Fitness Recovery Week Explained

Hey everybody, it’s Dave! Saturday morning here in Scottsdale;
it’s another scorcher today, I think we’re gonna get up to about 1.12 or
1.14 something ridiculous like that. I went out on the bike today;
I had a good ride, kinda cut it short because I am entering into my recovery week. So normally I would go about 50 miles
and there’s a pretty brutal climb involved with that so I basically skipped the big climb, went about 40
and took it pretty easy today. Nothing… nothing too serious because I am entering into my recovery week. So I get a lot of questions about the recovery week
and I’ve had a couple this week. So, I wanna talk about why the recovery
week is so important, what sort of concepts behind the recovery week are,
and you know, the importance of just taking advantage of it. So, first of all, the concept of recovery
is one that is used, not just in P90X; I have a triathlon training schedule and I can show you that is structured much the same way P90X is. You either go for 3, sometimes 2, sometimes 4 weeks of doing something specific that might be speed, might be endurance, might be base strength,
might be trying to establish a race pace; then take a week for a scale and way back and just do very easy routine workouts. P90X is much the same way.
Your recovery week is, you know, if you’re doing the program, there’s no strength training during the recovery week. Or maybe there’s a little bit. A few push ups, and some… but that’s really it. No hard strength training. The question’s why; why do we do this? And the recovery week might be better called an adaptation week. What happens during the recovery week,
according to most people and I believe this is true, is that your body asimulates all the changes that have happened over the previous couple of weeks of training. So, I came up with this little, sort of, schedule to show you how this works and hopefully you can see this. Essentially, you have this sort of increasing ladder
so you have 3 weeks where you do training – – this would be like P90X type schedule, you have 3 weeks of training and then you recovery week 1. And then another 3 weeks of training and
recovery week 2, and then another 3 weeks of training
and recovery week 3, and another weeks of training… So, can see it’s like a staircase,
and you take a step down for your recovery week but ultimately you keep going up. And the idea is that your body really can’t continue at the, sort of, pace that is established by a program like P90X or even my triathlon training program. so you have to take these times in order to allow your body to absorb or assimilate all of the changes that have happened over the previous weeks. So, recovery week is very important I encourage everybody to take that seriously. Follow the program, take your recovery week,
take the time to let your body absorb all the changes that have happened.
And I think you’ll find that your results in the end are much better and come back after that recovery week and be able to really tackle something completely different which hopefully, no matter whether it’s P90X or triathlon or
whatever your sport may be or program you’re doing you should have a program that changes and
so after that recovery week, your program should completely change doing something, you know dramatically different than what you were doing before.
And if you do that, your body will continue to move forward and
you’ll continue to make gains that you’re looking for. So, hope you find this helpful everybody and
I am in a recovery week so I’m going on vacation!


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