Fitness Influencer Made Hundreds Of Fake Instagram Accounts To Harass Colleagues, Authorities Say

>>>I heard your daughter is outside feeding the dogs and a man tried to grab her from the>>This true crime story started with that 911 call. Authorities say Tammy Stefan, a fitness influencer, lost an online fitness competition and wreaked havoc on colleagues and set off a wild chain of events.>>What I believe is a sick person fabricated this whole event.>>Authorities said it all started when Tammy Stefan creating almost 400 Instagram accounts use to harass and threaten her ex-business partner and others. One of which she told she would slice up into little pieces but Tammy was just getting started. Here’s Tammy caught on camera. Cops claim she was buying supplies for a fake attempted kidnapping of her 12-year-old daughter from her backyard, which she tried to pin on a former business partner. Tammy not only allegedly asked her daughter to lie about the attempted kidnapping but then after being arrested for a false report, according to the sheriff, Tammy called her daughter from jail and asked her to say it was her idea.>>Her statement to us is if I tell the truth, what’s going to happen to my mom?>>Tammy’s been sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges of cyber stalking and sending threats to colleagues over Instagram.>>Not only is it sick because they fabricated it but it’s sick because this mother of the 12-year-old utilized her daughter to perpetuate this — this ridiculous report of crime.>>If you think that sounds crazy, there are even more details to the story. We’re joined by attorney misty Maris. Thank you for joining us. What is the deal? This is so disturbing.>>Mario, this is like a movie actually more than a true ripped from the headlines story. Look, this all started with another disturbing fact. Tammy originally called the police to report that somebody left a headless doll on her poshch with an ominous note, this is a gift for your kid. Then five days later, this false kidnapping report comes in. She says her 12-year-old daughter was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.>>Oh, man.>>Guess what happens, Mario? The police take it seriously.>>Of course.>>They deploy manpower, tens of thousands of dollars, dogs, helicopters. Looking for the person who tries to kidnap this little girl.>>Doesn’t exist.>>Doesn’t exist. Fabricated for the revenge of her ex-business partner that she think sabotaged her chances of winning a fitness competition. So many twists and turns.>>The question is whether this incident or jussie smollett or the little girl who claims the boys can cut her dreads offer the other day, they’re all hoaxes and wasting resources and manpower and money and crime and yet we don’t hear about any serious consequences they’re dealing with.>>You know what, these false reports are becoming more and more common. How many stories where this is the issue, where police issues are taken away from really investigating crimes that are happening? It’s absolutely deplorable. Mario, in different states there’s different levels of accountant. Here she served just about one year in relation to the false kidnapping charges and then attention turned to the federal crime.>>Real quick, what about her kids? Could anything potentially happen to them?>>Look, she involved her daughter in this plot to the point she asked them to lie to police, actually asked her to take responsibility for the plot. The kid, nothing will happen to the kid. She’s being influenced by her mother. But I will say after she’s released from prison, she could face custody issues with her child depending on whether or not she’s someone that the other parent wants to be around her kid. She could have issues on that front when she’s released.>>I bet. Thank you so much. Fascinating story.


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