Fitness is Fun: Pole Fitness with Chris and Heidi Powell

>>You wanna, you wanna lead in today, Babe?>>As a matter of fact, I would love to lead
in today.>>So, we’re about to embark upon one of, me
personally, I think one of the greatest fitness adventures of our lives.>>He’s been fighting me, what do you mean,
one of the greatest fitness adventures.>>Not today.>>We’re doing Pole Fitness today, my idea,
and he’s been fighting me tooth and nail.Why are you even fighting me? You’re gonna see me swing around a pole.>>Let your mind wrap around that.>>So we’re gonna’ go see what this all about,
seriously, Babe. Seriously.>>Seriously.>>So as soon as we walked in, I mean, Lyndsey
is on the pole doing things that I didn’t even know were possible.>>Like, when she fell, I thought she was gonna’
break her neck! Did you…>>Yeah, yeah, my heart stopped there for a
moment. But you know, to be honest, I, I didn’t even
really notice. I wasn’t even watching her at all. I was just focused on you, because I just
knew that this was going to be a really fun adventure that we could embark upon together.>>He was watching her on the pole, because
it was really impressive. Like the thing is, you can’t do that kind
of thing on a pole without an insane amount of strength and level of fitness.>>That’s beyond impressive, I’m Chris, by
the way. Very nice to meet you.>>That was awesome.>>And that’s a heck of a grip you got too.>>I know!>>That’s a firm grip you have there?>>I’m telling you, I swear, I, I thought she
was going to break a bone or two, she had hands like an iron worker.>>Alright
>>Wow!>>This is awesome. I’m totally dizzy, I can’t even see the camera
right now. But I know it’s somewhere over there.>>So once you grab onto the pole, you literally
just keep spinning. It’s pretty awesome.>>I’m a pro at this one!>>I think it’s safe to say that a pole can
make anyone look graceful, like, I felt like a princess, like a ballerina, a princess on
a pole?>>Hold on, did I tell you guys how much I
squat?>>I mean, really? You find any reason, Chris, to bring squats
into any equation.>>At this point, I’ll do anything other than
Pole Fitness, this is way too hard for me.>>I mean, you say you weren’t having a good
time, but you looked like you were having a good time because you were the only one
taking your shirt off, Babe.>>You know, I would probably stick better,
huh.>>You should take your shirt off.>>A workout is not a workout unless Chris
takes his shirt off. So, like, to me that meant you were working
hard.>>That’s just a little something I learned
in my Magic Mike day.>>Oh gosh…>>That move looked a lot easier than it actually
is.>>That wasn’t even like strength, it just
hurt my inner thighs.>>Oh…there you go!>>Woah, oh my gosh.>>It looked painful, but I was terrified when
you said you wanted to do it. I was, like, no way!>>It looked cool! Like, it looked really awesome. But I have a pole burn now between my legs.>>Alright, so all in all, this was a major
success on, from my standpoint. How about you?>>From my standpoint too.>>It was so, yeah, it took a lot of strength,
it took a lot of core, a lot of upper body and traps, but more than anything, it was
an absolute blast. I think it was probably the most fun I’ve
ever had at any fitness class.>>Okay, so rank it 1-10.>>Ten! That was totally, I would do it again!>>Bold.>>I would totally do it again. I mean, wasn’t it fun?>>It was, it was. Ummm, I’m gonna’ give it uh,
>>Ten>>No, I’ll give it like a 5 or 6.>>What?>>It was a lot, it was more fun to watch than
it was to participate.>>What was it to watch? On a scale of 1-10
>>It was just, it was just so much harder than I thought, especially cuz you slip all
over the pole, so it, it’s kinda tough.>>On a scale of 1-10, how fun was it to watch?>>10!
>>Alright, thanks, guys, for watching our fitness adventures today, we will be back
with a lot more for ya’.>>Bye, guys!


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