– Good morning, everyone. I am here to talk to you all about fitness on testosterone. Growing up, I always dreamed of getting this extremely fit masculine body, but I knew it was so
far out of reach for me. Before testosterone, I would work out but I never quite saw
the masculine results that I was looking for, so
now to be able to work out and see my body change how
I’ve always imagined it, I’m never going to take that for granted. Anyway, fitness on testosterone. Personal trainers are extremely expensive, at least in New York that I can tell. So all of the information
that I’m about to present you, I have basically accumulated
through researching myself. Throughout all of my researching, I have found three main consistent things. The first thing, and probably
the hardest, consistency. The second is diet. Diet is just as important
as actually working out. And the third is balance. First consistency. If you start working out,
you have to stick with it. You can’t just workout one
time, it takes months to years to see results and to keep those results. Most people tend to spend time worrying about going to the gym instead of actually just picking up and going. The worst part is worrying about the fact that you have to do it
instead of actually doing it, and when you do do it, it’s not that bad. So instead of spending that time thinking, oh it’s gonna be hard, I’m
gonna have to push myself. Just push all of that outta
your mind and just go, just go. Personally, I just kick off my
morning with going to the gym and just get it out of my way so then I have the rest of the day. My workouts can be from
20 minutes, 10 minutes, to an hour so I’ve been
loving it and going there. But up until about a week ago, I was just working out at home. All I was really doing was
using a set of dumbbells that were pretty heavy for
me and I was doing eight reps of different arm workouts in four sets. So I will explain to you what that means. A rep is how many times you lift it, and a set is when you
finish doing eight of those, that is one set. So I will show each motion that I do, and just do those
motions eight times each. Then you would switch to this. And so on, and then once you completed
eight repetitions, that would be one set. And then keep doing that four more times. And if you want to push yourself more, add some more sets in there. Now diet, you can make all of
the muscle gains that you want but it doesn’t really matter if it’s covered in a layer of fat. To become more lean, you
have to burn that fat through cardio and/or eating right. For my cardio, I shift between running and doing the elliptical. I probably do 30 minutes of
running or the elliptical twice a week, and then the
other days I do weights, leaving one or two days to rest. For my diet, I am vegan and
only eat plant-based foods. If you’re wondering
where I get my protein, you have been misinformed and
I suggest that you check out the following documentaries
to answer your question. Cowspiracy on Netflix and What the Health also on Netflix. Let me know in the comments
if you’re interested in seeing a video on what I eat in a day for other nutrition information. Lastly, balance. I mentioned this a bit before,
but you definitely can’t just do all cardio or all weights. A lot of people call the
difference cutting and bulking. Bulking is when you eat more calories to be able to gain more muscle. Cutting is when you eat less
calories to become more lean. Switching up between the
two maybe every two weeks seems to be what most
people do, it’s what I do. That way you’re able to
maintain the weight you’re on and gain muscle but lose
fat at the same time. Now depending on the results you want, you can shift between cutting and bulking whether you want to
lose fat or gain muscle. Working out also helps my
seasonal depression massively. Overall that’s about it and I hope that this information helped you. Let me know any more
questions you may have. Good luck guys, I hope it’s beautiful where you guys are too.


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