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So in today’s video. I’m going to be taking you through my schedule on a normal day. Let’s start off with breakfast I always make an egg white omelet for breakfast and This is how I do it I take this little box. I just get it from our local grocery store, and Use tonys to season it right up and as it’s cooking I normally has all my babies, and think about all the things that I probably should be doing right now, but I love Onlet I don’t know why it just seems like it keeps people out to lunch So I’m going to pull out some things different things to start cutting up the first thing I like to do is cut up spinach for my omelet And I don’t know I like it real fine whenever it’s in this but I also like to take some pain Jalapenos So they’re not too hot, but I love spicy stuff So adding a little bit of spice is always a good idea For me and then the next step is to cut up a pepper and dice it pretty finely So it will you know fit in my omelet nice and meat? Add all this to the omelet as it cooks sorry about the computer issues And then of course no omelet would be complete without cheese, and hot salt right so as is cooking I am drinking my eliana’s coffee that my sweet husband went and got for me That is kind of one of the traditions that we do almost every single morning is go get coffee together You have not tried this, holy guacamole, then you are missing out this stuff is delicious and it’s 100 calories sometimes I add it to my Omelette whenever, I’m feeling extra salty, but I don’t always do that So I’ll flip it over and it is good to go. I usually eat breakfast on a paper plate, but this morning I felt like I had a little bit extra time where I could Eat it out of normal plate. I also drink coffee every morning. Diwali is my favorite I use keurig, and I have one thing of splenda, and I love to use my favorite coffee mug which is other Monkian because makes me feel normal so now it’s on to fixing breakfast for I’m sorry fixing lunch for school and I used this guacamole, Salsa Belen the husband got me and all of these ingredients And I’ll walk you through the steps one by one But the first thing I do is add just raw spinach to this big Bowl And then I like to add all of the ingredients, so of course you have to have cheese and green onion And then I like to add this little salad glaze the option I get from Walmart I like the size of the cherry tomatoes and throw them in there, and I always have mushrooms now I eat the same stuff for lunch every single day, and then I have peppers and croutons and this girl loves or smallest I am not even gonna Lie So I always throw a bunch of all of them there and then I put the top on it and then the last thing I For lunch every day Monday through Friday Monday through Thursday usually is albacore a white tuna I add it to this little bowl at some Tony’s throw some olive oil mayonnaise on there stir it up And it’s just a really good protein. I find to be very healthy I feel my best whenever I eat this way, and I eat this for lunch not joking Monday’s. He’s doing the same Like oh my gosh that is disgusting I like to use olive Garden’s dressing because it’s really low in calories sometimes I just use vinegar This is what I use for a snack every day, or most days whenever I’m being really healthy and good and it’s shakeology it’s created by Beachbody and Shakeology is just like a way that you have all of your vitamins and minerals into a shape I’m also getting my crock-pot out and getting ready for the evening so this evening will be having roast and I’ll be going over all the steps whenever it’s time to put the roast in there, but it’s not time quite yet Another thing that I love to do is plan my week with a calendar And this is a calendar that we have on our refrigerator That’s a magnet so Sunday’s and we august 13th Monday will be the 14th, and that’s when we start our school week So this will be our very first day of school and I’m going to write down a calendar and I also like to write when we have what we’re going to eat for the evening and What my workout is going to be so I don’t know if you saw the calendar underneath this calendar that was our workout calendar But I tried to get really good with my schedule, whatever school starts back so the first thing we’re going to write is what workout and going to do and today and happens to be record of course and It’s called Mma speed and then we’re going to of course have rose tonight Which you already saw, but I’m gonna speed this part up So you don’t get totally bored watching me write all the days of the week on Something I always do with my boys is create these cute little signs That I found teachers pay teachers for the first day of school, and I’ve done this since they were in pre-k But I place them in front of their lunchbox these are their little lunchboxes that I got from TJ Maxx this year and their under armor book bags I found at Dick’s sporting Goods, but they each hold up their signs, and if you follow me on Instagram It’s KC, Morris Teaching on lists then you can see the pictures of their first days of school so their book bags all ready to go with all Of their supplies, and it was the night before the first day of school all right a few more things I need to get done before school starts back because make sure all of my laundry is called up there is nothing that I hate more than having to do a laundry and everything whenever school has started back in so I made sure I wash them always blankets and their Towels and all of their clothes and my clothes as well just to get ready for the first day of school and now it is time to get myself ready and I just kind of did a quick run-through of what I do But I’ve got a little bit of a makeup on drinking my coffee, and I am curling my hair I have a gift ready with me video that you can also find on my channel If you’ll just check that out if you would like to see how in what product I use And this was a little bit different than my get ready with me video