James them and all that so you can still do that and enjoy having a
socialize without all the guilt yeah we have to go loser go you are setting as
right example actually to the kids and also to those remembered those ones then
kind of go oh oh can you not yeah but then you’ll get OH
should you be happy now did you send that one though I and it’s like actually
I can eat there and I still lost the primary and they’re like haha how did
you do that mom well watch this video so it’s
absolutely doable and it’s definitely a lifestyle so this actually has no end
point let’s know okay I’m going to finish doing this when I reach such and
such stress lies or hit that number on the scale yet it’s something you can do
yeah I’ve noticed got I’ve noticed before I got to my goal weight what two
three four years ago yeah and I’ve never stopped tracking and being mindful kind
of preparing myself for their events and device don’t do it if I haven’t had the
time to do it and I spend maybe the week after that being a lot more mindful and
kind of damage limitation in Reverse but never once I saw in the last few years
I’ve I’ve felt any guilt at all no you you’ve done amazing but it’s just the
way you need to be the way you need to be to be successful you absolutely do I
just you know you still get to enjoy all that good food Google always looks
fantastic yeah you can do a lot with healthy food you really can have nice
delicious versions of things without having to kind of cut corners you know
you can make a lot of healthier versions of all sorts of things these do so you
know if you really want to be experimental with your stuff at home
great but there is absolutely no reason to miss out on life because I happened
yeah you know if you get yourself into this great shape you can show through
yeah I mean obviously if you’re on a diet what’s going to happen when you
reach your goal weight what what does you do do you then go back to eating how
you work or are you going to spend on that boring restrictive diet that you
have been on to get to your goal weight web is much better to have that
flexibility and just learn continue seamlessly and say we’re fast forever
and just say at that point and be eat and enjoy it yes so that’s the thing
I think the biggest takeaway for me is to lose that good food bad fruit see at
and understand that life happens sometimes the relaxing and spending time
with friends and family actually does the world is good for your mental health
you Noel which then encourages you to feel good and eat good food and want to
eat good food as long as you lose the guilt of the fact that sometimes it’s
not in your control no I mean let’s take this weekend for
example yeah we’re going out we’re off what for about hours to eight hours you
lost Italia’s certain degree I’m not really looking forward to it and yeah
it’s a massive barbecue like a very huge event yeah and yeah and we’re just going
to be I mean I’ve got to stay on track and on plan however I will be working in
screws I love I’m gonna be talking to Draya and kicking back and enjoying
myself with my friends absolutely and nobody would know that you were being
mindful from people looking around wouldn’t have a clue that mentally
you’ve kind of worked in what you’re going to have we’re going to read and
you’re going to stop with your ball you’re going to enjoy a couple of drinks
and not go silly to the outside world my mom would know it’s not like somebody
who’s sitting there kind of going now if you hold to hold the barn I’m just going
to burger and I can’t try to drink because you know diet I mean where’s the
fun in that no and yeah and these times life is
precious and good times you know memories mean everything you know what
is life about it so you may as well go out enjoy yourself and have the odd
thing off plan or stay on track and incorporate foods you love and just be
happy yeah you can do it weird grid proof you can do it I’ve had definitely
more of a social life I hover over these last few years then I might ever before
and Nanuet smell it as I’ve ever been yeah it’s more different healthiest I’ve
ever been so you can definitely do it just stick with us yeah okay and so on
that note anyone’s got any questions or anything they want to share or ask us
and please do I do think you want to add in yeah with the cakes that’s next
okay no Melanie I think that’s it I mean I joined the group if you haven’t
already yeah either the link up a little bit once you finish the video it will go
straight ups it does free feed fit community group for you ladies so if you
want to join and carry on in this discussion or is yes what we talked
about in there and it please feel free to do so hit us up yeah we will share
lots of ideas with lots of food ideas and things like that coming across so
yes and if you’re not already follow Tamzin on instagram yes we had a plastic
kitchen yeah amazing food so give that a whirl watch that follow her and
obviously for me at vanilla french Fitness everywhere absolutely everywhere
and we will see you next week we will use my Praetorians

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