First Financial Security (FFS) Episode 1 Keynote Speaker Doug Wead

I’ve been watching the last few days I’ve
been hearing the speakers up here… mixed emotions…I have a lot of memories because
I’ve in network marketing for 38 years so I’ve been watching you and this is kinda
cool.. You have the leaders. Many, many organizations don’t have the leaders, but you’ve got the leaders…
and you’ve got the marketplace because you’ve got the product and then you’ve got this secret
weapon in Phil Gerlicher, who’s Mr. Integrity, Mr. Imagination in the financial services
industry. So congratulations- that’s all pretty cool, but I gotta tell ya, there’s something,
I’m just a skeptic, and as I started hearing these speakers this weekend, it brought back
the feelings I had when I first got into network marketing because they would, they would say similar things. They would get up full of dreams and these are the speakers you have speakers this weekend
who have done it. They’re not talking about doing it-they’ve done it, and they’ve made
money. And in one way or another, almost each speaker would either say it or imply, “You
can do it too!” Oh, that sent shivers down my spine because as a newcomer to network
marketing, I would hear that and I would answer, internally, I would answer, “Yes I could.
Yes I could…but I won’t! Because I know me. You know you, you know your product you
know your company you what’s gonna happen. I know me and I’m telling you, I’m not gonna
do it!” And I especially remember this one speaker many years ago, he was very dynamic
and he wasn’t very impressive and his credentials were not very impressive and he didn’t have
a great vocabulary but he did make a lot of money, and he kept saying, “You can make a
million dollars this year in” and he named the business, and I’ll never forget my feelings
when I heard that “Oh, that would be so cool. I would be a great rich guy. I would really
be a nice rich guy. I think I could handle the job well. But again, that same overpowering
feeling: “Not gonna do it! I’m not gonna make a million dollars in a year!” And when he
said, “You Can!” I would say, “Yes I can, I know that that I can. But I won’t.” And I had my own reasons. Number 1, it’s too much work! I mean, I would
look at these people and I would think sure they made a million dollars in a year and they’re -they’re-
it’s fine! They should get 2 million a year for all the work they did. I can’t do that
kind of work. I have a low threshold of pain, I mean I just can’t hurt that bad! I mean
you gotta lift up a cd and then you’ve gotta hand it to somebody and ohhhhh I just can’t!
And follow up? Listen, I tell you the one that kills me when they say—and they get
up and they always say this— “You’ve gotta follow up!” “No I don’t! No I don’t have to
follow up! I won’t follow up! I mean I can’t remember-how can you remember something for
48 hours? I mean, I’m the kind of guy the only way I can mow the lawn is if I sneak
up on it. If I have to mow the lawn, I won’t mow it. I just can’t mow it! I can’t get out-it
grows and it grows…my wife will say, “You better mow the lawn!” I say “I know, but I
won’t!” So, if I-I can mow the lawn if I don’t have to. I can get a haircut if I don’t have
to. But if I make an appointment, I can’t get a haircut. So I thought I’m just not made
for network marketing, I don’t want to do the work. And follow-up, you mean you’ve gotta
get on a phone and talk. Even sometimes the speaker’d say, “You don’t even have to talk!
You just have to get on the phone and say “Hello” and listen! That’s all you have to
do in a follow-up!” And I’d think “Ahhh that sounds like a lot to me! I mean I can listen
to television but to listen to a person on a telephone is just so painful! It’s just
so excruciating you have to go though all that to become a millionaire! To work like
that! It’s just—well she was saying Winston Churchill’s quote about hell—That reminded
me! I would think when I’d see these high achievers in these companies they’d do all
these things…I’d think you know, they went through hell to get that! Of course, they-of
course, they deserve that money. They went through hell for that it’s SO MUCH WORK! And
then eventually, I came to this conclusion: I’m gonna work anyway! It’s not fair! I mean,
you seriously think you’re gonna walk outa of here and you’re gonna go home and you’re
not gonna have to work? And your’e gonna say, “Pshhew That was close! I almost got talked
into being a millionaire. That woulda really been painful.” Listen, you will work harder,
you’ll see less television, you’ll read fewer books, you’ll spend less time with your children,
you will even spend less time on the telephone if you DON’T succeed in something like this
than you will if you DO succeed like this! That’s how terrible life is. It’s just unfair!
