FitCore™ Extreme (Custom – Ages 13+) – Outdoor Fitness Equipment – Landscape Structures

[drum music plays] Something like this is great for someone like me. Not so much as individually. But linking them all together and just working on the endurance of the sport. You know I think it’s such a unique idea to have in a public place I think it brings a lot of people out, a lot of people who have never tried this kind of stuff before and who want to give it a shot you see a mixture of people you see people who know this stuff very well and come out and work really hard and can do it and then people that have never done it before And they were trying it out for the first time It’s awesome. Having this be the first thing that I’ve ever seen in this area With obstacles that not only challenge you just physically, but also functionally I think it’s really really exciting to have something like this pop up and I’m really excited to also see how the community grows and movement wise with something like this in the area Yeah!

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