Fitness in a Freightliner: Workout in a Truck

Hey everyone! This is Matt, Driver Health & Fitness coordinator for Prime. I’m here to show you today some easy ways that
you can bring your exercise routines from the outdoors indoors whenever it
gets a little bit cold outside. You have to be creative with your space
whenever you do something like this and so one of the things we’re going to do
is we’re going to use the bed platform we’re gonna use this little aisle way
right here between the seats and the first workout I’m going to show you is a
pyramid scheme where you go from 10 reps down to 1 rep and you do three exercises
those exercises I like to do are the ones that are multi joint exercises so
you get the most bang for your buck so we’re gonna do push-ups we’re gonna do
goblet squats and we’re gonna do goblet lunges so you’re just going to go
through all three of those ten-to-one and usually I create some sort of a time
cap on it so for this one we’re gonna do a five-minute time cap on the exercises
you can increase it if you need to just so you can get the ten to one in now you
can do it everyone with it guys alright so to start off we’re gonna set up our
platform here so I know this is a little bit bare-bones compared to what your
truck might look like but the best platform is actually a really
to get some extra space for your exercise routine and it allows you to do
things on your stomach and on your back makes it really easy so we’re gonna
start off with our push-ups here so for these you can start off by going on your
knees like this or if you’re a little bit more seasoned and I’m going to work
out for a while so I can do them right up here and so right out here we’ll do
ten reps after that we have dumbbells we can use here or you
can use bodyweight for this exercise and so we’re gonna do a called goblet squats
so the goblet portion this means you take one dumbbell just like this hold it
both hands like this and then we’re just going to squat to the bed platform so
ten reps next we’re going to do goblet lunges or
body weight limit is whatever you whatever your experienced little bit
face and so we’ll move this just like this just like when the goblet squats
and you can do lunges right here if you don’t have a top bunk up there obviously
or you can do them right in this aisle right here so for the purposes of this
right okay you’re gonna hold this right here like this is running your face and
then lunge down and then back up right though
and then ten reps is five each leg all right so those are the three
exercises for that routine goes into that 10 down to one and you can even do
it one to ten and then 10 down to 1 depending how much time you have


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