Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Caliper Demonstration

Alright, now I’m going to show you how to
use the accu measure. What’s cool about this one is that you can actually do it by yourself.
I would recommend trying to find the same time of day to do this each time, preferably
first thing in the morning, that way you haven’t eaten, you haven’t had water, you can just
see where your body is and then repeat in about four to six weeks. You’re going to look
to your hip and put your finger on your hip bone and then use the measurement right on
the numbers to go to about an inch away. Once you get there, place your thumb at one mark,
your pointer finger at the other and squeeze, and all of us have a little fat, that’s okay.
Then you’re going to place the calibers there and squeeze until you hear a click. Once there,
you’ll see it on the mark.
And it just happens to say about one tenth of a millimeter. You would then look at your
chart and, since I’m a woman in the thirty-one to thirty-five range, that one tenth on the
millimeters pulls me right at about 13.2 percent, which right here is nice and lean, which is
great. It wouldn’t have been horrible if it was higher, you want it to still stay in the
ideal range and that’s it. You use it to track your own body fat. Again, this is one spot,
which makes it very useful and easy, but it’s not your full body. So you can use this to
track, see where you are, by yourself and I would do it again in about four to six weeks.
That’s your accu measure


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