So, I came to the conclusion I’m gonna do the work anyway, I’m gonna do do the work
of a millionaire, I just won’t get paid. My wok will buy a beautiful sports car-I’ll just
never see it! My work will buy some woman a beautiful mink coat, but my wife won’t get
it…some stock holder back in New York City will get it! My boss will get it. I will work
for somebody else’s dreams or I’ll work for my own. But I will work! And Winston Churchill’s right
about the hell part. I mean, you know, to be a success you’ve gotta go through hell
to be a success. Here’s what really gets me-it’s so unfair. You’ve gotta go through hell to
be a failure too! Either way, you’ve gotta go through hell…you might as well get something
for it! I wish I had better news. I mean,coming this late in the program you’d think
you’d end on a positive note. But I just–I gotta tell ya, you work anyway! You will do
the work. It’s just a matter of rearranging the time…Time! That was the other thing. When
they would talk about how they were successful and how they build their network and- I was sitting
back there thinking “Not gonna do it, because I don’t have time! I barely have enough time
to breathe, I sure don’t have time to lift a cd out of a case and physically hand
it to somebody. I don’t have time for that! Follow up, are you kidding me? So, I just
don’t have time to be successful!” AND THEN I came to this conclusion and I learned pretty
late in life that you give up the thing you want! This is what Buddha taught! This is
what Jesus taught! You give up the thing you want! Jesus said, if you try to save your
life, you’ll lose it. You give it up, you’ll find it! It’s complete reverse! It’s called-it’s
called investment. It’s investment! Now, in 1979, this horrible famine hit Cambodia
and the Cambodian people were starving to death—Pol Pot was ruling Cambodia and he
was kinda nutty, and he was a little paranoid-a little- and so he was killing everybody—his
own people! And if they were a school teacher, they were marked for execution and if they
wore eyeglasses, they were marked for execution. He figured hey, if they can wear eyeglasses
they probably can read and we don’t want people who can read! They got rid of anyone involved
in medicine—nurses or doctors or…and they took forklifts and with these forklifts, they
drove all of their heavy equipment off into the sea. And they turned their hospitals into
prisons. But the one thing they didn’t do was plant, and so in the Fall of 1979, when
it came time for harvest, there wasn’t any food! And the irony is, he wanted an agrarian
society so he had driven all the Cambodians out into the field to be farmers— even the
people who’d worked in the city now had to be farmers, but they didn’t plant! You’ve gotta
plant! You can’t harvest if you don’t plant! So that’s the lesson we learn from life. You
take a bushel of grain. Now God knows you’ve gotta have bread. So you take some of that
grain and some of that seed, and you make bread and you feed it to your children. But
most of that seed, you give up, like Buddha said- you give up the thing you want! You
want bread? Give it up! So, you throw that seed on the ground and the rain falls on it
and the sun shines on it and when it comes time for harvest, you don’t get back a bushel
of grain…. if all you got back was a bushel of grain, you wouldn’t have planed the bushel
of grain. When it comes time for harvest, you get back a thousand bushels of grain for
your labor. Now, if you plant wheat, you’ll get wheat. If you plant corn, you’ll get corn.
If you plant rice, you’ll get rice, and if you plant time, you’ll get time. That’s the
only way you can get time! I never had enough time! And I’d come to an event like this and
I’d think “Well number 1 that’s a lot of work. Number 2 I ain’t got the time to do that. You mean
I physically gotta hand somebody a cd? Where do I get the cd? Ohp, it’s too much for
me.” But that’s how you get it! You give it up! You hang onto it, you’ll lose it. That’s
the message in The Lord Of The Rings, is the power: the more you cling for the ring, the
more it’ll go away. It’ll consume you, ya know? You’ll possess it, it will possess you!
So you give up the thing that you want. You take a little bit of money and you plant
it. You take a little bit of time and you plant it! And when it comes time for harvest,
you don’t get back what you planted, you get back a thousand bushels full of what you planted.
That’s the secret of network marketing! That’s why we get into networking marketing! Most
people get in, they plant it, and then they walk away and say, “Well it didn’t work!”
They didn’t even harvest it! Stick around! Get the harvest! Pick up the harvest! So, well, number 3: This is just me-I’m giving
you my thing. Number 3: It was so humiliating! The whole thing was so humiliating! I mean
I would think, “You mean I’ve gotta go talk to complete strangers and talk—I’ve gotta
go to my family and try to recruit my family? You’ve gotta be kidding me! And I just can’t
stand somebody saying no to me about anything! It just drives me crazy! I’m always afraid
and worried about what will they think? What will they think? What will they think? It
took me years to figure this out: They’re not thinking about me! I thought they were,
but they’re not thinking about me! And here’s the really sad part: they don’t care! They
don’t care! If I’m successful, they don’t care. If I fail, they don’t care. If I’m mediocre,
they don’t care. They don’t have a party and say, “It’s now official, Wead is mediocre.
