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I’m Florian, 26 years old and come from Munich. I’m a pharmacy student. I came to Heydecke, because I have been dealing with hair loss since I was about 20. It has continued to get worse. I care about how I look. Since I am quite athletic and I watch what I eat, I want my appearance to reflect that and I think that includes my hair. In addition to working out 2-3 times a week, I used to play a lot of team sports and I still do some of that. Like badminton or indoor bouldering or kicking the soccer ball around with friends. Before I got the hairsystem, I didn’t really think much about it, but when I was asked here how much sport I do, I thought it might be a problem. Now I know that doing sports with a hairsystem is no problem at all. Even in the sauna and really sweating a lot – it’s absolutely not a problem. 10 – 20 minutes at high temperatures is really not an issue for my hairsystem. To be honest, I had come to terms with my hair situation and only ever heard very few comments. Then suddenly, within only a few weeks, several people mentioned that they thought I didn’t look well, or asked if I had just gotten over cancer… This, of course, got me to thinking and I started wondering how I come across and how others see me. People in my circle have responded really positively to the hairsystem. Those I meet new, of course, don’t see anything unusual. In addition to doing sports, I find playing the piano a great creative outlet for me. I like learning new pieces, improving my fingering technique. Just letting go at the keyboard. My favorite Heydecke product is definitely the Max Hold Sport, because I use it almost every time I do sports. I use it once before attaching the system and then my hairsystem lasts longer while doing sports. #HEYNEWME means freedom and newly-found confidence – to go out without a hat or anything and just to be myself.


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