Fitness is Fun: Aerial Silks with Chris and Heidi Powell

>>So, today Chris and I are going to head
into Vertical Fix to go try out aerial silks. So I’ve done this before, he is the newbie,
are you excited?>>To be brutally honest, it’s it just doesn’t
seem like uh, uh a very manly kind of thing to do. But she swears that
>>It’s so fun>>She doesn’t think I’ll be able to handle
it. She thinks it’s gonna be way too much
>>I mean, that’s just me taking jabs, because that’s what wives do, and husbands to each
other, right?>>Well, I never take jabs. You’re so pretty.>>Guys, so scary sounding! See what I have to deal with?>>Hey, guys! Look at this place!>>Cool!>>I, I want to like, grab on to something.>>There were so many things to grab on to. Like so many, I didn’t even know where to
start!>>Well, you walk in there, and it’s it’s like
a playground, but everything’s hanging from the ceiling. It looks like Cirque du Soleil.>>Are you gonna’ grab me?>>Yeah
>>What are we gonna do?>>Whatever you want to do!>>That was, that was a little awkward, you
caught me in a weird position, babe. I didn’t expect that.>>The stuff you could do in there, um, you
can take it as far as your imagination wants.>>Let’s just say I was like a kid in a candy
store. Totally my kind of place.>>Alright. Let’s get to work. You guys.>>So here we are, we have Monique, we have
Karen, at Vertical Fix, you guys are gonna show us some of the cool tricks we can do
on silks, right? This is a good workout!>>Absolutely
>>It’s the hardest thing you can probably do in a lot of workouts.>>She turns and tells me this is the hardest
thing possible, I’ll be honest, I was a little bit nervous. Because my ego is on the line here.>>Why you looking at me? They’re looking at me like I can’t handle,
I can’t handle this.>>If anybody can appreciate and respect body
weight workouts, it’s us. We know a lot of people that go, oh, that’s
so easy. Hold on.>>Shall we grab a silk?>>Yeah, let’s make sure that you guys, you
guys are warming up a bit, make sure that your shoulders are nice and loose.>>Chris is old. You’re a little bit old, so, we gotta’ make
sure he warms up>>That’s true
>>I’m a whole 4 years younger.>>Enough of the old jokes. However, I genuinely need at least 15-20 minutes
to warm up.>>Yes, you do.>>Cuz with all the aches and pains, it just,
it takes a little bit of time.>>Let’s do this!>>Alright
>>See, I got this thing! Babe, how you doing over there?>>Hands down, my favorite part was doing that
star, when you stuck your arms out, it was so graceful. Or maybe not graceful, but it was cute.>>I was showing style and finesse. It’s called virtuosity.>>That’s what I love about him. Even if he doesn’t like what he’s doing, he
makes the most of it.>>I’m sweating. I’m sweating right now, and I’m out of breath.>>I mean, I was literally stuck.>>But, I was there for you, babe.>>I’m about to fill you all in on a secret. Point your toes. That’s all you gotta do.>>Oh, gosh.>>The moment you point your toes, it all looks
good.>>Mine were pointed. And it still didn’t look good. I even had the like pretty hands
>>It looked good, don’t worry.>>Thanks, babe.>>This is awesome
>>Babe,>>Well done
>>Good job yourself>>Here’s the deal. You did awesome, Chris, but bottom line is,
I won. I definitely did better than you, I mean,
you did a lot better than I thought. Look at me being nice. But
>>Little did you know>>What?>>That um, I learned a lot during that lesson,
and I found a passion for silks. So, I’m just gonna leave it at this…>>Have you been practicing, oh, oh, I was,
I was wondering what that>>This is just
>>She was doing>>I’m going back in the room
>>Oh my gosh. Some guys, I swear, are they all this crazy?>>Alright, so wrapping this thing up, um,
I had a lot of fun. It was an awesome class, I felt like it required
a lot of core strength, um, used a lot of muscles that I didn’t expect to use. So if you’re looking for something fun and
exciting, and really a challenge, aerial silks are definitely for you. What do you think?>>Honestly, I had a blast. I came into it with a slightly pessimistic
mindset.>>You? No…>>And just because, again, I said, I said
it before, I’ll say it again, I was definitely looking for like more of a manly activity,
but I must say, it was a lot of fun. It really is an incredible skill. Takes a heck of a lot of strength, but more
than anything, it was fun that we did it together. It was active, and we laughed, and we just,
we enjoyed each other’s company, we enjoyed the lesson, and just doing something new. So, I would definitely, I would do it again.>>Scale of 1-10, what do you give it?>>I’ll give it, I’ll give it a 7+. Almost an 8.>>That’s pretty good.>>That’s really good actually.>>Yeah, yeah, I give it an 8. I really, really liked it, um, I would’ve
given it a 9 or a 10 if I was better at it. To be honest.>>Thanks for joining us for our Fitness is
Fun segment. What’s next, Chris, do you wanna give them
a little heads up? Do you wanna’ spill a secret?>>No, no, no. I’m not about to spill the beans here. I’ll just say, you don’t wanna miss it.>>No, you do not. We’ll be back. Bye, guys!


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