Come on over to our house. We’re gonna celebrate.” They don’t care about my life! They don’t
care who says yes, who says no, they don’t care what I drive. All these things-I’m trying
to impress people! I mean, we can yell at each other in the family and the phone
rings and we’ll say “hellooo?” Or we’ll be yelling at each other and somebody’s at the
door? “Hrbbhhh Who’s at the door? Who’s at the door? and you open the door…”Helloooo?”
We’re real nice to strangers and we treat each other like dirt! We spend our whole lives
trying to impress people who don’t like us! Who don’t care about us! Who for 2 dollars would
walk right by us! And we give the leftovers to the people who love us! So I thought, “Hey,
maybe it’s time for me…maybe it’s time for me to get out there and work for the people
who DO care about me! You say, “But it’s so humiliating, you’re
giving someone the cd and saying, “Listen to this! Listen to this!” It’s so embarrassing!
And then the follow-up like you’re just…like you’re desperate. “Hi!” OHHH I just can’t-
it’s so humiliating. Let me tell you something: It’s humiliating to be poor, too! That’s humiliating!
It’s humiliating to drive this car and live in this apartment and wear these clothes and
send my kids to that school…that’s humiliating too! Yes, it’s painful to succeed and sometimes
it’s very embarrassing to hand someone a cd. “Here!” But It’s embarrassing to be poor. It’s
embarrassing to owe money on your credit cards, don’t you get tired of the phone calls? And number 4, I’m being completely honest
here this afternoon. This was the big one for me. It’s not fair! It’s not fair! He worked
this hard, but got this reward; she worked THIS hard, but got THAT reward! I can’t tell
you the inequities I saw in network marketing. There are three go across there- I saw they
had three go across the stage and we had six we were six and they had only four of ours
go across stage and they got three go across stage…this thing is a crock! How did they
get three and we only got 4 when we’ve been in this business since last October and they
just got in 90 days ago!?! That’s not fair! It’s so unfair! There are awful people in
this room, you know who I’m talking about. They’re seated around here. But I kept thinking
about that and I thought, you know? I mean the instinct is, “I’ll show them! I’ll be
poor! I’ll just be poor! That will show them!” But I keep thinking about it-why am I so upset
about these people? I didn’t even know who they were 6 months ago? I didn’t even know
their name 6 months ago. Now my whole life is committed to destroying them! Why do I
want to destroy these people who I didn’t even know existed 6 months ago? I mean, when
I got in 6 months ago, I wanted to make money. Now I just want to destroy them! So I had
to keep reminding myself of the fact that I got in this to make some money, not to destroy
someone I hadn’t even met yet! And if someone had come to me in advance and said, “Okay
you’re gonna get in this thing, you’re gonna make some money: here’s your car, here’s your
house, here’s whatchya— this is your paycheck, all of this is yours… BUT you’re gonna meet
a very creepy person, a very evil person, and this person is going to get all kinds
of accolades and all kinds of success and they won’t work as hard as you do—are you
still in?” I would say, “Well, that’s my car, that’s my house, that’s my-uhh- I don’t
even know who this person is yet, right?” “Yup, you don’t even know who he is!” “Well
yeah, I’m in, I don’t care if some other creepy person makes money. It’s okay with me.” But
somehow I get in and it became very important which creepy people got how much creepy money! It
wasn’t fair! And then I came to this conclusion: the law
isn’t fair, academics aren’t fair, sports isn’t fair, the IRS isn’t even fair! Politics
isn’t fair, nothing’s fair! The church isn’t fair, nothing’s fair! Welfare! So, would I
be willing to accept a million dollars a year if I know this creepy person next to me, who’s
no good, filthy, big ego, terrible person next to me is going to get 1.3 million dollars
a year? Is that a deal breaker? It was just so tough decision to make! Besides, adding
to the fact you gotta work?…which I guess I have to do anyway… but the thing about
work when you work for somebody else is…is…you have to. What’s so hard about working networking
marketing is you don’t’ have to. You don’t have to! I mean imagine making yourself do
something you don’t’ have to do! What kind of person does that? So, yes, it’s not fair,
and I came to this conclusion:

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