I used a wand on this day And I shouldn’t have I should have used my curling iron because with 110 percent humidity that is available in South, Georgia my hair was done by Probably 8 p.m.. I’m sorry 8 a.m. so you know what it was so I’m finishing up my makeup and Going over the same steps like I said you can check out in the get ready with me video I like to check social media while I’m getting ready. That’s kind of how I get back to all of my fans it’s really hard to balance everything in life as I’m sure you totally understand being a teacher and a mom and a YouTuber and A tpt or there’s just so many things that I have to get done in such a short amount of time that I feel like I’m stretched so thin sometimes So one way that I can kind of multitask is putting my makeup on and checking social media all at the same time So I’m sure that I have enough time in my morning where I can balance all of those things So we’re almost finished getting ready I’ve got all of my coffee down, and I’m really excited about that, but after I leave here I went and grabbed another coffee and as you’ll be able to see in just a few minutes I was caffeined up on the first day of school. I got to the point where I was like, okay I need to sit down and drink some water So we’re wrapping up the hair and the makeup and we’re getting ready to go Oh, I was also showing you guys that I was logging all of my food I used the MyfitnessPal app to log all of my food and All of the calories that I will consume for the day it is a wonderful free app if you don’t have it if you do You can just add me it’s Casey Morris and we can be friends We can see what each other our food blogs, how well we are doing with our diet? I like to stay about 1,200 to 1250 calories a day if I exercise I definitely will have more Just because I feel my best self when I am eating healthy, and I am exercising as often as possible All right, and the next thing is getting our food ready so as I showed you earlier We’re going to throw that roast in and I’m going to go through the little steps that you need in order to get this ready You put these different types of soup in there’s cream of there’s cream of celery, and there’s cream of mushroom And there’s also French onion soup And then I like to throw in these oz use packets I used to use Tube analogies one because I feel like it kind of gets super salty if you use more than one and I turn it on low and Leave it there for the majority of the day, so that is what we will have for dinner, and it ended up being Absolutely, we are now in the homestretch right before we walk out the door from the first day of school I’m packing my backpack like always. I’ve got my Fiji waters I’ve got all of the stuff that I’ve prepared and I’m chatting with you guys. I’ll stop talking Literally like minutes here. I’m putting schedules on desk and playing Can’t have gone to connections. I’ve had too much caffeine. I’m like a TD like crazy right now Homeroom went well, I only had a little bit of sass, but you know can’t complain about that I am going to send an email right now about schedule change because if I don’t I will forget This just had my class at Ela twice, and then it social studies I’m going to find her dina her Happy first day of School country Citizen she’s amazing All right, so I have schedules. I put numbers on all of the discs and I need to start drinking the water let my snack at home Countenance doesn’t we little bit that our I’m pretty good All right, I will see you guys well, I Survived the first day tired does not even begin to describe the way that I feel my children we just got home of it is smelling like heaven in here got the roast going and It should be ready to go for tonight and check it out Yes I’m not really sure when I’m going to cook with it just yet, but I’ll figure all that out later. I Am I said I was working out today, so I am about to go change into my workout stuff. It’s about 420 changing the workout clothes, I’m going to get my workout in with Beachbody on demand For core divorce. It’s only 26 minutes today, so I tell myself like you can do anything between six minutes so do that my field Syllabus that should be hilarious and Um you know we’ve almost wrapped up this first day of school. I have enjoyed taking you guys along for the ride It was actually really a good what wanna try shower. Take it out. It was a really good day I had a few sassy ones, but you know that’s to be expected. So really good day I’m just tired and I know you understand the struggle the first like two weeks of school were like Should wore out so um yeah, I’ll have this video up for you I hope soon, and I will check you guys when I’m working out So I was going to try to do my workout without this, but I just don’t think it’s going to be possible So this is by Beachbody – and this is like a pre-workout, so I’m going to take probably half of it and then hopefully, I feel like getting to work because this girl I Do not do this way then this will do this I? Take it little scoop like this And says porn in a drink. I can’t work out when I have drink like slosh around a stomach. I just support them Yes to see my bedroom house Hey there. There’s no endzone. Your evidence is Fac. Hold water keep watching inspire Gamma to really make it work I think insist the would start my job in place before Marsha plays and much every we got Jessica checking out the Modification and all the alternative options around this workout We know we want to stir neck double beds being the body warm being of one of metaphorical more fingers put six turnaround work in our Common difference on people the bell rings. I hope you die to die. Go ahead open up your chest Bring your elbows back behind your body in a squeeze your chest and bring about yet. Thanks Aj Fun learning a lot of cool things up this workout And it’s the best part is you get to keep for terrific as you learn more you go faster? Strengthen our eyes there to show the rolls over them up


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